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  1. I like Hurricane as it is. Generally treat it as a situational power to group foes, not to scatter them. Occasionally, as when the whole team is ranged and foes are mainly melee, it can act as an effective shield even if it is scattering foes.
  2. I haven't lost a name in a re-roll, but I have in character transfers. I just try to accept and maybe take advantage of the renaming "opportunity". For example, my storm/water defender Wet Water has become Whet Water. Likening it to a whet stone, I now like the new name better.
  3. The tier 7 power for Psionic Melee is Boggle. The power set is available to tanks, scrappers, brutes, and stalkers. The Mids database documents Boggle as having a duration of 2 seconds for its confuse (and likely, boggle -- a sustained Insight) effect. My tank, though, just picked up Boggle. The duration is actually 15 seconds unslotted. I don't know what it is for the other archetypes, but I expect that a 2-second effect is too low for all of them. Note that the power offers a Mag 3 confuse, which is not enough for bosses. However, the boggle/insight effect (increased damage) does affect bosses. What I don't know is whether a confuse enhancement increases both confuse and boggle durations. Probably not, but I can hope.
  4. There are quite a few powers which have side effects, yet the primary set for that power does not support the side effect. For example, a melee attack may also have a chance to stun and take stun enhancements. With normal enhancements or IOs, you might slot it with an acc, endReduc, three damages, and a stun. If you were using a damage set, you could also include some recharge with the power. But you would either have to use a normal IO or enhancement for stun. What I propose is the capability to change a normal enhancement of your origin and level range, and upgrade it to a set element of a given set. Example: level 42 scrapper has an attack slotted for six enhancements, and has 5 of the PBAoE set Obliteration. He has the whole set except for "chance of smashing damage", and would like to extend stun time instead. His options currently are to slot a normal level 45 stun enhancement of his origin, a level 45 normal stun IO, a stun-set IO, or sacrifice another Obliteration bonus to get the small, first bonus of a stun set. What I propose is something like: (game adds a capability to the Manage Enhancement screen (MES) to make a wildcard IO) purchase a stun enhancement of your origin and level (assume 45, but 40 would also work) have an empty slot in the power click any member of the Obliteration set already in that power drag the stun enhancement to the second merge slot merge them. Now the stun is a slotted level 45 (40) element of the character's Obliteration set, offering the final-tier set bonus Restrictions: only one wildcard within a power could be used, even if there are multiple sets already there the wildcard must be of a type the power already accepts, but the set does not offer (I.e., you cannot add more end reduction to a set if the set already has at least one element with end reduction) the wildcard enhancement can neither be sold nor traded. It can either be slotted at creation, re-used in a respec, or deleted, nothing else. (I.e. there is no additional programming needed for the assignment house to support many dozens of new wildcard enhancements.) only normal, "dropped" or store-purchased single-origin enhancements can be used as a base, not IOs nor Hammis. The strength of the IO becomes fixed regardless of the character's level (but as stated, it must be within his level range when the wildcard is created). you cannot extend the count of enhancements in a set. If the set only offers 4 elements, you cannot use wildcard to create a fifth. If a wildcard is already slotted as the 4th element of the set, you cannot add the normal 4th element at a later time without first removing the wildcard or an already-slotted normal set element. Note that this concept could also work in reverse. You might have a stun set in a stun power that does minor damage and accepts damage enhancements. You could add a single damage wildcard to that stun set if the set does not already offer damage. I understand that some will feel that the option for the power to simultaneoulsy accept more than one type of set is a reasonable trade-off. That is a perfectly valid position, but I do not think this suggestion would cause any game imbalance.
  5. For completeness' sake, I'll say there is a p2w vendor in Pocket D as well. She is accessible by all characters, regardless of alignment.
  6. Good points, thanks. I might have an issue with the last one, which i set to red. I would not favor a large speed increase in Acrobatics. In fact my suggestion gives run speed only a 5% boost and other speeds a 10% boost. (I seriously considered suggesting them all at 10%, though.) The reason is, I want Acrobatics always on in missions, and in a lot of missions, such as caves with narrow passages, having too much speed is a negative for me. I grin and bear being speed boosted by a kin, and I absolutely hate the Fool mystic fortune. The latter not because of the slight decrease in accuracy, but the speed itself. I'm not the only one either. People with slow computers or internet connections, poor eyesight, or decreased hand coordination tend to find excess speed to be problematic.
