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No mapserver connecion?


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This is information I posted in another thread on a similar issue.  Same rules apply, see if one of the 3 IP addresses is unreachable from your location:


Working through this: CoH has to connect to 2 or 3 servers to run.  The first server is Authorization (Log In) and it looks to be at IP then when I get into Everlasting I get handed to IP with a very brief foray to  The two 54 and 51 addresses are both OVH Hosting, who is hosting the servers.  The 40 is a domain registrar service so I'll take a stab and say there is a DNS record there.


If you are having an issue where you can log in to the game but then not play it on on ISP but everything works on another then the non-working ISP is dropping the traffic for some reason in the hand off between the Authorization server and the next step.  I would dare say it is probably at that 40.67.xxx.xxx address since that appears to be in a geographically different location than the French OVH server.  But that's just a quick look, no serious investigation into that.


To test this ping all 3 IP addresses and see which one fails.  Then you will need to contact your ISP, probably demand tier 2 or elevated support, then get them to figure out why they are blocking the IP and convince them to open it up. 


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