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The great Brawl animations - and the lack of their use.


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Brawl has some wonderful animations, including many while holding a weapon or shield. Even Rifles.

Brawl will shield slam, left hand punch, hit with the hilt of a weapon, and use a short kick. All randomly for variety.
Great and varied stuff! And without putting a weapon away.

But.... it's Brawl. Terrible DPA.

Would it be possible to have an alternate animation setting for Boxing?

Boxing does get decent use out in many attack chains.

If there was an option for Boxing to animate as Brawl does, and replace the animation:

  • It would look great, avoiding redraw and weapon sudden appearance.
  • Hopefully be easy to do.
  • Add variety to animations for a common attack.
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I was about to make a post about this exact same thing after it feeling really awkward trying to integrate Boxing cleanly into my staff fighting character's attack chains due to constantly drawing and redrawing after switching back to the basic punch animation.


and if I may add, I think this should 100% be extended to Kick as well. for some reason, Kick puts away your weapons and stuff when used, despite the fact that, well, you aren't even using your arms for it, which is pretty awkward in my opinion. Would love to see these smoothed out if possible, especially since the Fighting power pool is a natural pickup for the types of characters that run into these issues.

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