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Okay, Builders...Halloween is coming...


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Do you like Halloween? Do you like it when people come in to see your base? Maybe you even want to make a base for Halloween? Would you like to give away treats for Trick or Treating that are just GIVEN to you to give away??


Looking for hosts for the Halloween Trick or Treat Extravaganza! Especially from servers Excelsior, Torchbearer, and Reunion! All you need is one or more people willing to be in your base to hand out goodies (no contest, no judging required), and a willingness to help promote this so that you get visitors! Sponsors who'd like to donate additional goodies for the treats also welcome :).


I did this last year, had a great time making a base for it, and it was a LOT of fun handing out all those amazing goodies! I love being able to give stuff away. So join me this year! Let's make Halloween extra fun!



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