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  1. That means you're missing the Visual C++ 2017 runtime. Most people should already have it because it's bundled with newer versions of windows and many other applications also require it. You can download it from Microsoft here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads Download and install the 'x64' version of the 2015/2017/2019 runtime to get the files required for the 64-bit client.
  2. Paragon wiki has a lot of stuff mined from the data files. There's quite a few powers that were either unfinished, no longer used, ideas that were abandoned before they ever went live, etc. Most of them really old ones rather than anything in progress before shutdown.
  3. I don't think that power was ever in game. People may be remembering Quantum Flight, the Peacebringer secondary power that gives you phase shift+fly.
  4. If you just recently created your account, it probably doesn't exist on the beta server, which has its own separate authentication. Generally we refresh that only every once in a while -- this round it was done shortly before the beta server was patched.
  5. "Trust, but verify." - Russian proverb, as quoted by Ronald Reagan
  6. Thanks, this is a known issue that I'm looking into. It is very likely PhysX related. There are a couple of PhsyX changes in this build that apparently got missed when the patch notes were being prepared. The amount of debris that is allowed to exist was increased for the Medium, High, and Very High settings. Also: When particle physics quality is set to "High" or above, mutual collision is enabled between all PhysX objects. This means that junk from Propel will stack up instead of passing through other debris, bullet casings, trash, and leaves will bounce off of and can even come to rest on it, etc. These objects also affect each other, so pushing leaves around causes other nearby objects to move (depending on their mass). It's really fun to roll a gravity controller and push the junk around to see how it all interacts now. When physics quality is set to "Very High", the simulation step resolution is increased by 50%, and the step rate is allowed to scale up to 120fps rather than being capped at 60fps. While this all seems to work fine most of the time (provided you have a spare CPU core with enough horsepower), there have been scattered occurrences of extreme frame rate drops for no apparent reason. Leaves seem to be a common cause of this, I've also experienced it with rocks left over from earth assault powers. It doesn't happen all the time, just sometimes, and when it does it completely murders your framerate. My current thinking is that we may need to scale back the increased debris limit some, or implement some form of dynamic scaling that removes objects if the scene can't be processed fast enough. I'm also probably going to disable certain collisions between small objects (for example leaf-leaf collisions or bullet casings colliding with each other), while still allowing them to interact with larger objects, though that will require some fx data changes to properly categories the items. In the meantime, the easiest way to get out of it if you run into this on beta is to set your physics quality to "Medium". The problem shouldn't occur at that level, and changing the setting instantly clears out all debris from the scene.
  7. Patch incoming in 3... 2... 😉
  8. That's fairly normal for overzealous AV. New executable, never seen anywhere before, not signed by one of the Chosen(TM) big software publishers. It's a huge problem for small, independent developers.
  9. Heh. Well, it didn't make it in, but my suggested patch note was "Ragdoll is still broken, but it's broken in new and different ways." So you'll probably still see defeated enemies in some anatomically improbable positions, even if they don't collapse into a limp pile of jello anymore.
  10. This is a common thing I see a lot, so let me just go ahead and shoot it down. The code for in-game advertising is gone. It was licensed from a third party and could not be used or even bundled with the game anymore once their agreement with DoubleFusion ended. Paragon had already removed most of it, and the SCORE team ripped out what little was left. That system is dead and it's not coming back.
  11. Jolting Chain will be an autopower on a pseudopet, so it'll probably do the calculation with 10 second period regardless of the actual summoning power. Old-style chain type powers are autopowers on pets, and they're typically spherical AoEs with a 1 target max (so they always pick the closest eligible target). I don't think area factor takes the target cap into account so it'll probably be calculated like an AoE for the extra jumps.
  12. @BopperLooks like there are a couple powers that use ExecutePower after all. Savage Leap from Savage Melee uses it to deliver the AoE Damage after teleporting to the target. This is actually a really good use of the tech - dropping a pseudopet is problematic due to the teleport, and getting it in the right place would be tricky to do without introducing a noticeable delay on the damage. Since the top-level power affects kCharacter (a single target), it has an area factor of 1.0. The area factor combining does technically happen, but results in the same area factor that the AoE would have if it were a standalone power. Feral Charge from Savage Assault works the same way.
