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Do Alpha Recharge boosts affect Domination?


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Disregard - in-game someone said that those bonuses only apply to enhancable powers.  The descriptions could certainly be improved...



original question


I was playing in MIDS last night, and neither the Agility Paragons nor the Spiritual Paragons changed the recharge on Domination in the MIDS UI.  The recharge on other powers DID change.

Is that a MIDS issue?  Or do those Alphas not affect recharge on Domination?

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Alpha's function as an global enhancement (Basically, like you slotted an extra X% recharge in all your powers that are tagged to accept recharge/damage/etc).  Domination can't accept any enhancements, so it is not effected.

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51 minutes ago, cohRock said:

How so?

It effects the rate that they proc as it's like slotting recharge into an attack. The way the PPM formula works slotting procs into a power with a long recharge has a higher percent chance to fire off those procs. Now if you slot recharge in them it lowers the chance for the proc to fire.


Alpha agility or spiritual give recharge to those powers thus lowering your proc rate. Whereas Ageless increases your global recharge like hasten or set bonuses so it doesn't effect your proc rate.

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