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New player, please critique my first build (grav/time)


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Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to help out a newbie.


This is my first attempt at an eventual build for my grav/time troller, currently level 20. After finding some general tips for builds, I put this together as a starting point to get some input from more experienced players. My intent is to have permanent Farsight and Chrono Shift, while getting Gravity Distortion Field to as low a cooldown as possible. After that, I worked on defenses and resistances. It's sort of a bulky support controller, or at least that's how I envision it. Buff my bros, throw some crowd control, and try not to die. (Pay no attention to the levels of the powers and slots, I just fit things in as I went along.)


Mids Datalink for the build


Any input is welcome. I've never used or even seen over half of these powers, so I'm just going by their descriptions. My main concern is that I'm over- or undervaluing some skills, and that I overlooked some important sets.

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I am in no way an experienced player, but since you seem to be attempting to build for multiple types of defense, have you considered taking Primal Forces Mastery for Power Boost instead?


It buffs the +def from Farsight, and if you can train yourself to always power boost before casting Farsight, you gain a large amount of +def to all (effectively +11.5 def to all, or over 1.5x that of a fully slotted Weave). This so good, I have no doubt it will be nerfed at some point - enjoy it while you can.


Power Boost has other uses, too. It makes you hover faster and heal more. A powerboosted Chrono Shift is a very large burst of healing that can turn around emergencies. Because the recharge on Power Boost is shorter than that of Farsight, and because the amount of recharge needed for perma-chrono shift is far in excess of that needed for perma-Farsight, you can afford to power boost other things and still have it back up in time to buff your Farsight.


While Ice storm is very attractive, chosing primal forces mastery and replacing some of the +def slotting in your control powers with damage and damage procs may result in good aoe damage at a lower level while enjoying better defenses at high level. As a bonus, this APP is reasonably concept-neutral.

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