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Titan Weapon / Willpower Brute


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I'd like to recommend people try out this combination of powersets if they haven't already. Titan Weapon's main weaknesses seem to be recharge, accuracy (since each attack has a longer recharge, each one needs to count for more), and endurance cost. Willpower seems to work pretty well for resisting status effects and features a lot of ways to boost recovery and regeneration. Brute's archetype ability is to boost attack rate, which I believe helps compensate for the recharge time on TW moves. These things combined make for a pretty powerful character.


Summary: As long as a fight is finished quickly, I've been able to do a lot of burst damage on a large number of enemies. This powerset is weak against Dark moves and anything that debuffs accuracy or saps endurance. As long as stuff gets knocked down quick enough, you don't take much damage.

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