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  1. I agree. When you take in to account that the henchmen are at their most simple function, nothing but fire and forget damage over time attacks. Unless they die, they cost literally no endurance, and in their simplest usage require no time to manage. They are free damage and free resistance to all damage types. When a class has that much free damage, the actual attacks that MM's can use must be limited in some scope. Either by high endurance cost, low dpa, or combination of both. I still have a lot of digging into your build that I need to do, however, every time I re-read your build post I glean something new. What impresses me is the synergy that you appear to have achieved between the henchmen and the MM personal attacks. You have created a build that uses one to compliment the other.
  2. So far I just tried 12788 Players will need Lethal resists and Lethal defense. Fire Sword and Greater Fire-Sword attacks that they use does fire and lethal damage. Most of the time for Fire farms you want to try and limit the damage to fire only. Some attacks have secondary damage types like the two fire sword attacks do. Helena Handbasket slashes you with their Greater Fire Sword for 373.18 points of lethal damage!
  3. I think a -res in a toggle would generally be worth it. 1 slot to increase the damage across the board. I'm speaking in generalities of course.
  4. I’ve been thinking the same thing recently. I think one of the radiation debuff toggles can be slotted fairly heavily with procs. And I think its pbaoe stun toggle can also. But I need to recheck.
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has a macro or bind that will click the "Ask about available missions" and then click through the dialogs to start the mission. I tried this, but it doesn't work /bind ] "dialog_yes$$dialog_answer Accept"
  6. Same here. I love all 1 AT teams. I just haven’t decided on a sentinel to level up the rest of the way to 50.
  7. Glad I found this thread. I play Masterminds pretty heavily and I grouped with a crabbermind today. It got me curious. I love the pets.
  8. For this build on Web Envelope at level 41 there is an empty slot. Was something supposed to go in there? Is it needed there or could it be moved somewhere else? Just curious. I've been thinking about /kin proc monsters and this fits the bill for sure. FS to buff normal damage + procs to add even more.
  9. Pretty scary build. That is all I have to really say. Pretty damn scary.
  10. just replying so I can turn the build into an actual link and download it.
  11. Yeah, this is pretty interesting. Last night I was going through pines to see if any sentinel secondaries had pbaoe damage abilities. I think its just /fire and /rad. I think there is some great pbaoe potential with /rad
  12. If you are mid cast and die. You Rez yourself. I was casting howling twilight to Debuff a mob and died mid cast. it asked me if I wanted to rez myself. so of course I said yes
  13. Thank you for the explanation. My kryptonite is math. I read the PPM thread and other threads and it goes above my head. I am attempting to learn general concepts that I hope can apply with a broad paint brush, with the self understanding that it won't apply in many situations. But it gives me a place to start from. I see people like you, Bopper, Redlynne, Hjarki, Sir Myshkin and many others going over the formulas and it is beyond my abilities. There is so much information in the forums it is hard to get a grasp on all of it. I forget things that I read just a day ago. I should really try to start and keep a note document where I can put in concepts and nuggets of information that I read.
  14. Disregard! this is just a bug in Pines! I got my /rad to 28 and tried to slot the normal mark of supremacy. It wouldn't take. this is what i was thinking but i wanted to verify. It will however take a lot of procs from the hold sets. Unfortunately my /RAD mastermind isn't level 28 yet so I can't verify. But according to the latest Pines builder, Choking Cloud accepts Command of the Mastermind and Mark of Supremacy. If any of you have a /rad you may want to check this out and verify it. If so, then you can use it for the nice hold damage procs or a place to mule the some of those sets. I'm not sure if it actually needs Accuracy or not. but you could put in the pet resist and pet def. And then put in 4 procs. Or you can put two supremacy for recharge. If this is correct it may open up the actual pets for additional slotting options such as procs or something else. Level 28: Choking Cloud (A) Superior Mark of Supremacy - Endurance/Pet +Resist +Regen: Level 50 (29) Superior Command of the Mastermind - Recharge/Pet +AoE Defense Aura: Level 50 (29) Neuronic Shutdown - Chance of Damage(Psionic): Level 30 (31) Ghost Widow's Embrace - Chance of Damage(Psionic): Level 50 (31) Unbreakable Constraint - Chance for Smashing Damage: Level 50 (33) Gladiator's Net - Chance of Damage(Lethal): Level 50 I need to find the exact thread, but i'm pretty sure that I recently read that it seems the toggle procs are almost guaranteed to go off when you first turn on the toggle. I could be mistaken though, I've been reading so much that I may have confused myself.
  15. lol, /Time is just freakin' nasty on every AT. /FF called and wishes it had its purpose in life back. Well at least it can proc out Repulsion Bomb.
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