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  1. @Ironblade, I think your source had it backward. I know for a fact that bio armor was on the Live Test server. I don't know if rad armor was available on Test or not, but I do not remember it. Meet my brute, created August 2012: * Rued Rude Rudy
  2. Not drama. I'm not asking for a change, or even complaining. I was simply bringing up something I view as extraneous, but I don't believe it will ever change. One point I will make is that if a player's vision is not correctable to 20/20, extra dialog and unnecessary choices can be a bit frustrating.
  3. I believe this quality of life "improvement" predates Homecoming. What is the purpose of obviating tailor shops by having trainers be able to change your costume? It wasn't long after they added a shop to Atlas Park that trainers gained this ability. (It might have strangely even been the same issue.) To me it just clutters the trainer's dialogue window with cr*p that has nothing to do with training. That and being able to modify your title is enough. IMO, almost all tailoring should be done in a shop. The one exception I might make is for newbies in Atlas, Mercy, and Nova Praetoria (?). Up to level 10, keep the free tailoring sessions they offer. After that, if you want to update or add another costume, what is the problem of going to one of the shops?
  4. This is best demonstrated during a respec. The process allows you to slot any power in any order, which would make it impossible to somehow backtrack exemplarred stats to match "exactly" what they would have been if you were say, 19, again. I will admit, though, for a long time on Live I believed the backtrack theory. But as Greycat says, it is all or nothing. If you have a power active, you have all of its slots. That said, the enhancements might well be weaker that what you actually have slotted. For example, if you are a level 44 character exemplarred to 19, the enhancements will be about as strong as DOs. You will still have any set bonuses in available powers however, and, I'm pretty sure at their full strength.
  5. @PatriotMusic, I have never heard that slotting order would make a difference. My assumption has always been that the various components are added together, with ED being applied to the sum. I do not know if this assumption is correct, however.
  6. @Frostbiter, Thank you. So it only applies to powers that have slottable resist? As a stoner, that would be Brimstone and Granite Armors, and Stone Skin. I was hoping it would be 20% resist to all powers, but that was probably unrealistic. At least it is still useful to him, unlike, say, an SR tank who doesn't even have any resist. (Well except for the unslottable scaling resist as health goes down, and possibly Tough.)
  7. My stone tank just reached his Alpha tier 4 (Cardiac Core Paragon), which is documented as adding 20% resist to the benefits he had at tier 3. But when I look at the resistance values shown in the Combat Attributes window, it shows no extra resistance. Is this just an oversight in Combat Attributes or do I misunderstand what actually happened? I relogged and rechecked, thinking that maybe the new value had to clock in. It didn't help. Also, the new tier 4 alpha is equipped.
  8. @You, this isn't the one you asked for, but it might still be useful: * Armor & Archetype Cross Reference It compares all of the major armor sets with each archetype that can use them, as level 1 values. It also shows which archetypes can use which armors.
  9. You are welcome. Keep in mind I am referring to base (unslotted) damage. So an attack may do 60 points of damage with no enhancements and 115 when slotted. A 3% bonus would be 1.8 (60 * 3%) more damage, not 3.45 (115 * 3%).
  10. Sets are limited by the same diminishing returns as regular enhancements (aka Enhancement Diversification, or ED). If you look at the elements of a set and add up its various characteristics, you can see that this was taken into account in the design. For example, a set might contain 4 enhancements with damage: damage only damage/accuracy damage/accuracy/endurance damage/recharge/endurance If you add up the damage components of each, you will see that they don't push the ED limits. That all said, set bonuses are fully additive. For example, if a set bonus offers 3% damage, that is a true 3% more base damage to all your attacks, bypassing ED limitations. If an element of the set is a damage proc (5% extra fire damage, for example), that also bypasses ED and adds 5% to the base damage of the power, in this case expressed as fire.
  11. Yes, as an Empath I have felt that. To be a buff-only defender, on a high-level team when buffs are rarely needed, can feel pretty lonely. Other defender sets offer both buffs and debuffs. (Or wait, is Poison debuff only?) That's why I still like playing support characters -- just not Empath ones.
  12. ( and @Crimsonpyre ) I believe the reason shards may seem extraneous now is Homecoming "streamlined" the original design, making part of it (the shards) seem confusing. IIRC, shards used to drop in non-incarnate content, while threads and incarnate components would drop only during incarnate content. Shards were the gateway to the new end-game content system. The Homecoming mods seem to have crippled the end-game system. No one seems to be running incarnate missions any more. They'd rather just keep running AE farms or PI scanner missions over and over and over... In making threads drop anywhere, many assume now that shards are close to worthless. That's a silly thought, IMO. You can still use shards to build alpha-slot abilities. Think of them as extra freebies. 1 shard is equal to 5 threads in building components, so their relative rarity makes sense.
  13. @Lex Talion and @srmalloy , thank you for the information. I appreciate learning stuff I didn't know enough to ask about.
  14. If one is trying to get incarnate shards and threads, does mission level make a difference? For example, would a +3*4 mission yield more incarnate salvage than a +1*4 mission?
  15. Probably. Of course he might also exemp below a level where Physical Perfection becomes inactive. 🙂
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