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Crimson Prototype texture issue


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During a Market Crash tonight, our team got the Crimson Prototype down to about 20% health before we had two of our teammates disconnect. While we waited for them to get back into the game, the Crimson Prototype's HP regenerated, and we noticed some odd behavior. Crimson Prototype's texture seemed to be rapidly switching back and forth (a few times per second) from a pristine version and a battle-damaged version, shown in the two pictures. Video evidence would have shown the effect better, but I was not well-prepared enough to get that ready.



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that may not be a bug after all, could be just that u constantly beat around the threshold for the health bar to switch between the textures, since u kept him alive for the disconnecting people.


Example 50k+ health undamaged, 49,9k and less damaged texture, so u beat him below 50k and he regen back above 50k if doing constantly that would doing the described behaviour without beeing any bug. Just depend of how fast his regen Cycle is.



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That would make sense, but we weren't attacking it while its health regenerated. We got it to roughly 20%, and then (mostly) stopped attacking it, and its health crept back up to 100% before we beat it back down again. During that regen process the texture was swapping rapidly.

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