  13. That's not in the source code. It's in the powers data, which is part of the client and can be decoded from the bin file, but I don't believe anyone has created a parser that can read the format that the i25+ powers.bin file uses.
  14. That only applies to powers with the kChain area type. That wasn't a thing prior to i25, so this does not apply to Electric Melee's Chain Induction or things like Ion Judgment, which use the old pseudopet method of chaining. The i25+ chaining doesn't require manually defining a bunch of different pets and can do things pseudopets can't like hit all the chain targets in a single combat tick. I think the only powers that currently use it are Sentinels' Refractor Beam and Chain Heal from the epic pool. It's another post-shutdown development. It was created as part of a big powers system revamp that introduced a bunch of new features intended to streamline power creation and make it easier for power designers to do cool and interesting things. However development of new powers stalled for a while after that, and the powers developers tended to use existing old-style powers as a sample template rather than experimenting with the new features. ExecutePower is an effect that allows a power designer to directly call one power from another, allowing for more flexible targeting. The primary two use cases it's designed for are: Fulcrum Shift Instead of a targeted AoE that spawns a bunch of pesuedopets (some at the target and some at the caster) which all have autopowers that deliver an AoE damage buff, then immediately die... Fulcrum Shift could be redesigned as a targeted AoE that executes AoE damage buff powers on the target and the caster, making it less complex, less resource intensive on the server, and easier to design similar powers. Tanker Gauntlet Gauntlet is a massive hack. They made every single-target tanker attack power actually a spherical AoE, but with the damage attrib having a radius override of 0. This wreaks havoc with real numbers and the streakbreaker, and things like PPM all need special-case hacks for it. It also doesn't work with cones at all; only the targets directly hit by the cone get taunted because there's no way to make the hack work in that case. With ExecutePower, Gauntlet could be redesigned as a global boost granted by an inherent, that simply adds an ExecutePower to every tanker attack. The attack powers stay single-target, but when they connect they fire off a second power that does a spherical AoE taunt (which could even have a subtle visual fx if desired). For Cones and AoEs, this actually shows off the power of this technique, because every target hit by the cone would then have a spherical region around it affected by the taunt. That's the exact circumstance in which area factors would be combined, say if you had a perfect zinger proc slotted in a cone. Neither of those were implemented, though there is a partially finished Gauntlet rework in the tree that might be resurrected at some point. The PPM code uses the ActivatePeriod of the proc rather than the power. So it always uses 10 seconds for the calculation. That actually penalizes toggles that have an ActivatePeriod longer than 10 seconds, but I don't know if any actually exist that do.
  15. I'm kind of juggling a lot of things and there's a bunch of discussion in the thread so I'm not completely clear on what's resolved and what's not. Could you or someone ask a few direct questions about the parts that are unknown or in doubt? Until then I'll type some random stuff that may or may not be helpful. Power area factors are: Single target: 1.0 Sphere: Radius * 0.15 Cone: (1 + (Radius * 0.15)) - ((Radius * 0.00036667)*(360 - Arc)) Chain: MaxTargets * 0.75 The power's area factor is adjusted by (AreaFactor * 0.75) + 0.25 before being used for PPM. The original area factor is still used for things like DoubleHit damage procs, IIRC. Area factors for executed powers accumulate multiplicatively, but I don't think there are currently in powers in the game that take advantage of kExecutePower in a way that would trigger that. There isn't any kind of system-wide internal cooldown on procs in general (outside of toggle powers, see below), but there may be one or two that have one implemented in the powers data with grantpower tricks or other methods. In toggle and auto powers the ActivatePeriod of the proc is used as an internal cooldown of sorts. I believe every proc has this set to 10 seconds in the data but can't promise there are no exceptions. After the timer is up they are eligible to proc again, though doesn't happen until the next ActivatePeriod of the power it's slotted into.
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