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  1. I've run hundreds of raids and events in my time in CoH (Mein Gott! Has it been 13 years already?) I prefer to call in REQUEST. And I don't care which channel people use to ask for the invite. I just find PMs to be easier to see in the Broadcast Spam that inevitably spawns around a growing raid group. That's just me. I'm kinda weird. And I'm told my parents took turns dropping me on my head as a baby and young child...
  2. It's not that they CANNOT. They WILL NOT. Because, frankly, it's NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS. Even the person lodging the complaint. The most you have an expectation of, as a complaintant, is the GMs telling you "We'll take care of this." as you put the offender on ignore. Beyond that, you are owed nothing. What someone perceives beyond that? Frankly, is that person's problem. NOBODY ELSE. Again, community "drama" is corrosive and will kill the community faster than anything else (save maybe lawyers, and THEY are corrosive in their own way). You are playing a game, provided
  3. Simply because someone is being a creep/perv/jerk doesn't mean the GMs are going to air the dirty laundry to the community. Quite simply You Do Not Need To Know. If the GMs tell you "It's handled.", you take that as "It's handled." and move on. Anything else gives rise to an endless cesspool of community drama llamas. No Thank You!
  4. Try doing this: Slots/Enhancements --> Slots --> Auto-Arrange All Slots It may be that you're pulling a slot that was placed at low level and trying to insert it into a power taken at a higher level.
  5. https://www.windowsdigitals.com/force-chrome-firefox-game-to-use-nvidia-gpu-integrated-graphics/
  6. Just call me Beavis... Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire....heheheh
  7. Just as an FYI, Black Scorpion's arc is about the shortest and most straightforward for unlocking Patron pools.
  9. Welcome back. We've been keeping the mobs warm for you. Pull a couple up and commence butt-kickery!
  10. S&L is an okay series. May take a couple seasons to really find its feet. But the first season establishes the series fairly well. As for input from Steve Shives? I'm just going to laugh uproariously and leave it there.
  11. There is currently no way to do this. And, from my understanding, because of how CoH does its integrity/bounds checking on a character, I don't believe it's possible. With work, I could be proven wrong in the future. Honestly though, with the modern game, it's simply easier to build an alt and level it.
  12. And now for the cognitive dissonance. Sister Flame is now (or is about to turn) 21. *GET OFF MY LAWN!* Sorry, was reflexive...
  13. About to ding 48. I was born shortly after the invention of dirt...
  14. Also, if anyone sees a problem in these builds, let me know. I'm fairly certain I got everything right. But I'm still recovering from vacay. My mind is "what's for dinner, waterslides, pool time, go see alligators (none of them wearing a Loki headpiece).
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