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Looking for a host SG for a Homecoming-wide Halloween Giveaway A.K.A. Base Trick or Treat


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Like Halloween? (I know, it's an American holiday, but it's a fun event!) Do you love the idea of sponsoring a Halloween community event, without the work of earning the goodies? Do you have (or do you want to make) a base you'd like to decorate or do up in a Halloween theme, or just show off?


Looking for a SG or just a dedicated individual who is willing to give away tons of great stuff on Halloween (stuff will be provided). All that's needed is a base and at least one person (preferably more) to be present to give away goodies during Halloween. Help promoting this event is also needed/appreciated, so that you actually get visitors! Feel free to tie this in with, say, your SG's costume contest, a fun base to visit, or anything else that sounds good and makes for a good community event, but the treats must be given away just like you give them to Trick or Treaters who come to your door: no one has to win a contest, everyone gets treats.


Sound like fun? There's even time to make a Halloween themed base if you're into that! Let me know if you'd like to be a host!



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