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  1. Made this shortly after he died.
  2. Tre died more than a few years ago now. He was placed into the game in tribute. On the phone with Sal of course... If you do ship raids from Point du Hoc, you'll see Todogut in there. He was another player. Had a penchant for dressing up as Statesman at Convention cosplays.
  3. *Sneak up behind a guy.* "Ever play The Knockout Game?" "What? AHHH!" *Thumps the guy in the head* *Drops bonlessly to the ground*
  4. I'm hoping CyberMonday sees a refresh in the Zen3 Ryzen 9 stocks.
  5. Some can hack it. Most can't...
  6. With Fault, enemies that are flying through the air are NOT hitting you, and thus, doing no damage. Damage mitigation through soft-controls like this are boring. But don't overlook them.
  7. Cool! Hope it works out well for you!
  8. And, since this is Amazon, if there's a problem, returns are fairly simple
  9. Just went for a look: https://www.amazon.com/Acer-i7-9750H-MaxxAudio-Keyboard-AN515-54-728C/dp/B08777BH1B Acer Nitro 5. 9th Gen i7. NVIDIA RTX 2060. 144hz 15" monitor 16GB RAM (Expandable to 64GB) 256GB NVMe SSD with another NVMe slot for expansion and a hard drive bay. Color reproduction isn't PERFECT. But it's a damn nice laptop at a damn good price.
  10. Well, the Winter-Os are an AWESOME group of IO sets. They can be used to spackle over MANY holes that would otherwise be left in a majority of builds. And I've said it elsewhere. Granite is simply and utterly incompatible with the modern pace of the game.
  11. Could be worse. You'd get "Eh?"ed to death if it went to the Canadians!
  12. Axe Tanker: HEY! JERK Hackers. The ones "dupin rares"
  13. And no Taunt? ON A TANK? INFIDEL!
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