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  1. City of Heroes is City of Heroes. CIty of Heroes is not WoW City of Heroes is not Everquest City of Heroes is not Guild Wars City of Heroes is not EVE (THANK YOU GOD!) City of Heroes is its own thing. If you want to have fun, learn to play the game on its own terms. Trying to force the game to conform to YOUR idea of "How it ought to be" is just going to leave you unsatisfied. Tanks are more than simply mobile fat sacks of hit points. They're combat controllers with multiple medium and soft controls. "Follow the Tank" hasn't been a necessity in the game. More or less since
  2. That's like saying unemployment checks are "free money". This is factually incorrect. No. You had to invest in the power to get that slot. That's the very opposite of "free".
  3. I'm going to just disagree with you. "Three minutes is a long time". Start listing off TF fights that're NORMALLY 3 minutes or less without a tricked build. It's a suicide button with a three minute delay. And even if you're loading up on Psi-Resist bumps, you have 7 normal Resist powers (3 active, 3 passive and Tough, which on an end-stage build should just be turned OFF). So you don't need that slot. In short. Unstop is a waste of a power pick and any extra slots devoted to it may as well have been flushed down an outhouse.
  4. Remember to click on it to view closer to actual-size. Original 6480x3740
  5. How do you think he does it? What makes him so good?
  6. I'm pretty sure "that" is NOT what they mean by "Eye of the Tiger"...
  7. It doesn't matter the AT. Spring Attack is a waste of a power pick.
  8. Luckily I presented no diatribe. 😝 It is a monologue. And quite a short one at that. 😀
  9. As I said above. Spring Attack is a waste of a power selection. If it did proper damage and had a SANE recharge compared to other such powers? Maybe then. But right now? I'd rather invest slots in BRAWL than waste the prerequisite power selections and slot investment for SA. Example.
  10. Basically Fire Tanks are now Fire TANKS, and not back-door Scrapper/Brutes. They can be built RIDICULOUSLY tough, with some nasty tricks for multiplying damage output.
  11. I loved the Raimi Spider-Man for what it was at the time. McGuire got the Nerdy Parker part right. But McGuire couldn't deliver *snappy* dialog (CRITICAL FOR SPIDEY) to save his soul. EVERYTHING for him is slow and mush-mouthed. Garfield's Spider-Man was better for Spidey, but played Parker too "cool". Honestly, while some people have problem with the Holland depiction of Parker/Spidey, he's actually about the best-rounded of the three. Saw Loki. Was interesting, but ultimately it was a masturbation fantasy. Didn't see WandaVision. Don't give a damn about another Captain M
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