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Homecoming Launcher Patch Notes for September 30, 2021

Number Six

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  • City Council

Version 4518



  • Add the ISRG Root X1 certificate to the hardcoded certificate store that acts as a fallback on operating systems like Windows XP and some Linux distributions that don't provide a current CA list. Previously the ISRG X2 root was included, but that only covers ECDSA certificates and did not work to verify some of the RSA certificates in our infrastructure now that the certificate authority has switched over. The old root cert expired on September 30.
  • Fix an issue where expired root certificates would be imported from the Windows certificate store and cause TLS validation failures when the wrong chain was used.
  • Add -nowincerts command line parameter to disable automatic importing of certificates from the Windows trusted root store for debugging purposes.



  • Preliminary Windows 11 support.
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  • City Council

Version 4562



  • Re-enabled some of the 4518 features that had been temporarily disabled as part of trying to fix the Mac M1 problems. Non-Intel mac users should use the 'macos' update branch for now, which has an older version of the launcher that should work on that platform.
  • Added a work queue monitoring system that will automatically add some extra debugging information to the log file in the case of a possible deadlock or queue stall. This is to help narrow down the cause of some rare instances of installs pausing at 99% complete. May also help track down the Mac M1 problem if some adventurous person who knows how to manually roll it back wants to try this build and gather the logs.
  • Made certain launcher update branches architecture-specific. This is to make it so people on a 32-bit system can't accidentally brick their launcher by trying to switch to the 'macos' branch, which only has a 64-bit launcher.
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