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  1. It's been covered but the big pros are security, which is not even in the same league, and speed. Also the fact that it's actively maintained, unlike Tequila which has never been updated in any way during the entire life of HC, not even once. It's also far more convenient for us developers since it's fully integrated into our automatic build and deploy system. That's why beta patches will eventually be exclusive to the HC launcher where we can press 1 button and distribute to our CDN and publish to the launcher. Updating Tequila manifests is a manual process and while it's not a pr
  2. This was already fixed internally a while back. The fix will be included with Page 3 when it releases.
  3. Check where you installed the game and see if there's a 'crash' subfolder there. Inside you may find report and/or memory dump files that could be useful. Ideally those would be submitted through the crash handler since it pulls some extra information that helps with the automatic analysis, but if for some reason it's not popping up and we have to run them manually it may still give some clues.
  4. Before or after you redownloaded the launcher? If after can you pull your log file and verify it says build 4550? That's the macos-specific version that as far as I know should be working. @golias You'll also have to redownload it or use the steps I posted above to overwrite the exe; 4520 won't be able to update itself on M1 because of whatever unknown issue the Apple translation layer has.
  5. It’s almost always SG rank promotions / demotions or self-inviting an offline alt that causes this. There’s a few other relay commands that can force a character online long enough to run a command to update the character data, but they’re fairly niche situations like logging off while teammates are still on your mission map and they end up completing the mission, taskforce state changes, or a GM doing an offline move to rescue somebody who’s stuck and can’t log back in. The supergroup ranks are by far the most common. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go rant becaus
  6. Version 4562 Miscellaneous Re-enabled some of the 4518 features that had been temporarily disabled as part of trying to fix the Mac M1 problems. Non-Intel mac users should use the 'macos' update branch for now, which has an older version of the launcher that should work on that platform. Added a work queue monitoring system that will automatically add some extra debugging information to the log file in the case of a possible deadlock or queue stall. This is to help narrow down the cause of some rare instances of installs pausing at 99% complete. May also help track down
  7. @Matty091218 Try rebooting. A couple of people on discord have had similar issues, only to discover that it worked after a reboot.
  8. Apparently it wasn't the recent round of changes the caused this, but rather an overhaul of the packaging system done back in May that didn't go live until about 3 weeks ago. No issues on Windows or MacOS Intel, but something about the M1 emulation is causing it to deadlock. Until I can pin down the exact cause, I've created a third launcher code branch. In addition to the release and test branches, there's now a macos branch that is pinned to an older version of the code before that change. The file used by the Mac installer has been updated to point at this special br
  9. Confirmed, Eternal Night will be turned on only for the first and last week of the event; the middle two will have the normal day/night cycle.
  10. No real changes in 4529 and 4537; these builds contain minor tweaks related to attempting to diagnose issues with M1 CPU macs.
  11. Just published build 4529. I have no idea if it will help or not since the changes that "caused" this were so minimal and don't make any sense. But it includes a reversion of one of those* so maybe it will make Rosetta happy. Existing installs will probably have to delete the current exe and replace it again, while new installs that are stuck in "completing" may be better off just deleting it and running the installer again. * I can't revert the certificate update since that will break things for people due to the CA expiring on Sep 30.
  12. @VulnaviaPhibes Is your mac Intel or M1?
  13. Not sure if it will be fully integrated in time for the initial release or if it will come in shortly after, but once the new system is in, it will be very obvious when hard mode is active. It'll show up as a special icon below the buff bar, like the no-death and time limit challenges do. If someone starts an undeclared hard mode run without discussing it first it will be easy for people to quit before even going in the first mission.
  14. Positive magnitude but the repel vector swapped so it's target -> source instead of source -> target. Not saying anything is going to happen with Whirlpool, but if it was, it wouldn't be simple pull towards the center. It would be something like a vector that's rotated 85 degrees so they get pulled in a spiral.
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