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  1. If official missions are anything similar to AE then the field for what to display when there is more then 1 thing to do and the field for when u are on the last thing are the same. Essentially a typo, but it certainly looks like a bug in that specific case.
  2. When the council replaced the 5th column back on the retail servers it pretty much felt like it was just the devs trying to move away from the nazi references. But we just got nazis from space instead of nazis from earth. Change the name, slap on a fresh coat of paint and presto, no more nazis.
  3. Its because i was there and the game breaks when im around. I got that same message when you qued up that renault.
  4. Here they are, i tried to size them down since the screenshots were huge. turns out they are still pretty big but its a closer shot then the others. the last one is hamidon's mouth without the water blocking the view.
  5. Ill try and have a character in position for some decent pictures next time. Would u like a shot of hamidons mouth from first ward as well?
  6. Ive triggered it a few times and i didnt need seers. And once the timer had counted up to over 3 hours and it still triggered the tentacle when i killed 100 PPD
  7. I was thinking of making a race to 100k topic a few days ago but general was several hundred ahead so i figured it wouldnt be much of a race.
  8. Would need to check the magnitude and duration of the dart with the green mito on weakened hamidon. Id say if 4 players using the dart can do it, then thats reasonable to expect them to do so on a team with no holds. Im not at home currently to check the numbers though.
  9. 100k posts in the general discussion forum. Congratulations everyone. Give yourselves one of them Leonardo Dicaprio wine glass memes.
  10. Im late to the jranger game and i had to fill in some of the info gaps with what i assumed to be true. I did get a chance to look at the old forums though and there was a rule put in place that said dont just reply no or jranger. I appreciate the more complete info too, thanks.
  11. @Apparition recently discovered a work around for one of the league bugs. When you cant invite people while in the instance or trial, make sure teams are full in order and the only team with open slots is the last team of the league. So if your league has 21 members and invite wont work and you have 7 people on 3 teams, fill team 1 and 2 with eight players and leave team 3 with 5 players and invite should work again. Its not ideal, especially when it leaves the last team with very few members. But its a workaround and you can move the people back after you invite.
  12. If i hit on something real it was totally by chance. It was meant to be read by the first letters vertically.
  13. Nictus invasion Extra hamidon mitos Random ambushes Fully customizable abilities Repeatable daily missions Empty inventory button Gravity control defenders Exemplar incarnate powers Negative mag knockback
  14. Or it could be possible that just being near the exit portal brings up the destination menu without clicking the portal and moving away closes it like the ferry.
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