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  1. @Darkir I think i'll use that last build you posted.
  2. That is me. I had to change my college major from Physics because I sucked at math. I love the concepts but my brain is so slow when it comes to doing it. It just doesn’t click. I do realize it’s power IO allow you so really enhance defenses for squishier classes. The set bonuses add up to really boost an AT to almost unimaginable heights
  3. I’ve tried damage procs in entangling. I had 4 damage procs in there iirc and the hold proc also. It’s ok but it didn’t blow me away. The hold proc seemed to help in overall mitigation. But I also wonder if I just felt that it did because the hold proc is so damn visible when it goes off. It looks like an electric cage. But take that damage proc statement with a grain of salt. It was subjective testing not objective with hard data analysis. I really should have logged my results. Captain Hindsight calling on line 1 . I know now there are pluses and minuses to every build. As regards to spores. I personally like to have my actual defenses as close to cap as I can get them. With mob scatter you get some damn boss or adds that aren’t in the spore area so their not getting the -to hit. But again six in one bucket, half a dozen in the other. So if you can kill faster... does it really matter in the long term? 😉 Oh if you want to see Entangling Aura in action watch my MM videos in youtube. 🙂. It is a nice luxury for a MM for sure. I don’t have Defender experience to say how much it would help in that area. The negative is that it requires you to be in melee range. It also adds some crazy fun because it actually turns you into a poor mans tank and controller in one. regarding videos . I’m in my phone so I don’t have the links directly available. But I think I had some posted on my Beast/Nature thread I love all this this talk! One thing just just occurred to me regarding Entangling Aura. I can see it being a skippable power or not skippable . And take this from the MM perspective, not a defender. As a person who groups a lot. Entangling Aura combined with Nature’s Resists, good defense io slotting, and the absorb shield. Really let’s you lead a team. It helps you carry a weak team. You can jump right into a pack and go crazy. It is quite the sight to see. The damage mitigation is through the roof. - this is for non incarnate content. I’ve never done incarnate stuff
  4. FYI. I received an updated build from Darkir this morning. Just shy of S/L/E defense soft cap without Incarnate Alpha. at softcap with Alpha. Smash/Lethal Resists are capped with the 2nd tier demon summoned. (A) Empty (A) Panacea - +Hit Points/Endurance (11) Miracle - +Recovery (A) Empty (A) Performance Shifter - EndMod (9) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End Level 0: Ember Shield Owner Level 0: Ember Shield ------------
  5. Oh yeah. I forgot about that! So pick up tidal.
  6. Personally, I tend to drop rebirth on my Nature toons. I don't find rez's that useful over the long term. But it's all in what you will like doing. But if your team goes down a lot then the content is too tough for them. And if i can only use a power once every 5 + missions or more then I view it as a waste. Here is a quick build that I adapted from another build that I had adapted from the defender proc thread. So 2 different adaptations involved here. I don't think I overlooked any major gotcha's in the build. It doesn't have Tidal Forces. but I personally dislike aim/buildup type powers. I'm not saying they aren't any good, as a matter of fact they are great. I just find them annoying to have to pop all the time. With Nature/ You'll be popping the 3 big buffs every minute anyways. That is a lot of overhead. So take it as you will. You can always drop lifegiving spores and pick up Tidal Forces if you want, then you can move those slot around to other powers if you prefer. A lot of people don't take lifegiving spores, but i like it as a heal over time when I need to stand my ground and go bonkers blasting. When the going gets tough, I just plant myself in my little plot of land and dare the villains to up root me. Your resists should be rock solid IMO. I'm sure a better build maker could enhance this some. But I think it should do just fine, as a matter of fact better than fine. Edit - i fixed a couple things in this new build post. It still doesn't have Tidal Forces, but you can drop Tactics and pick that up instead if you want.
