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  1. Nice thanks. I have never spent much time in Dark Astoria. . Now I know that I need to change up a few things for there.
  2. I have a build for my relaxation Beam/SR toon. It is a character that I will probably play when I'm on my wife's laptop that doesn't have a graphics card. I wanted something easy where I can just hover blast. The two things I wanted was to finally have build where I took Dominate. My other goal was to have the Nuke hit as hard as it could. I think mathematically, I have the nuke hitting its hardest with 3 procs and just having it at 66.25 damage enhancement. If I did the numbers correctly, then dropping a proc and adding a damage IO will actually result in lower damage. But I could be
  3. As I was messing around with some Beam Rifle/SR builds. Which totatlly ended up as crap. I had taken some notes and ran some calculations with Boppers Proc calculating spreadsheet and the City of Data 2 website. I don't want the information to go to waste, so here are my notes. If I made mistakes then please let me know. Sentinel Beam Rifle Notes Single target attack proc chances ordered (Normal 3.5 proc rate / Epic 4.5 proc rate rounded) Lancer 79/90 Disintegrate 69/89 Charged Shot 56/72 Single Shot 29/37 Cone - AOE proc
  4. I was running some story line missions in Dark Astoria, and the mobs were hitting my SR Sentinel with like 38% chance to hit and he has defense at 45%. Do the mobs there count as "incarnate" where the actual cap is higher? - what is incarnate defense cap? is it 58.75? I have a new Beam/Sr sentinel at 50 and he isn't level shifted.
  5. this may be out of scope for what you are asking, but if you want a "blasting" set like a sentinel/corruptor/blaster/defender, and you want a "pure" ranged blaster then you need to pay attention to the tier 9 nuke. **T9 Ranged Nukes** Archery Assault Rifle Beam Rifle Electrical Blast - (but Short Circuit is a pbaoe) Ice Blast Water Blast **T9 PBAOE Nukes** Dark Fire Energy Dual Pistols Psychic Sonic Radiation A good option is Plant Controller, also @DreadShinobi has a Kinetics/Rad defender build that is just u
  6. Making macro buttons can be hard. So to truly simplify it, here is command that will make a macro button for you that will create an Auction House macro button. Yes it actually works. /macro MAKE macro AH AH disclaimer: this post was made in good humor.
  7. I made this build on the brainstorm test server. 🙂 holy cow. It's pretty nasty.
  8. I was looking at City of Data 2, and it looks like Refractor Beam is just a normal AOE and not an actual chain attack. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see any reference to "chain" or some "pet power" any where on the page. For example the electrical affinity, and electric control chain abilities all have some reference to "chain" or a pseudo pet that has a power. https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=sentinel_ranged.beam_rifle.refractor_beam&at=sentinel I'm just curious because I was trying to figure out if I need to use the AOE click or Cha
  9. Hopefully I didn't miss someone asking this already, but for the cast time in the PPM formula do we use the Arcana Cast time or just Cast time?
  10. I've put a few more miles on the character and I've made some adjustments. 1. I dropped Victory Rush and picked up the Ice Epic pool AOE immobilize. Victory Rush was nice in groups with newbies, and I enjoyed it but I stopped feeling like it was giving me enough bang for my buck. The immobilize is nice, it helps to keep the mobs in the Rains. +1 2. I moved a slot around, to pick up another +accuracy bonus. That way my 3 attacks are all 95% with tactics running against +4's. 3. I moved the Apocalypse proc from BiB to Chilling Ray so that it would have a higher percentage
  11. Poison is cool and fun. I have it on a MM.
  12. Nature is really strong. I have a nat/ice build that I like a lot. I'm not at my pc atm, or I'd post it. I'll post it later. It has proc's and pretty good recharge for the big 3 buffs. Getting stunned and cc'd is it's weakness. but that can be remedies with p2w power or clarion. What's nice about ice is the stacking 2 holds to add onto Nature's entangling aura. I'm at the PC now. Here is the build i have. I'm sure it can be tweaked a bit. I don't know mathematically for damage and accuracy if i should put another proc into the two ice holds or not. Thi
  13. Yes. MM attack endurance is too high. The only secondary that really alleviates it is Nature. It's kind of a bummer that the endurance price is so high. It makes people not want to take them due to saving endurance for their secondaries. Just a straight and easy % loweri.g would fix it. Easy peasy fist step
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