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  1. Woke up around 2AM and Comcast was dinking around with the Internet... So I got PRODUCTIVE! Finally added the "push" fans on my radiator. Cleaned up the cabling some and installed the fanbus so I could run all six fans off a single fan header. And, while I was at it, I decided to shut some of the people who've been whinging about my preliminary cable routing FROM TWO YEARS AGO up and neatened up my cable routing a bit more, as I have more devices now. Project Paragon is getting close to "completion" as I can get without a new vidcard.
  2. +Regen should be Global. So on/off is irrelevant.
  3. Uh. The concept *IS* ground-based. No flight, no super-jump. Here's a build of your originally stated build combo as Proof of Concept.
  4. My advice. Built human-form. Use Dwarf's powers as mules. Build max-resist and high Recharge. Perma Hasten and Perma Lightform. You can pick up some incidental Defense to layer on.
  5. No. I just won't play there. So now I'll ask you. Why are you trying to make Homecoming into Cake? Hmm? Why not just play over there if you just want "Gimme".
  6. Because playing a game where you're getting everything just because "I want it", isn't a game. A game implies some form of competition. Either with the environment or other players. Or even just investing the time in the game. "Here's everything" checks none of these boxes.
  7. A beta BIOS later, I can get up to 2 drives working. Out of time to fart around. Synology NAS arrived this afternoon. Device Name "Wentworths" up and running and pulling parity checks now.
  8. The last month just trying to get this thing together has sorta worn me out. Going to take another stab at this. If I can't get it to work SOON, well, I have a Synology DS920+on order.
  9. No. The machine simply fails to BOOT. Period. But I disconnect power to the hard drives and boom. It boots up and the SSDs come up just fine.. And I'm NOT sitting near the PSU limits. A basic power supply calculator shows the system pulling at BEST 600 Watts. And I'm sitting on a 1000W unit. Even taking into account 12V/5V/3.3V I'm not "over" anywhere. So color me stumped right now.
  10. The fit of the hard drive cages leaves a bit to be desired. Also, the screws for the casters creates a small amount of fitment issue. Also, I had to relocate the front chassis fans because they didn't fit exterior of the case and under the front bezel the way the original fan did. And finally managed to kill all the RGB stuff! YAY! Small problem. The machine is refusing to start with the hard drives for the array attached. Unsure what's going on there. At this point, I'm thinking just grab a Synology box and stuff them in there.
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