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Rikti Infiltrators not available correctly.


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There exist a little used sub group of Rikti that used chameleon tech to infiltrate Arachnos, appearing as Bane Spider troops. These Rikti are available in the AE but do not work as expected.

This is likely because the Transformation power used to reveal their identity is not a toggle or breakable passive, but a power that is supposed to be added to normal Bane Spiders that deletes the Arachnos unit and spawns a Rikti one. This is visible here.



I would VERY much like to see this rectified by adding a small set of Arachnos Bane Spiders added with the transformation powers properly granted to them so that we can make use of this fantastic element for AEs. If the Rikti in question can be bumped from 52 to 54 along the way, all the better.

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