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  1. I feel like the taskforce completion reward is bugged too. At the same time as the flyer fix, the end reward should increased by 6 merits 😁 *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  2. And i said i was onboard with the grandmaster idea. That portion on the response was to the other idea of an additional badge for soloing the TF at max difficulty
  3. Let the people use their powers. With how this is generally the best and most welcoming community of any game i have ever played, its near the bottom when it comes to power shaming. I see taskforces forming all the time - all blaster, all controller, all melee. You can make your own team - no knockback, no imobilize. Join a special rules team when you want special rules. But if you join a random team with random players, its going to be random.
  4. I really want to make a stone armor character since its changes and the addition of combat teleport but i dont want to look like that awful DE quarry clone. Maybe ill just make it and shelve him until the day that granite armor can be customized
  5. Someone will probably say you can do that with a superbase. But i dont have a personal base and wouldnt put all my alts in it even if i did. Increasing the influence cap would require some amount of code rework since that value is actually a program limitation. But i wouldnt increase the cap but have an account bound salvage that buys/sells for 500 million. I would like an account vault so i dont have to keep so many emails to accomplish almost the same thing. And it would be easier to access my ambrosia to sneak them into peoples pockets during raids.
  6. Id say you dodged a bullet there. In those types of hunts, if you kill them inside another door mission, its possible to not have a door to go to at all or the nav marker at a door that doesnt work. I guess killing them on the other side of the fence just barely works.
  7. I buy the signature summon for manticore just so he can die more, so maybe this is a feature added with me in mind. And a dev out there somewhere, spying on my chat 🤔
  8. All badges are intended to be obtainable by every AT and power combo, and its just not going to ever be intended that everyone 'could' complete each TF at +4x8. Perhaps some other increased rewards but not a badge. I am on board with the grandmaster idea though.
  9. Im for this idea. Might want to merge the threads though.
  10. I tried to join a redside dfb once and it didnt work out. I messaged 'ill go. Let me come red real quick' they say ok and i go to mercy island and message them and nothing. They kept asking in lfg and i saw where they were standing so i went over and said im here, and nothing. I think they went with 5, i saw them disappear. If you're interested @Apparition , the SG im in hosts the abyss hamidon on saturday on Torchbearer and many of the members stay fairly exclusively redside. I cant guarantee constant redside groups but i can invite you to the channel if they havent got u a
  11. Suits me for not checking my character. CopyrightinfringementMan i had to shorten to CopyrightinfrgmntMan and it fit exactly.
  12. 22 characters there. I believe the limit is 21. Try Discombobulationatize. I tend to get some rubber banding when the camera points towards a gap in the terrain even when i dont see it. As the game tries to load everything that is now 'in line of sight', ill get a significant drop in framerate and the game says 'oh by the way, you were back there a few feet'.
  13. If im understanding correctly, the amounts of drops stays the same as the team size increases and the drops are distributed randomly to team members. So the larger the team, the less items you will get. And on the 48 man raid when you see 2 people link the purple they got, those were the only 2 drops for the whole raid - not that 45 others didnt link theirs and you got left out.
  14. My bad, i was alot younger then and i honestly thought i was helping. I never did it again after that. I would like to see increased rewards when using the challenge settings if only to encourage players to use them more. There is some interest but not many players jump at the chance of a taskforce taking twice as long on hard mode for the same reward.
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