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  1. Told to attack a mob how? If you gave an attack order, that takes them out of Goto mode. They also have no leash at all when told to attack a specific enemy.
  2. That's the field itself. If you right-click and cancel it, the bubble should disappear.
  3. 1.66 seconds after initial activation of the power, and it's based on the position of the target after the delay -- just like a pseudopet would be. Use the same frame of mind as targeting for the kinetics heal. If your intention is to make use of the rez, the safest option is to use it on the dead player since they (probably) won't be moving. Edit: I just went and double checked and the power is actually set to center the AoE powers around the caster. That's not my understanding of the design intent, so I'm checking to see if that was intentional or if it's a mistake.
  4. Defib is a bit more complicated so that isn't the case here. The top-level power does single-target selection the at the beginning of activation, but executes two more powers on a delay: the AoE rez that affects dead friendlies and the AoE sleep/debuff that affects live enemies. Those powers themselves don't activate until the delay timer expires to sync with the animation. They had a 7' range set because they were copied from the top-level power, they should have instead had an unlimited range because the target could have moved in the meantime. Come to think of it they probably also need to be flagged to ignore LoS also just in case. Think of it almost like spawning a pseudopet that's forced to cast a power on the original target, but without the pet.
  5. If the target was moving that’s probably why. Same as the jousting issue, if the target was more than 7’ away at the time of the actual hit (keep in mind due to motion prediction and time travel mechanics in the powers system this may not sync up with what you see onscreen exactly), the secondary power would fail to go off because it was out of range. That was not fixed until today. The recovery debuff and the sleep share the same radius — they’re both part of the offensive half of the power.
  6. They should be fine to log in, the unique constraint only applies when slotting new enhancements and not to existing builds (unless / until they respec).
  7. Are you Cobalt-60? If so I found your crash report: assuming it’s the right one since the text looks very similar to the forum post. Looks like you’re actually still running the old build from before the this patch (the crash report says build 770, should be 1018). You might need to reboot and kick whatever launcher you’re using a couple of times to make sure it downloads the update.
  8. Can you try going into the tequila options and in extra command line parameters, put "-gfxreset -console" (without the quotes)?
  9. @CastleCrownServer maintenance is still ongoing (waiting for OS updates to finish). This patch is a just a small client update to fix some minor issues.
  10. The patch notes aren't entirely clear (because the shove behavior remains) but the one currently in beta lets everybody walk straight through them.
  11. This is mostly solved as in the next patch all players will be able to walk through MM pets (which also shoves them out of the way in the process). But now I'm imagining how hilarious a team of mini-bots would be... 🤔
  12. That's correct. So if you're in a team setting and you bounce if off your sentinel instead of targeting a player, it will go to pets first and eat up bounces. If you're on a team you should really be targeting a player first anyway due to the first 2 jumps getting increased values.
  13. I’m not aware of any intentional changes there but I’ll check the commit logs and see. It might have been part of the big powers reformat since that grouped up a lot of separate defense mods for each type into a single one with multiple attributes to improve server efficiency. If that’s the case then it was a stealth buff since IIRC base defense also works against untyped attacks. 😀
  14. Unless I’m missing something, isn’t that what the 10% in base defense that’s getting rolled into everything else is? What’s it look like on live?
  15. That’s correct, due to the way the costume menus are set up there’s no direct 1:1 correlation between left/right gloves and the corresponding symmetrical gloves. Some may be named the same but use completely different geos. In theory there could be two entirely different lists of parts when you switch modes. A good example is the COV era pirate hook, where the right hand is just the regular “bare” hand, so in asym mode it was removed from the list for that hand. Or Cosmic Corsair where the “symmetrical” options use a geo with an arm missing combined with an fx for the hook/peg, which is still causing some issues.
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