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Weighted results for the costume randomizer.

Take One

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I was reminded of this post I made in a different thread and thought I'd make it its own suggestion.


The randomizer needs to be weighted properly so that each option "weighs" as much as the number of child options it has. Basically each and every option should have the same chance to appear on a random "roll". That means that some of the "top" head options must have a higher chance to get rolled than others, and so on, all the way down to the lowest level option for each category. Example below.


Currently there are 18 head options. 8 of them are the "normal" heads, including helmets. 10 of them are various weird special heads, like think tank, floating head, monstrous, piranha, etc. That means there's currently a greater than 50% chance of getting a weird head, and only a 2/18 to get a standard or full mask head, which is probably what most people would like to see. If each option was weighed by how many sub-options they have, the standard head would weigh a whopping 103, while the think tank would weigh 1, the monstrous heads would weigh 6, the Animal Big Cats - Medium Size would weigh 2, etc. That would mean that the standard head would have a 100 times greater chance of showing up than the think tank, which would be more in line with how I expect a random costume to work.

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