  7. I already know the points you bring up. That is why only one of my characters has Acrobatics. I guess the answer to "But why?" is simple nostalgia. I played long before sets were introduced, and the leaping pool Combat Jumping and Super Jump powers were pretty much standard on all my melee guys. So anyone who still needed knockback protection would also take Acrobatics. A few of my flying or Super Speed non-melee guys would take it as well, bypassing Super Jump for Jump Kick. So it just felt right to give Acrobatics to at least one of my guys on Homecoming, and it was an expedient method for my fire/fire tank to not get knocked away from his own burn patch. That said, once I had Acrobatics, I did think, "this power is a lame anachronism." I got to thinking what would make it seem useful again without it becoming a "must have" for min-maxers. The suggestion in the first post is my answer.
  8. @Snarky To avoid further side-tracking this thread, I replied in my original suggestion thread.
  9. In another thread @Snarky wrote: The "compromise" is threefold. First, the buffs to speed are conservative, not worth a lot on their own, but still significant. Second, the resistances to slow and recharge debuffs are vague and would be set by the developers to likewise be subtle. Third, I avoid suggesting a buff to recharge speed as that is already covered by the pool power, Hasten as well as various set bonuses. In so far as what AT power comes closest, it might be elements from the ice armor power Wet Ice in its protections to knockback, hold, and slow. I can't think of a power that simultaneously buffs speeds and resists debuffs to slow and recharge though. The heart of my suggestion is that a power named "Acrobatics" should make a character more, you know, acrobatic.
  10. Which is a large part of my rationale for proposing that Acrobatics be buffed. Many people I think reach the conclusion that it is a lame power not worthy of their build. And it certainly is overpriced in end cost for what a character receives. Instead of just having another eminently ignorable power, give it enough qualities to make it worth taking. What do you think of my suggestion? (You can answer there.)
  11. An unmentioned option to this point is Acrobatics. It offers mag 7 (+2 more according to Mids) KB protection and some hold resistance. One of the downsides is that you need two prerequisite Leaping Pool powers (chosen from Combat Jumping, Super Jump, and Jump Kick) before taking Acrobatics. The end cost is somewhat high (0.26/sec) considering that the -kb procs use no end at all. My fire/fire tank has chosen this option and has had no kb problems, especially considering he has no knock protection otherwise. Incidentally, I have recently made a suggestion to buff Acrobatics so more people will consider taking it. See: Basically, I suggest that its functionality be improved, by actually making characters more athletic. It would slightly buff speeds and provide some resistance to slow and recharge debuffs.
  12. Assume you have an attack with knockback as a side effect. You slot it with a knockbact-to-knockdown (kb2kd) proc, but also add another enhancment from the same set that includes more knockback. Does the additional knockback make any difference at all, or is it cancelled completely by the kb2kd?
  13. Thank you everyone for your feedback. I am going to do as Rannos suggests, except change the auto-fire back to Hasten. The reason is I found a fourth reason that makes an auto-fire of Clarion to be a hassle. If you want to use it to buff your Lore pets (or any others you may have), then coordinating an auto-fire Clarion and pet summoning becomes more awkward than necessary. By taking back control of when Clarion starts, the coordination is simpler.
  14. My level 50+3 psy/poison corruptor has two powers I would like to autofire, Hasten and Destiny:Clarion (tier 3, Partial Core Invocation). Clarion has a 2 minute recharge, and at tier 3 grants at least level 6 protections to most mez's for the entire time -- i.e. perma mez protection. So I have to decided to change the autofire from Hasten to Clarion. I see three downsides to this decision, in descending order: Clarion costs 20 endurance. During big chaotic battle it could possibly de-toggle Charged Armor, Maneuvers, Tactics, and/or Hover. I might forget to restart Hasten for some period of time. If I team at a lower level, I need to remember to set Hasten to autofire. Besides my protection, the other strong positive of Clarion is it grants its protection to all allies and pets within 50 feet, so any other squishies on the team usually receive the same mez protection as my guy. (Well the melee guys get it added to their own mez protection, which seldom is needed except perhaps for knockback.) So which do or would you choose to auto-fire?
  15. @WavicleI have mixed feelings about your suggestion. I agree that if you are the squishie of a duo and don't have stealth while the tank/brute (t/b) does, then it is easy to get in situations where you bear the brunt of alpha strikes. OTOH, if you follow behind the t/b and he is careful to taunt immediately then his aura suppression will seldom have negative consequences. In this instance, though, you are forced into a play style that may not suit you. Bottom line is I favor aura suppression but admit it can have unfavorable consequences on your teammates. My bottommer line is that my t/b characters do not choose power sets with stealth because of these consequences.
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