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  1. Another of my guys just picked up Evasive Maneuvers, an AR/FF corruptor. He's level 30 and can have 106.85% travel defense and 30% travel resist. Admittedly, most of it comes from Personal Force Field (77.07% of defense and all 30% of resist), but it's still pretty crazy numbers. Stealth for him would be kinda silly. Yes, he still has a 5% chance of getting hit, but I think hovering thru crowds of foes is a non-issue for him.
  2. This topic occurred to me as I examine my Demon/MM build. At level 47 he took Superspeed and slotted it with a celerity:stealth proc. Since he also has Teleport Target, he can get teammates to where he stealthed. But then at 49 he took the new flight pool power, Evasive Maneuvers. It is a really great power, and if I had known it was that good, he probably would have had it earlier. If you are unfamiliar with it, it has several properties: buffs speed of Fly and Hover. In fact it more than doubles Hover flight speed. gives to control to Fly even if Hover not prese
  3. Hi, all. My Demon/Time MM made 50 yesterday and is currently working on incarnate powers. I have a question concerning Superspeed, which he took at 47 and is slotted with a celerity:stealth for full invisibility. At 49, however he took Evasive Maneuvers, and no I am wondering about the utility of Superspeed, which I haven't used in many play sessions. Since Evasive Maneuvers + Farsight gives one a great deal of travel defense, I am strongly considering replacing Superspeed with Assault. Here is the build: This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/R
  4. On my level 50 demon/time MM, I finally got around to putting set IOs in Hell On Earth. It now has 5 Expedient Reinforcent IOs, including the 10% resist proc and 1 Call to Arms, the 5% base defense proc. I had held off on these, in ignorance not seeing the advantage of procs in a power I don't use often. However, I was surprised and happy to see that the pet-protective procs are always on, whether or not Hell On Earth is active. 😃 I had thought the behavior would be similar to putting a Numina Recovery proc in a single target heal power. The extra recovery in that case is
  5. @Glacier Peak Thank you. I thought DisplayPort supported both video and audio just like HDMI. Regardless, I asked same question at Tom's Hardware and was told with the displays I am using, it won't matter if one is HDMI and one is DisplayPort. The monitors I have ordered are HP 24mh FHD, supporting 1920*1080 @75 Hz. Each has stereo speakers, but I see no need to have sound come from both of them. So even if I couldn't use sound on the DisplayPort-connected monitor, I don't think it would matter. It would be kind of cool if the monitors supported an audio pass-thru that could be set to le
  6. Since I have the system up and running, I saw what you mean. I was surprised only 1 HDMI. What is advantage to DisplayPort? If I go dual monitor, would I want to use two of the DisplayPorts, or will there be some weird limitation with one DisplayPort and one HDMI?
  7. ... and I seem to be up and running on new equipment now. On first CoH login it suggested I activate the ultra graphic settings, which i did, using the larger feature set offered. Thanks all who commented. The biggest lesson I learned is that FedEx tracking at "6-8 business days", is not anywhere near as good as the tracking I am used to with Amazon Prime's 2-day shipping. It is quite possible that HP got the computer to FedEx last Friday, which is why they printed the label. Then it might have set there in Tennessee thru the weekend and until Tuesday morning. The tracking did
  8. <feeling ignorant> I know that the ITF is "Imperterritus Task Force". But what is "MO"?
  9. Welp, I'm going to stop whining. FedEx tracking now says it is on route and due to be delivered tomorrow evening (9 June). I came very close to cancelling the order earlier today when there had been no updates on either the FedEx or HP sites, and the HP representative could only tell me the order had been processed. Now my hope is that it arrives in good condition.
  10. @KauaiJim No explanation. One I might be able to accept would be, "We have to customize the computer to your exact specification." Okay, cool, I can see that taking a day or two. (I'm sort of pretending that is what is going on, but I don't really believe it.) Instead they just say that there is no problem, that it just takes time to fulfill the order. FedEx is slow in updating their order tracking, etc. The last one is the most egregious; I know from many orders in past (usually Amazon) that FedEx tracking is scarily up to date, and even USPS tracking is quite good.
  11. <sigh> Runaround <sigh> Skip if you don't care about rants and/or tirades. (I haven't decided yet.) I ordered the computer from the HP website Thursday evening. Fedex received notification that there has been an order, and Friday morning they notified me that they had printed a label! They also said to expect delivery by end of the day Sunday. Friday is also when the "my cart" page said that the computer I ordered is out of stock and I should remove it from my order. It has said that consistently until now, and the Fed Ex page hasn't been updated except instea
  12. Yeah, I'm thinking of transplanting the current hard drive if possible. I'm guessing that the problem is the power supply. When I turn it on, it starts whirring up like it always has, then it sputters to almost silence, then it tries to whir up again, etc. At any rate, the monitor never gets a signal. I tried opening it up, looking for loose connections, blowing dust away with canned air, seeing if any fans were bound, etc., but nothing changed. Instead of fighting with it and trying to repair it, I thank it for the years it has given me, and accept that it is time to move on.
  13. I believe it will be an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 (12 GB GDDR6 dedicated). That was what was mentioned during my sales-support chat, which they emailed me a copy of when the session was over. The session report also states that it has a Ryzen 7 processor. I say "I believe" because the link at the HP site for my system reports that this specific model of Pavilion is out of stock and provides links to similar HP machines. I got an email this morning saying it shipped, so I may be getting the last one for now. I hope anyway; I'll be P-O'd if it went on back-order. The link did work last nig
  14. My computer died last night. Sigh. I knew it was getting old, and I was in the process of deciding what to replace it with. I've ordered a "2021 HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop" which should arrive mid- to late-next week. The dead computer was 8 to 10 years old; I don't even remember when I got it. Suffice it to say it still had the Live version of CoH installed. 😎 Anyway, the new computer (HP TG01-2176z) includes 16 GByte RAM, 512 Gbyte SSD (the boot drive with Windows 10), 1 TByte hard drive, Rizen CPU, GEForce graphics card with 12 GBytes of its own RAM, 400-watt PS, and all-in
  15. An actual power may not be able to -- but a pet, with multiple powers, can. Just as the Robotics lieutenants can cast defensive shields, demon lieutenants cast resistive shields, and both pets can have their shields enhanced. Now that Daemon Demon has acquired the second demon pet buff, they will also be able to cast a heal, which is also slottable in the power. I'm not saying your underlying theory is incorrect -- these two powers could actually be messing with each other instead of this just being a bug in reporting statistics. In which case, I would like the statistics to be correct!
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