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  1. I was going to mention the tribute characters around the city but i was only aware of 2. Ill have to pay them a visit.
  2. So I meant to make this suggestion some time ago and include a mock up with a supergroup base. But it turns out im horrible at making bases so the text version will hopefully be sufficient. After Echo Plaza was introduced I saw all that space and felt it was perfect to have a Hall of Honor / Hall of Remembrance. Built in the style of Echo Plaza, and having pedestals for fallen members of the community. When I first discovered that City of heroes was back and got an account set up was just a few days before we lost GM Cyclone / Robotech Master. I saw in chat that t
  3. And the build time was reduced to 5 minutes from 10 in order to reduce the victory time from 20 minutes down to 10. I do look forward to the reworked event. It was easier for me to fill kings row with 20 people then it is to get there in less then 5 minutes. Im usually in the middle of something else when it kicks off.
  4. Id just end up going 20% over on an easy to resist damage type to 'convert' it into 20% resist on something my tank is lacking.
  5. For the council at least, i have a hard time believing that any of them have intelligence. When i run into a lvl 26 robot being the boss of a lvl 42 mission i start to question their command decisions.
  6. Probably referring to waiting for low bids to fill and selling them for profit at market price or higher.
  7. Farming generates inf that is then used by the economy. Marketeering doesnt generate inf, it just transfers existing inf around and actually removes inf from the economy when fees are included. Both are probably needed to keep the market stable-ish. When inflation occurs, prices go up and fees remove some inf from the game which reduces inflation. Its not perfect and never will be, but prices from a year ago are essentially the same as they are now.
  8. I dont roleplay, i dont plan to roleplay, but i still support this suggestion. Perhaps that last channel thats useless (that global one) can be repurposed into this.
  9. New account with a single post thats absolutely off topic on a post necro'd from over a year. Ignore it.
  10. Im for alot of the minimum FX options. Im also for individuals using existing options to solve issues. There is a suppress FX when close and its distance can be adjusted. Also lowering settings in general. If its a computer performance or medical issue, either of the options above should solve it.
  11. Seems this had alot of back and forth. I dont see the problem with having an icicle do lethal and cold damage. They get poked and cold hurts some more.
  12. Oh we have a calendar. Ill have to try and show up for some stuff.
  13. If you typo'd the global and sent it to someone else then all you can do is hope that they send it back. In the future send an email from the second account to the first and reply to that so u know its going to the right place.
  14. You can select hero/villian when creating a character if you skip the tutorial. For tutorials choose outbreak to become a hero and breakout to become a villain. Galaxy city allows you to choose hero/villain during the tutorial. Choosing Going Rogue makes you a praetorian - i recommend not doing this for your first character. Also characters can change alignment after they are created through ingame missions or an ingame npc inside pocket d.
  15. Just 1 more and 2 more slots means just 1 and 2 more set bonuses. I have characters that needed just 1 more slot for their build and im not for any additional slots. I was upset with the early nerfs that changed our super heroes into just heroes. Then sets and set bonuses were added and we could be super again with some effort. Now with incarnate abilities available to everyone its even easier. And plain old xp unlocks all of the incarnate slots. Players are plenty powerful now and if there is content coming thats difficult for +3 incarnates then i welcom
  16. This is a feature. Ninjas are so quick that they actually move the rifle to their knees and fire, then stand back up.
  17. I think some npc costume pieces remain npc only for several reasons. Sometimes they are busy doing other things and havent gotten around to it. Some costume pieces dont work like they appear to work, i think the sybil robes are a belt. Some npc are meant to keep their unique looks - tyrant for a signature npc and the freakshow for an enemy group are examples. I do expect there will be more costume pieces released in the future but i expect some pieces will always be npc exclusive.
  18. There was a suggestion some time ago to have DE do zone invasions in zones where they have a presence and croatoa was on that list. I went looking and took me awhile but there they were. Overall they are fairly well hidden in croatoa for being in plain sight.
  19. Its what the federation uses to shoot romulans.
  20. We had 2 purples drop in our eden trial. I was lucky enough to get a lvl 50 heal/absorb recipie.
  21. It doesnt happen every time to me. Ive attempted different ways to cause or prevent it from happening but havent found anything. It comes up in chat occasionally and i tell them to exit to desktop and relaunch. As its the same for everyone that every character is borked at that point and nothing ingame will fix it.
  22. Not just NPCs. I leave the area in search of the nearest bacon also.
  23. If it was something like adding stars to a player that only you could see. So not that you add it yourself but if there was an extra box in edit note that gave you like 20 characters of 'display note'. Then anyone could have whatever short title in addition to the stars that nobody else can see. I could be '2 star TheZag - dies alot' to 1 person and '5 star TheZag - uber leetsauce' to someone else. Not that i would use it, since i dont even use the note or star system. But maybe its easy enough to add in for people that would make use of it.
  24. Right click them and choose edit note. Then u can give them a rating of 1-5 stars. Several players i know use the stars to identify players since all their alts get the same star rating. Checking the note also shows their global name as well as all of their alts that you have seen. 1 star - trash attitude player, dont team with this person. 2 star - neutral team experience, would team again. 3 star - good team experience 4 star - good non SG friends 5 star - all the SG Then anyone you see with 5 stars you will know they
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