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Unrelenting not mitigating Rage crash(or so it appears to me)


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Im not sure if Unrelenting is working on the Rage crash from SS.  I have it and used it and my damage is still -9999 or whatever it goes to.  I use Unrelenting right before Fury ends and it change nothing.  The text talks about it mitigating the crash, so does that mean it will mitigate it just barely anything or actually remove the who crash effect?  Im guessing it wont remove the who crash effect, but it should give something to help offset it. 

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NOTHING works to mitigate a Rage crash.
Your damage, regardless of enhancement, adjacent powers, inspy use or buffs HAVE ZERO EFFECT.
The buffs are still there, they're just overridden.
Once the crash duration passes, you get your damage back with all the still running boosts.


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I understand that, BUT the power even says when you are picking it that it "Mitigates the crash".  So im curious how much it is suppose to mitigate it.  Even the wiki page for Homecoming says it mitigates it.  Im just curious if that is true(because it sure doesnt seem like it is) or not.

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