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We’ve made a website that helps facilitate sharing and discovery of Mids Reborn builds. The idea is that it should be easier to find a build given a set of criterias than it is on this forum.

Everyone can search for a build and download it. 
If you sign up on the site, you get the added options of uploading your own builds and to vote for builds already on the site.

When you upload a Mids file, we do some magic to extract the powers and enhancements from it, so all you need to do is add a title and description for your build.

On our front page we have a “Top 5 most downloaded” list for each archetype.





How to search
So you’re looking for a new controller build? Head right over and click Builds -> Search and in Archetype select Controller, easy as that!




Now what if you want to get more fancy and want a build with Bio Armor as the secondary set, but you’re not quite sure if you want a scrapper, stalker, brute or sentinel? Not a problem, you can select a power in the Secondary powerset and it’ll list all archetypes with that powerset (and you can select archetype again to e.g. only show stalkers with Bio Armor).



Of the more exotic features, we also have tags for a build, like “Speed running” or “Fire farming” that can be searched for.
It’s also possible to search for a specific power. Say you want a build with Fold Space, just type it into Required Power. This search method supports multiple powers too.




How to upload
Got a build you want to contribute? 
First off you’ll need an account on the page, just hit register, fill out the form. Once you create the account a verification mail will be sent, you need to open this and click the link for the account to be active, all normal signup stuff.

Once you’re done with registration, go to Builds -> Upload. You need to put a title of your build, select a Mids Reborn file (we currently don’t support builds created with /buildsave) and give it a description. Please also note that you can put in pictures like the example below.




If you find any bugs or has suggestions for how we can improve the site. Either message me ingame @Procat or on discord at Procat#3599.

I hope you all like the site and helps expand the collection of builds we have over there.

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