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  1. I'd like to go Off if I can but most of my builds so far really need the Def one to Regen health and endurance. With my SR builds the Def opp is what really makes it click. It makes them so they never run out of endo.
  2. Lol. Didn't even notice that. It popped up in my notifications.
  3. Probably plant controller. Proc'd aoe cone confuse with the carrion creepers. Stuff just kinda insta dies.
  4. COH servers like homecoming have miniscule populations. It shouldn't have too much effect on the market.
  5. When chosing between the two I use the following thoughts... Overwhelming is general first choice. It does 3 things vs Sudden Acc just doing 1. Chance to knockdown every time the attack is used, damage IO boost like a red io, and finally if the attack has an inherent knockback then it converts it to knockdown. Does the attack do damage and need conversion then Overwhelming. overwhelming gives both. If it's for t1 pets then Overwhelming, it gives every attack they have a chance to knockdown. 3 pets = 3x the chance for knock down. It also will convert any
  6. A tank in COH is so much more than the limited concept of tanks from other games. Other games should be ashamed of their simplified concept.
  7. Has anyone done any actual analysis on the source code for the market? I always wondered if it had to do with timestamp precision and live caches between the different servers to ensure the databases don't get a row or table lock.
  8. Yeah 😊. A lot do. The saying is that the best Sentinel primary is Psionic Mastery.
  9. Mind Probe and Proc Bomb'd Dominate. The true staple of Sentinel DPS.
  10. When I solo I usually play at 3/8 before incarnate shifted, then 4/8. Sometimes depending on enemy types then I will bump it down. My baseline for all characters at level 50 that aren't Incarnated, is starting with 3/8 doing Unai Kemen's 2nd "Close The Dimensional Portals" mission that has all of the Council mobs If a fresh built 50 can do that comfortably then its a keeper. They do knockback and stun so toggles will drop, and once your detoggled then your dead. I usually on softie characters buy some P2W defense amplifiers to keep from getting stunned. I don't always do it but som
  11. lol I was looking for them to be on sale now. I didn't realize this is the Halloween event and not the Winter event. When does the winter event usually start?
  12. Ok thanks for the info! I'm just a market dabbler, and I don't want to step into any noob traps.
  13. So where do you buy winter packs at now during the event?
  14. This post got brought up today. So I am posting my Beasts/Time/Mace version of this. The Build: Import Data:
  15. The Ninja/Time/Mace build v2.0 is a good one. I've modified it for several primaries. What makes it so powerful is that it almost perma holds/stuns the mobs when you jump into the middle of the pack and apply the pbaoe, and the two debuffs. That makes the mobs practically not fight back. It really doesn't matter what primary you pick with it. You will just need to modify the build slightly for the primary attack slotting and also negate any knock-back that the pets do. It actually plays a lot like my /nature builds that use Entangling Aura, you bring yourself and act as a pocket contr
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