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  1. There's nothing particularly "special" about my rig. It started life as a home-brew server back in 2011 (yes, 2011). It was converted to my primary rig in 2014. CPU: i7 970 (Hex core, Hyperthreading) Liquid Cooled (Kraken X61) Memory: 24GB of RAM Primary Drive: 500GB Samsung Evo (SATA) SSD Used to also sport a 15 Krpm SAS drive, but it started choking and dying last year. Video: Multiple over the years. Current: RTX 2060 Case: Thermaltake Core X9 Monitor(s): Multiple over the years. Current: Dell 2718U (x3) Additional Onboard hard drives: 2x WD Black (1TB) 1 HGST Deskstar NAS (6TB) External Storage: WD MyBook (2TB) MyCloudUltra EX2 (12GB in 6GB RAID1 config)
  2. Yank the Kismet. Unless you SEVERELY underslotted +Acc and +ToHit, you won't miss it.
  3. Thew about $300 at them back in the day. Didn't really expect anything. But they wanted the opportunity, they were fellow CoH players and I had spare cash.
  4. Gonna disagree here. On most teams and leagues, a natural 45 is very likely to spend the majority of a TF or what-have-you above 50% More-over, they'll have teammates to draw fire. Another stab at it.
  5. Realistically, your recovery will wind up somewhere between about 3-3.5 on most characters unless you have primary/secondary powers that specifically boost Recovery. You can augment this slightly with the PerfShifter procs. You can also augment your overall Endurance by attaining your Accolades (Portal Jockey and Received the Atlas Medallion). And before you let us know your Tale of Newbish Woe, be advised that I made it all the way into my teens on my first character before I ever slotted a single enhancement. I'd also six-slotted Brawl and my first attack.
  6. C'mon! In the face! HARDER! No! HARDER!
  7. I like Mudpots as a power. I REALLY don't like the SFX for Mudpots though. I have a general misophonia to loud, breathy chewing sounds. And the *SCHLORP* sound of Mudpots is close enough that it sets me off too...
  8. This is why I like recruiting everyone in the raid myself. If the league bug rears its ugly head, well, I'm shuffling most off to other teams anyhow... And I just do zone raids. This way I'm not dinking with timers or anything like that while reshuffling people mid-raid.
  9. Correct. Found out after trying to hybrid Def/Res a Rad tank that, while it CAN work, has some serious deficiencies. Going whole-hog for Resists generally yields a better overall experience. And you CAN still build up a modicum of Defense. Just understand that, with no DDR, the entire amount is essentially sacrificial. However, a balls-to-the-wall Resist tank is basically: ResistDude: Oh noez! I've had my Defense debuffed into negative triple digits! What EVER shall I do? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  10. What *specifically* are you looking to get out of PhysPerf? Less than half the effect of Health and Stamina. Maybe throw the other Uniques (Regen Tissue and in there PrevMed). While Stamina's mostly improved about as much as practical, you're not REALLY getting much out of PhysPerf. The extra Performance Shifter proc DOES help. But mostly only in sapping situations. In which case, they have to get by your phenomenal Defense. But, here's a rework. Also, caught a mistake. Had SIX LOTG sets slotted. Fixed that, and actually lowered resting End consumption a scotch. The main problems with those extra slots is that your attacks are already six-slotted. And there's not a lot of good stuff to jam into Defense powers once you got the LOTGs and uniques. I just went with Conserve Power. It never hurts to sip Endurance for a while. I've always been "meh" about FA, unless I was chasing Auto-Snipe.
  11. I'm sorry, but 50-60% Resist is still inferior to 45% Defense. Demonstrably and mathematically.
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