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  1. Take two of these and call me in the morning.
  2. Okay, so imagine an inspie giving you 10% +Rech, and eating a tray full of them. Your attacks come up faster, more damage. Your God Modes come up more often. In some cases meaning more Def/Res/Regen/Recovery. Your clicky buffs and heals come up more often. Both self and party. What you're talking about modifying the effects of another stat. +Recharge affects ALL of them in a cascade situation.
  3. Hyperstrike was fun, but not enjoyable....at first. Would have been nicer had I actually PAID ATTENTION about enhancements in the tutorial... So I was in my teens by the time I realized what the drops I'd been selling for cash were for. And yes, I six-slotted Brawl. He mostly, uniformly SUCKED until I was able to get him, successfully, through a respec trial. And because most of the people I teamed with were on broken builds too, that took some doing! After that, I respec'ed into one of the Vox Populi "Super Tanker" setups and things were better. After another respec, using Call Me Awesome's Invuln research, I had a friend tell me I was 10x the tank I'd been prior and people were quite literally SHOCKED at how survivable I was.
  4. Try building for max Resists on your SS/Fire. Trying to hybrid huge Defense onto a Resist-based armor type, especially when you have no DDR, means you become an eggshell.
  5. Uh oh! Kultie's loose! Someoe toss Stalemate out front to tank the licks... We have the impervium-lined happy jacket? GO GO GO! *Runs in the opposite direction*
  6. Yeah. No offense, I wouldn't be in favor of single-slot capping IOs. You can already to atrocious things with Plussed enhancements. Having an IO with DOUBLE the efficacy? Sorry, that's just nuts.
  7. The problem is these are single-aspect IOs. You run into the same problem you do with single-aspect Purples and +5's SA IOs. Diminishing Returns The initial IO gives you HUGE payoff. Use a 50+5 generic Damage IO as an example. 1: 53% 2: DR kicks in and you're at 95.9% 3: DR basically hauls back and kicks you STRAIGHT IN THE NUTS with a set of steel-toed spiked taser boots as the owner drops you both into a time loop. From an L50+5 IO giving 53%, you benefit by a measly 8% GRANTED, a more realistic slotting WOULD probably free up slots. 1 Acc, 2 Dam, 1 EndRedux, 1 Recharge (or 0 EndRedux and 2 Recharge) leaves you phenomenally enhanced.
  8. I like the basic premise of Bio. And childish as it may paint me, I just CAN'T get past the "dookie armor" asthetic.
  9. Actually, it's kinda BOTH. Notice that the green regained on your health bar doesn't disappear when DP expires.
  10. Nonono. That's "R0X0R J00R B0X0RZ!"
  11. Hyperstrike


    Part of the problem is that you're approaching it like you would with a Squishy. You're slathering "okay" Defense on top of "okay" Resist. So, when your Defense is cracked, they just keep coming at you through the Resist. This is when you get forcibly renamed to "Street Pizza". Had this happen on my first Rad/Rad Tank too. Solution, PICK A FREAKIN' LANE! Not meant to antagonize you, just an illustration of what needs to happen. You need to go BTTW (Balls To The Wall) with either Resist or Defense. Seeing as Rad gives you NOTHING, it kinda makes your choice obvious. That and when you get Defense Debuffed into negative triple digits, you can laugh like a loon and continue to beat face! Granted, you're a Brute, so the point of "Aw crap!" is a LOT tighter than it is on a Tank. But, skillfully managed, and you are a beast.
  12. Now something LIKE this, I could get behind. Maybe a Debuff washer. It's already kinda covered under Incarnate powers. But imagine a 3 use Debuff cleaner. Negates a small amount of -Res/-Def debuffs, negates a small amount of -Recharge, and negates a small amount of -Run. The small would be only minimally effective. But it'd help with "COTTON PICKIN CALTROPS!" situations and low level "Why is the recharge timer on my power SHRINKING?" issues, while not being insta "BreakFree" type liberty. But larger versions would still be useful and valuable.
  13. Stone would leave you the Toughest, but your chief enemy? Stairs. Hell, with curb minions! Invuln will leave you a stone cold beast And a slightly slower but more generally durable.
  14. Are you sure? That august event is so far into the past now that you may have had it blotted from your memory...
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