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  1. I have recast the power before the pet expired and the result was the power went on cooldown, no new pet was summoned, and the original pet expired shortly after.
  2. The 5 ticks of fire damage should be the only one that requires fiery embrace. If the rest of the effects actually require fiery embrace, then the ability is bugged. And there is absolutely no way that a mob has 15 seconds of 'queued' movement so as not to notice that immobilize. I always notice immediate immobilize with my controller. They dont get to continue any movement.
  3. I was reffering to making the text huge and red. Text is already horribly inefficient at conveying emotion. Such an edit takes 'normal speech' and conveys yelling or anger. I wouldnt consider it a quote anymore. But for something more on topic, i dont think current content should be altered to accommodate IO sets. If more endgame content is added i would like to see some harder options. Or possibly adding a level shift for enemies under notoriety so they can be 54+4 or +6 or whatever it takes.
  4. its not really a quote if you edit the formatting and its really time to move the brute vs tanker somewhere else. this thread is supposed to be about whether or not the game should get rebalanced for IO sets - not nerf/buff tankers and brutes
  5. It should be anywhere from 1 minute to 36 hours after the ship has left the zone. The ship can be in talos and IP at the same time but not 2 in the same zone. You are likely looking at a beta server bug as i doubt they intend to implement this on the live servers.
  6. There have been several archtypes suggested previously but this looks like a closer fit to something that could exist in the game and not feel out of place. If it were to be adopted im sure the numbers would be tested and rebalanced as necessary so ill hang on to my opinions on that. Perhaps something to consider would be having less pets - possibly not the weakest 3 or strongest 1 - in favor of keeping the lower upgrade power and to leave the mastermind on top in pet count and make the 2 classes even more distinct.
  7. I can only partially agree about anatomy not being censored. I play with the filter on even though its rarely triggered mainly because i dont use vulgar speech meself. But I've had no instances of seeing someone using anatomy in anything but the vulgar sense. I also prefer to teach my kids on my schedule and not have them come to me and ask what a certain 'new' word is.
  8. After all the waves are clear, jack and eochai both spawn and run at each other for a final battle. This is the event from live. If taking on 2 giant monsters at the same time isnt something players should get involved in, im not sure what would be. I should have been more clear in my original post. The event ends with both giant monsters duking it out. You dont go elsewhere in the zone to battle them for this one. Someone in the group asked what one to kill first and I answered both. It was fun tanking them both at the same time and dropping within a few seconds of each other. Battling all the early waves could probably be just as fun too, but having to find a lvl 30 something to lead the team seems kinda the opposite of the reason why giant monsters had their lvl removed in the first place. The mini events in brickstown, st martial, and praetoria all use leveless enemies. It doesnt make the events hard, especially for a lvl 50, but at least they arent trivially easy facerolls.
  9. I finally made it to the monster war in Croatoa shortly after it started, and while it was fun, it was also slightly underwhelming. The mobs were low 30s so our group of mostly lvl 50 had no problem decimating the waves. If the encounter was the exact same but the waves were like the other zone event mobs that dont have a lvl so they are white or stronger to every player would make the entire encounter more meaningful. I would also support a way of triggering the event in a fashion similar to goliath war walker in boomtown. But with extra reward merits to be had, the cooldown should be longer as well.
  10. This is a six of one, half dozen of the other kind of thing. In the end, play how u want, just dont break the rules.
  11. I would have to check the numbers when i get home, but its the magnitude, duration and recharge of the hold that matters. A dominator in domination mode with 1 hold is doing double magnitude or 6 mag every cast cycle with only 1 animation and a recharge that isnt much longer. Even if that blaster has 3 mag on each of those holds, by the time all 3 are cast for a total of 9 mag, the dominator would be at 12 from their second cast. Throw in the fact that the dominator holds are also lasting 50% longer at their normal magnitude, the dominator is still stacking holds while the blaster is in 'maintain mode' while the holds are dropping off.
  12. I dont have the numbers in front of me but i think it takes 36 mag hold or 50 mag stun to drop the protection on a green mito. League buffed, your recharge from 2 holds should be pretty close to the animation times so you can alternate between the 2. A dominator in domination mode with control hybrid would be the most magnitude hold you can stack with one character. Theres ways to speed up the green mitos a bit more but i found out ingame that raid changes are fairly heavily resisted so ill let someone else offer up that information.
  13. I skip the single target immob. The main reasons i see that people take it for are single target damage and for not irritating your team with the AoE immob. For me there's just too many better choices through pool and epic powers to need it for single target damage and its too easy to not press my AoE immobilize or place that epic in its spot on the bar while on a team. But i haven't had anyone complain about my controller controlling the enemies either, so there's that to consider.
  14. Back on live before the fancy IOs, my defender had a range SO in tentacles to make it about the same range as (nightfall?) The other cone AoE one.
  15. Go with beam rifle and trick arrow but dont use the 'no redraw' animation option and alternate between primary and secondary abilities. Name it Corpse Blaster
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