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  1. Recently? It should persist across server transfers since the V2 format went live.
  2. Look in the hc-bin64 folder and delete the extraneous subfolders that somehow got created there.
  3. The cake may be fake, but the pie ain't no lie.
  4. It was part of the hotfix that was slowly rolled out over the course of yesterday evening. Should be at 100% coverage in North America now, and Reunion was restarted this morning since it only has a single map host and couldn't apply it without taking the shard down.
  5. Powers Sorcery > Arcane Bolt / Arcane Power Activating and deactivating toggles will no longer grant Arcane Power Removed the "...crackle at your fingertips" combat log message, this was mainly for testing purposes Removed the "ARCANE POWER" floating message With the VFX and yellow ring around Arcane Bolt, the added floating message was overkill as it kept triggering if you didn't make use of the proc Inherent > Walk Movement speed cap adjusted from 3.15mph to 3.25mph (to match NPC walking speed) Jump
  6. Yes, that's exactly it. You have a texture override installed that's based on the old map.
  7. Not really a launcher issue, there's a beta patch in progress but it's not fully deployed yet so there's nothing to update. I'll shut down brainstorm until it's finished so that it doesn't show as available.
  8. It was definitely called that on the live servers: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Ferry#Smuggler.27s_Ship The wiki entry was revised in early 2011 to add the Smuggler's Ship section but I don't know if it was just cleanup in the article or if it's something Paragon changed at some point.
  9. Minor bugfix update on May 18 (build 4375) Fix a bug that would cause launch profile configuration files to not be checked for updates if the launcher was run within the first 24 hours after a system reboot.
  10. Just want to double check that you're doing this the correct way. Sounds like you were originally ignoring the texture header in favor of the width/height in the embedded DDS, which is wrong, but a number of the existing public tools do it wrong that way. The right way is to use the width/height in the texture header as the authoritative size of the texture; the values in the DDS are only used for describing the storage format.
  11. It's in the abandoned sewers, you don't have to run any particular mission or arc to get the exploration badge.
  12. Version 4360 System Use embedded TLS library instead of Windows schannel. The addresses the lack of working TLS 1.2 support on Windows XP as well as certain versions of wine on Mac. Previously, update mirrors using https, as well as server status and login did not function on those platforms. Forcibly disable Direct2D initialization on Windows XP to prevent a crash. Normally such a thing is impossible because D2D was added in Vista SP2, but apparently there are ways... Bug Fixes Fix a rare crash that can be triggered by switching update branches wi
  13. The launcher is, by design, portable and self-contained. You can absolutely have multiple copies of it that won't affect each other. The easiest way to make one is to simply copy the whole directory, maybe clearing out some of the settings json files if you want. Or you can do a fresh install elsewhere, it doesn't matter, the installer doesn't do anything magical beyond copying itself into the right place. There's zero use of the windows registry and no "global" state anymore so they'll be completely independent.
  14. Version 4338 User Interface In addition to the memory cache which has always been present, add a disk cache for images used in newsfeed posts, to avoid wasting internet bandwidth redownloading them after the launcher is closed and re-opened. Use the high quality resampler to scale newsfeed images to the actual pixel size the image will be displayed at. Previously they were being resampled based on the source image DPI similar to the UI components designed for a specific size, then drawn using the OS's stretch mode, This resulted in a lower quality image, esp
  15. The only "solution" is to downgrade to windows XP, which isn't much of a solution at all. Microsoft removed DirectSound's 3D audio support in Windows Vista, both the hardware support and the software emulation.
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