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  1. Chartreuse would be a good color. It is between yellow and green. So it covers Green’s Will and Yellows Fear. Perfect for the new Corp
  2. Mercs MM named “Cannon Fodder”. Just send in troops until the supply runs out. on another note. Think of team Batman. Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Oracle, Batwoman. No actual superpowers just brains, training and money. heck if you wanted too you could act like a Green Lantern character and your henchmen are just power manifestations. You can color the summoning color and upgrade effects color. You can’t of course use Green Lantern but you could have the “Chartreuse Nipple Ring Corps”. that concept could apply to all pet sets.
  3. One version of my “Skunk Man” hero is a Thugs- Poison MM. His henchmen are old friends of his who decided that they couldn’t let him stand up against injustice all by himself. They all have their own specialties. the Bruiser is Leon. Who happens to be his oldest and closest friend. Crazy Eddie is his next oldest friend who happens to have a penchant for fire. if things get really hairy then they put the call out to the neighborhood and the entire neighborhood comes out to help. Justice isn’t always sweet. Sometimes it’s rather musky.
  4. Taking provoke when I did my testing went pretty well. Then just stay far enough away from the pets so they don’t take splash. We also need to make sure we are testing pets vs pets. Secondaries make a huge difference. keep up the good work.
  5. @StrikerFox nice results. I’ll defer to your tests. I did use the MM attacks in my tests and nature secondary so it probably wasn’t as pure of a test as yours.
  6. I agree. Defense on pets rules. Bots and thugs combined with nature is pretty sweet
  7. Nope, the only thing you a can do is make a macro for each Tier pet summon like i did above. It at least keeps you from having to manually click a summon location. So it does save time in the heat of battle.
  8. I have one that I'm leveling up. In theory, it should work about as good as Beasts/Nature. I've tried Beasts/Mercs/Demons/Ninjas. and they all did well with /Nature. Since necro pets are generally melee pets. /Nature rocks on all pets, but it really excels on the melee pet sets. since the heal is a cone. It allows you to "petcomall Attack" the pets enmasse to keep your pets bunched up and in the cone. AFter you level up your necro/nature take not of what works an what doesn't then just respec to cover that hole. There are lots of ways to play it. So find your groove and roll with it. /Nature is a late bloomer IMO. But not an uber hard late bloomer. It just gets better and better.
  9. First of all. regarding Beasts. My xxxx/Nature Tests against Pylons, showed that Beasts was top dog. It had the fastest time of Ninjas/Demons/Mercs/Beasts, with the same secondary /Nature slotting. I had a 2:19 second run with Beasts. Beasts however, is lower AOE damage than Bots/Demons in general. In My Opinion, Beasts works best as an /Assist Train, you single target "Petcomall Attack" them on the hard target first then pick off the weaker targets. I had a Beast/TA MM. It was fun, but to make it work you have to run the /TA as a Proc Monster build. Look at the Defender Proc Monster thread for how @Sir Myshkinslotted /TA. Then port it over to Beasts/TA. /TA is like other MM secondaries that don't have heals. your pets will die. But it was fun. Here is a first pass build that I did on the concept. It needs to be tweaked as the endo drain spamming the beast MM attacks was tough. I'm a big MM attack spammer, I don't like leaving 15-25% of a MM's DPS off the board. But it should get you into a good start point. I did actually run this build to 50 but i never got the incarnates. But again, and I can't stress this enough, just use this as a start point. I never went through and rebuilt/refactored it to absolutely maximize survivability/endurance/procs. Just looking at it the MM attacks should be tweaked, and probably drop assault to pick up tactics. I'd probably turn the MM's personal attacks into proc monsters also, but to each their own! Also I have Fortify Pack 6 slotted just for the defense set bonuses. But it was fun. The /TA proc portion should be pretty solid though, it pretty much matches what @Sir Myshkinhad on his Defender TA/Archery Defender. (A) Run Speed IO (A) Panacea - +Hit Points/Endurance (7) Numina's Convalesence - +Regeneration/+Recovery (9) Miracle - +Recovery (A) Jumping IO (A) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End (9) Performance Shifter - EndMod Level 1: Howler Wolf Level 26: Dire Wolf Level 12: Lioness Level 1: Pack Mentality ------------
  10. Your probably right @Frosticus. I haven't ran Bots in a long time. But i remember someone saying that Bots burn patches worked really uber in packs of mobs that were immobilized due to the stacking.
  11. @plainguy Try something like this. I use it for casting hell on earth. I'm not picky which pet i actually cast it on, but this targets the nearest pet. But it should work for casting the pet buffs also. Just change the name of the spell. /bind t "+targetcustomnear$$targetcustomnear mypet alive$$powexecname Hell on Earth" If it doesn't work. let me know. This is the last note on the bind that i had tried. I don't think i tweaked it any but my memory is foggy on it. So let me know if it doesn't work on regular pet buffs or even sonic/cold/force field/thermal shields or even the ninja buff. If it doesn't work, then I'll dig in a little deeper and get you something that should. the + part is important. When you press the "t" button hold it for a brief second. like a quarter or half second. when you release it. It should target your nearest pet and then cast the buff.
  12. I use variations of these for summoning my pets without having to click a location. This plops them out 15 feet in front of me. /macro T1 powexec_location me:15 Summon Demonlings /macro T2 powexec_location me:15 Summon Demons /macro T3 powexec_location me:15 Summon Demon Prince You just change the "Summon Demonlings" to what ever tier ACTUAL spell name is for the pet. for example Mercs t1 /macro T1 powexec_location me:15 Soldiers For rerouting my pets to a particuliar location to make it easy. /bind CTRL+LBUTTON petcom_all goto Not pet specific but it turns on the enemy overhead names and shows their health bars. /optionset ShowVillainName 1 /optionset ShowVillainBars 1
  13. Storm brings additional damage, because it has actual damaging powers. Something other sets don’t do. When I tested Ninja, Beast, Mercs, Demons. I used /Nature with the exact same slotting and build. I did of course have to make minor tweaks but nothing that would skew the results that much. Once I got a baseline then I started tweaking by using procs. To sum it up. Pines info seems right on target. - about Bots. They should in theory do monster damage to stationary targets due to their burn patches.
  14. There are 2 ways. /macro BYE petcomall dismiss /macro REL releasepets
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