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  1. Someone stops me from trying to play more than one Tank, I do my Tankly duty by walking up and shaking hands with THEIR FACE! Taunting mercilessly the entire time.
  2. Remember, antivirus solutions are ENTIRELY reactionary. They don't detect ANYTHING without massive, byzantine "definition" files. And on occasion, perfectly innocuous things happen to resemble malicious code JUST enough to trip one of these definitions.
  3. This pretty much sums it up. As I said, Avast is virtually IDENTICAL now. So the same instructions work THERE too.
  4. AVG is owned by Avast. They're now, more or less, the same product under the hood.
  5. Here's an StJ built I was playing with:
  6. I would not be caught DEAD wearing a "Prince Valliant"!
  7. No. Prebuilts from system integrators have priority over retail. So the wait is FAR less. Sometimes maybe a week or two, though 3080's and 3090's are still, usually, a month out or so. This is why, if you want the vidcard, it's easier to buy the prebuilt, swap in a cheap card, and then resell the system.
  8. Not a lot of info on Starlink. Website doesn't talk about coverage, speeds or even price. From other sources, $100/month, $500 up front. And speeds slower than 5G.
  9. I recommend loading CoH to the SSD. It'll load and zone faster. Bad assumption. USB-C and USB3 should be more than fast enough to handle movies. When I build my new desktop, I didn't bother moving any of my internal opticals. I just bought an external. No. Again with the advent of streaming, optical media has been in decline for about 10 years or so now (hell, my Netflix account is coming up on its 10th anniversary).
  10. Sitting on a Ryzen 5950X, 64G of RAM, solid-state all around, and a 2060 from my old machine. Essentially running 6K (6480x3840), and pulling around 35FPS
  11. That's kinda why I built a repel-ball field in my base e.
  12. NICE! Poor Babbage! He was just trying to go uptown!
  13. Long range. Short range. Melee range. I'm the Sentinel with the gun!
  14. Agreed. Guys! REALLY recommend using the Light Blue (US) color scheme and Universale Codes. Like so.
  15. Translation. Unless you've been able to SUCCESSFULLY restore from an archived file, YOU DO NOT HAVE A BACKUP! As someone working in IT as a "Hail Mary" level of disaster support, I've seen horrendous data disasters at even carefully managed clients. I've seen backup vendors simply stop backing up directories because there were live files in play and they didn't like "messy backup logs with "errors" in them". Had a client come close to losing a year of data because of that. When we found THAT out, the company was shown the door and they were sued into oblivion. Curren
  16. Generally, Scrappers have a SLIGHT edge in Damage output. However, fully tricked out, the differential isn't "make or break".
  17. As "Mr. Invuln Is Now The Gold Standard", I'm pretty sure that this is what Un-Granite is achieving too.
  18. I dunno if I'd say "inferior". The playstyle's different. And you can rock fairly hard. Heh. Stoner. Rock... Basically, with Stone and the modern IO and Ancillary power sets, Granite is firmly reduced from ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to "an option:"
  19. If we were talking about an actual TANK, yes, we'd draw and quarter you as a heretic. With dental implements... But on a Scrapper/Brute? Taunt's a TOTALLY optional thing. I don't usually max it out and just drop the Zinger Psi proc in there. Mainly because it just jiggles my giggles to imagine someone SO insulting and annoying that poor, sensitive widdle villains start BLEEDING AT THE EYES AND EARS! Or, if you cherry-tap them with it? SCANNERS!
  20. And swapping out for another ranged attack, like the Soul Epic/Gloom works just as good! The build is basically a demonstrator. There's still room for personalized tweaking.
  21. Have a new version of my Rikti Mothership Raid for HC! This one has been cleaned of "Rush the Rikti" names. Since RtR was a Protectorism. And HC isn't Protector. Also removed the 14 redundant zone invites since the days of asking a dev to spawn you a new zone are effectively done. Now, you have invite menus for 2 options. Zone Instanced Also replaced @Hyperstrike with $name so you don't need to go in and edit it yourself. Still trying to figure out if there's a way to auto-insert zone-name. Like $zone (my digging into this is VERY cursory at this point). Not
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