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Stuck in The Great Escape


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I was is Neutropolis doing the great escape event and i was doing the defeat ghouls path.  In the underground section at the first large door where you need to defeat 30 ghouls to proceed,  i got stuck inside that large door.


Clicking before 30 kills results in a 'you cannot enter' popup.  However, a low health ghoul was running away and opened that door to escape.  I tried to follow it but was still correctly denied access and was now standing inside the space that the door will occupy when closed.


The door did close on me and i was stuck.  I could still fire at the ghouls and they could still attack me but i couldnt move.  I ultimately died and failed the event and it only occured to me later to try /stuck so i dont know if that would have even freed me. 


Its not exactly something i want to try to replicate again since the event is on a 1 hour timer.  But if the ghouls could be prevented from opening the door while its locked would be great.

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