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  1. Seems very similar to an employer not telling a customer if the employee they complained about got punished or not. If they did reveal punishments, you can be sure that many of those that filed the original complaints would complain again that the punishments werent harsh enough or didnt satisfy them.
  2. I wonder if its related at all to when we had several thousand 'guests' come to the website in a small window of time. Still have alot more guests now then before that event. Is there a website 'restart button' ? Be able to clear out everyone for 1 minute and the actual humans can log back on.
  3. Im in the process of leveling a character with maximum knockback in mind. Ill probably end up making some all knockback TFs. I cant think of a better time then having all the mobs dangling from the scenery.
  4. I almost tried to get apparition to come to a zone MSR once, but then i didnt.
  5. I thought i read somewhere that going forward, no new scrapper secondaries will have a taunt aura so start to think of it as a tank/brute thing or plan to only use the sets that already have it.
  6. Pretty sure i have avast but never had this problem. Ill have to check when i get home.
  7. While im still against an insta 50, i could maybe tolerate the idea if it were purchasable with a non tradeable currency such as reward merits or emp merits and was expensive enough to not be used very often like 5k reward merits. The player would have to make a choice how to spend their currency instead of just farm a few billion inf. But even with all that, im still against an insta 50.
  8. Toss in show how many are qued and getting 'willing to join in progress events' to work. Plenty of times that the instanced MSR or itrial has room and missed someone in lfg saying they would come.
  9. Part of the reason why homecoming has the largest playerbase is because they are trying to maintain an as close to live experience as possible. A level 50 token at any price probably wouldnt be in line with maintaining the experience while moving forward. Should it ever be implemented, i would be concerned that the next announcement would be discontinuation of further development.
  10. Im *looks both ways*....'familiar' with whats outside of most zones. So brickstown not having a backdrop threw me off guard. The hive has a compass but the one in atlas either got moved or removed for those in zone interior missions to have a spot. Theres alot of sloppiness out there but it cant be seen most of the time. This particular one was very visible.
  11. Echo plaza access through pocket D. Its new and primary purpose is to run official events so there are no mobs there. Although the GMs spawned in a AV/GM army after the anniversary costume contest. I didnt get a chance to make it to any other events there yet.
  12. How did you survive with ONLY 10 ENHANCEMENT SLOTS?
  13. I wouldnt consider it a bug. But it certainly could 'bug' someone that is a completionist. This may be better served over in the request forum.
  14. Transparencies disappear when viewed through other transparencies.
  15. My best guess is if you are running a map mod. Delete it or update if there is one.
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