  7. Since that post I’ve discovered that players absorb is capped at the AT’s base HP.
  8. Yeah. I think everything should be proliferated. Just tweak it to be in line with scrapper balance
  9. For me SL versus positional is just a matter of economy of choice. I find it easier to get high S/L defense. I’ve found that if I can get high S/L resists then that adds a second layer of survivability. The resists make a big difference. 50% resist means %50 less damage. It really come into play when fighting multiple mobs. More mobs means more attacks will slip through defenses. It’s just a math thing. But yeah. Adding in S/L resists makes a giant difference. A giant difference. The added side benefit is that it leaves your hero with their own kryptonite. Maybe it’s negative damage or cold or.. ... but they are Street tough and can take a beating from smashing and lethal attacks.
  10. First of all, this is my gimmick have fun Mastermind. So take that as it is. What got me thinking about this was last month when I re-watched parts of the the Daredevil TV show on Netflix. Daredevil is a street level hero. He was never involved in the Marvel movies. But according to the timeline he was doing other street level stuff. Thugs was used because this is a street level hero build that has sidekicks that help him fight crime. I went with /Time because of the +Defense and the PBAOE heal. This is about getting in close and punching things, just getting into the scrum and beating face! Boxing, Cross Punch, Kick, Brawl. You don't need to use them all since they are all such low recharge, just two are required for a solid attack chain. But hey, its about fun! So variety rules. The trick is to keep your Sidekicks in melee range with you. So when I play it I use the Goto command quite often. That way I can heal them if i need to. This build can do PI portal missions at +4x8. I'm generally, a /Nature player so I feel that endurance can be an issue if you go to crazy on the heals. But I'm not sure if that is just me being used to the -70% endurance cost that nature provides. However it is a fun build if you like to smack villain face. I basically, play it like an old school Dark Age of Camelot /assist train, where I'm the main Assist. I don't know if any of you used to play Dark Age of Camelot, or know what an Assist Train is. An Assist Train is where a group has 1 person who is there to designate targets for everyone to beat on all at once. The other players would all use the /assist command to make sure they all targeted the same target as the lead. The Lead would go after priority targets first, Mezzers/CC'rs, Healers, Debuffers, DPS, then last would be enemy tanks. I mimic the /assist command by of course using the "Petcom_all Attack". Then we steam roll target by target. As always, as I play it more and get more experience, I may end up trying to fit in Provoke to mimic the villains getting angry with me as we beat into submission. My Defenses and resists. S/L Def 47.39. 43.65 Melee Def (not shown) S/L Resists 71.52 The Punks Defenses: 46.05 Ranged, Melee, Psionic, 61.06 AOE Defenses Enforcers Defenses. 46.05 for typed accross the board, melee, ranged, 61.05 Def AOE The build (A) Run Speed IO (A) Panacea - +Hit Points/Endurance (7) Miracle - +Recovery (A) Jumping IO (A) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End (9) Performance Shifter - EndMod Level 50: Spiritual Radial Paragon Level 50: Paralytic Radial Flawless Interface Level 50: Melee Radial Embodiment Level 50: Ageless Radial Epiphany ------------ | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1534;722;1444;HEX;| |78DA65944B4C13511486EF746E292D94164A6991566879145A5B5A61AF011F89A10| |9527CAD4803034CD257284D64E9DE85A24617CAC39D1BDD1ADD688C0226C6A51AA3| |46772E5416B070550F737EE9249DA4F9EEFCF73CFE39733BE9ABA79A1F9FBD76422| |8EEF15CB65C9E4967CBCBDA525E2FCCD932B3BA5698D55421843BADE5342D3EBD58| |5928C7A7F5BC6623D1578B9DC954F2F962216104844CFA58657E3E719040850B7AA| |992CB2EEBC582704E168BB9C4197D6171592F2C388CBB4C49D3E65CC67242CBCE69| |4BE545BDD4FCFFBE447181D3257D3661EE5AACE4E078C54F8EA2F47B6515B8AA567| |1510A9192C27205DCB510ED42EE598C7B39CE6CF8AE1AFCE03DCC15E28962681F49| |53A029018E53E8F155F4506F70EDC69B4CC72A788BD97C1BBCC37C4DFEACA8670D0| |9F645F56CACA9B64942588AF879666A0ACC303F911FBB61A8AAD89FB2FF9667CC2D| |2ADC045F4D17B85FCB65A67B977BB95F52AC478AB6779CD3F68879BD5F0827729DF| |739A7FD01B8C6EC58073798FE4DA64AE65DECC9EAFACB33F277901094E2880FF433| |037BBC1FD8676E93E756F46DDD66EDE80EF806DC62F6FCB018357A7E5278448A30F| |5F560169E9830DE6D0FF899E6E4C59CBD797E9792E27DF0E9F3B21672804DA08BD9| |EB045B983BE4B3133E3BA7F9B97B2F31FB4EF20CFBC6C0159EF1C03ECFFC0B19E94| |2DF2EF41D40DD01F48FA07F04FD23E8DF4A9E83C80D2277083943C819424E143951| |D47E4B9EBB31836E9CB5AFE4250C2D7C7006DAA5F8465A3FE6D8DFAD1AF38B06993| |EEA3F88F841C1CFF782B662F0144BF1BB39360A8E8049667C183CCEF450BD04E7CA| |C41AD71B5E0737C04D66EA21CE28E524394724F11C0169FAAF56E912D13A2559A7A| |4EA94913A65B44E99A853D235A53A294D5F0863D7EE3EFC3E547F396817DE95387B| |FF53D31425C4736938A71867FAB7397E90E377CDF17779268DABCC583B81F7AA531| |E5AA3EF7BD3FA79B8B6BE67D2FF010A6FF5FF| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  11. This first build is my current build on live. It works perfectly well for me. The second build is a slightly different variation, that is just shy of capping S/L resists, It does cap out S/L resists with Resilient Radial Alpha which also by the way boosts your absorb which when combined with Powerboost, will cap your Absorb to your HP which is 802 or 803 IIRC. At this point with Demons/Nature, I'm just experimenting to see what fun stuff i can come up with. If you look over the various threads that I've posted you will find some other /Nature builds for other primaries. They were all fun, and they can all be tweaked to fit what you would like to do. If you look at my Beast/Nature thread where i asked for input, you will find that that build changed over time, and I took that build and then adapted it to Demons, and then i took that and adapted it for different demon crazy fun stuff. So have fun! So you basically, take one of these builds, swap the primary to another pet and then play around and find something you like.
  12. Next time I’m in the computer I’ll post a couple. I don’t remember which exact build those pictures were from. I’ve done several. Demons/nature is really solid across the board. Even with the different demon builds that I’ve done, it’s more of player preference on the differences. Sacrifice a smidge here, gain a smidge there. Even my current build that I use on live rocks, and it’s not Uber tweaked. Just super solid in terms of game play. Demons/nature just works. Nature has been successful for me on other primaries also. I’ve tested beasts, ninjas , mercs, demons on the test server. All were fun. Mercs just had lower overall damage compared to other pet types.
  13. Ok, thanks. I'm thinking about the same build that i had posted in my other Defender post. I was just thinking about how to rework the attacks if i needed to, in order to provide a smooth rotation. I did not take Bitter Freeze Ray in that build.
  14. I discovered that the build export provided doesn't work with the most recent mids. I have remade it using the latest version. So it should give people a starting point for a Demons/Kinetics build. I"m sure it can still be streamlined quite a bit with the demon shields turn on in mids. It shows that the S/L resists go over cap. But its a start. (A) Empty (A) Panacea - +Hit Points/Endurance (A) Empty (A) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End (15) Performance Shifter - EndMod Level 0: Ember Shield Owner Level 0: Ember Shield ------------
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