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  1. Oh, I have Corva's icons installed! They were part of my standard 'data' folder full of stuff from live that I copied over. Not sure I have the original distribution for it but I could zip them up easily enough.
  2. Yes, it is intended to be an influence sink. By being more convenient, players who have inf to burn are encouraged to upgrade more often than strictly necessary in order to keep the enhancements at peak efficiency. Players who don't have inf to burn can still make use if it by waiting until they are even level or yellow/red. Or buy them the old fashioned way to pinch pennies and pick and choose specific enhancements. Alternatively they can buy level 30 generic IOs which will save more in the long run but perhaps not always be as effective (but will be consistent!). Not everyone wants to deal with the AH though, even for something relatively easy, and don't care if they're paying more for the convenience. There are pros and cons to both approaches.
  3. Thanks, I'll put it on the list to take a look.
  4. Questioning is healthy, that's why we put these things out for public comment.
  5. But we do have SOs at low level. DfB drops them (and has since it was introduced). As far as the exemplar enhancement scaling, that's something that may be worth looking at, but I wouldn't expect big changes there. IIRC a big part of the scaling was to account for higher-level characters having many more slots available, not just enhancement values.
  6. The upgrade screen only saves you from having to run back and manually buy a bunch of replacements. You do still need to visit stores to fill new slots you get at those levels, unless you're a master planner and carry around full trays for 20 levels at a time. That is one advantage that generic IOs still have* -- you can buy them from just about anywhere with /ah. I almost wish Paragon had never put that in, but between that and emailable items, that ship sailed long ago. * Technically you could buy SOs off the market too, but the supply isn't really there.
  7. I don't know if it made it into this build or not, but one of the things we're planning to do is change the "vendor trash" drops from enemy defeats from TOs to DOs. Those sell for more and should hopefully help low-level characters afford DO "budget builds", while players who are into using the market and selling drops / taking advantage of merits can slot SOs or buy/craft IOs earlier. Though remember that generic IOs below level 30 don't expire but are less powerful than SOs. It's something we plan to monitor during the testing phase, and if it's still too harsh, adjust the pricing on level 5-20 DOs/SOs while leaving the higher level SOs the same.
  8. Also add: Some sort of "interact" command to talk to targeted NPCs and open doors directly in front of the player so that it can be bound to a button instead of having to use virtual mouse mode to do it.
  9. The biggest problems this change (which incidentally required very little developer time and is something that could be slipped in between larger updates) aims to address: 1. The early-game slog, which is enough of a drag that it compels many people to skip it entirely by DfB spamming or farm sitting. We're not too worried about low-level power creep since this part of the game is often not even played. 2. SOs making for a poor player experience in that leveling up during a series of missions actually makes you less effective unless you stop to go replace all your enhancements. Leveling up should always be something to look forward to, not a stressor that makes you worry your enhancements are going to break and significantly diminish your power in the middle of a mission. It's not a 100% fix, but is intended to be an incremental effort.
  10. I'm not sure it makes sense to automatically upgrade DOs to SOs. SOs have significantly greater enhancement values than DOs do, so a DO build is not going to translate well to an SO build. A character with DOs might use 2 acc / 2 dmg, and switch to 1 acc / 3 dmg for SOs.
  11. The current plan - subject to change of course - is to remove TOs from vendors entirely (except maybe one hidden away somewhere for if somebody really wants a TO for some reason) since they're mostly worthless and almost always skipped, but leave DOs available as a more affordable option at low levels.
  12. Minor correction, what you have labeled as "chain_max_targets_expression" is not specific to chain powers but is a generic parameter (MaxTargetsExpr) that can be used for any AoE power. I don't see the other advanced chain parameters but I'm assuming you're leaving those out to keep the output more readable. The rest of the new stuff (DeadOrAliveAny, etc) all looks good as far as I can tell. 😀
  13. Just deployed a new build to beta that should fix this feature.
  14. Yes, it will. I believe it will also with with the specialty SOs likes the ones from Yin’s market.
  15. IMO, this is a perfect example of what I meant when I said that the market was a "player services" market more than a goods market. One or more enterprising individuals took it upon themselves to prepare for the patch, had supplies ready to go, and as soon as it went live jumped on to roll the dice with converters and populate the market. The result is that other players who didn't want to take the time to craft/convert the new sets could almost immediately buy pre-crafted ones and slot them right away if they wanted. Making a tidy profit in the process, of course. 😉
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