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  1. Most survivable against just about anything is stone tank in Granite form. It's weakness is Psi damage, but with no Psi enemies he'll be gold. (.. grey actually. so grey.) He can of course use his non-Granite armors and have psi protection, but they're not as strong as Granite. They do avoid the Granite penalties, though, of less recharge, damage, and speed. Of course, those penalties exist so not everyone is running around as a stoner. There's been a lot of love above for Willpower, and it is indeed a great set. My vote for 2nd best (after Granite) is Super Reflexes, though
  2. Since he went with Scorpion Shield (defense), his only spot to put resist proc(s) will be Tough. That's why he is taking Fighting Pool; wasn't even planning on Weave because will have Maneuvers and Scorpion Shield for defense procs. Probably respec into Vengeance as you suggest as well.
  3. Thank you everyone for responding. He went ahead with the respec and is now level 37. He has Teleport Target (TT) and Combat Teleport instead of Combat Jumping and Super Jump. At 47 he plans on taking Fold Space. I do miss the "boingboing" of CJ but I don't feel it is essential. Actually, laying down Static Field (self-renewing sleep field) then drawing foe(s) to him with TT or Zapp (a snipe) means that he isn't moving a lot during actual battle. This will be especially nice when he has the Overwhelming Force set 6-slotted in Havoc Punch, which will grant 4 points of knockback protection
  4. I am very used to my guys having either Hover or Combat Jumping. But now I'm faced with no room for Teleport Target due to four other pools already active -- Leaping, Speed, Leadership, and Fighting. This is on level 25 elec/elec dominator. He was not even planning on Super Speed originally, but once he had Hasten and Combat Jumping, why not take Super Speed and slot in a Celerity:Stealth. So he did. Now he can stealth effectively, but he has no way of helping teammates get to where he stealthed. Thus taking Teleport Target is very appealing, but he has to give up something.
  5. For protective sets, there has been a lot of Willpower love here. I'll agree that it is a great set. However, I'm going to side with the original poster about Super Reflexes (SR). While his example is a scrapper, my favorite SR experience is with tanks. very high positional defenses (damage type is almost always irrelevant) very high resistance to defense debuffs (you remain well defended even when foes are trying to lower your defenses) scaling resistance -- the lower your health, the higher your global resistance to damage If the tank doubles down on his protection w
  6. After 12 long years, Stan and Lou are back! * #32: Sharkhead Isle These are little radio plays featuring two wannabe villains, but maybe not the smartest dudes to ever encounter an Arachnos. You can find the whole set on Fishmorph's channel. (I'm glad YouTube subscriptions don't expire. 🙂 )
  7. I don't follow you, DG. As far as I have seen, brute damage avoidance is equal for both brutes and scrappers. What makes brutes more robust is their higher max HP, which essentially amplifies the various modes (resistance, defense, and regen). That said, I do agree that recharge is a significant factor for the regen set. Both Dull Pain (360 sec) and Instant Healing (650 sec) have long recharge times on their own. Since they are the primary in-set amplifiers of peak protection., higher recharge is a good thing. Moment of Glory is shorter (240 sec), but it only lasts 15 seconds
  8. One of the protective sets not available to tanks is Regeneration. I've got two theories as to why. The first is that a regen tank would find it difficult to serve as a "damage sponge". Peak incoming damage would overwhelm his health regeneration even with the limited resistance from Resilience. If Resilience and the recharge time of Instant Healing were buffed sufficiently to handle this, the tank might become close to unkillable. (Of course a Super Reflexes tank with Tough, Weave, and Maneuvers already approaches that, but still.) The second theory is that something close to
  9. I don't plan to make getting 6xT4 a common thing. My typical goal with 50s is 5xT3 with Alpha at T4. In the process of that goal, I may end up with enough Empryeons to make something else T4, but not as a specific plan. I have extra Empryeons because I avoid spending them on the Alpha.
  10. I just for the first time got a character to 6x Tier4 incarnate (specifics below). She is vet level 33. She didn't do very many incarnate trials, so she had to make most incarnate components from threads and shards. Oh, her Apha was helped by doing a Mothership raid, giving her enough Vanguard Merits to buy multiple Gra'i Matter Conversions. The only threads and Empryoens she used in achieving Alpha T4 was the initial T2 and T3. Besides that it was all shards and Notices of the Well. She didn't spend cash for any components, but she did convert 20 Astral Merits to 4 Empryeons.
  11. Abandoning and re-acquiring the mission worked since I ensured the hunt took place on the streets. Thank you, all.
  12. I would like to complete Harvey Maylor's arc against Vanessa and the Carnival. I've already fought and defeated her once as an AV. It looks like I am supposed to do it again. I picked up a mission afterward that says in [more...] Even though it is complete, Harvey won't give me a new mission, but he would allow me to autocomplete the current one. The title of the current one is "Defeat Vanessa & her servants". The mission tab neither shows the mission as complete nor states a zone to go to. What may have happened is that the hunt was not accomplished on the streets
  13. Nevermind, I get it. After reviewing it on a character who has the Overwhelming Force set, I see I didn't read the name of the IO well. It has 3 effects. Damage Chance for Knockdown (20%) Knockback to Knockdown So instead of being worse than the Sudden Acceleration proc I mentioned in last post, it is a lot better.
  14. Okay, cool. A bit confused about what your are saying. Doesn't Sudden Acceleration:Knockback to Knockdown do the same thing? I guess what is really confusing me is the IO name, "Chance of ...". If it always works, why say "chance"?
  15. Thanks guys. I didn't realize either Apprentice Charm (she's magic) or Electrical Net Arrow could ignite Oil Slick. Cool. I think she'll be using Bonfire as well. She's already pretty AoE intensive, so go where one's strengths lie. That said, I'm still concerned about the efficacy of Overwhelming Force:Chance for Knockback to Knockdown. Can it be relied on to at least usually avoid knockback in a long-recharge power?
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