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having problems picks between 2 mains and 3 2ndarys


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so mains are 

1) thermal

2) sonic


both do alot for a teams even at end game since most people aim for def soft caps and res is lacking. one offers -res all the time while other well make EB and AV melt.



2ndarys are





sonic i know will drop res easly. rad my SG mat swears by so giving it a chance and dark would add -tohit to make up for the lack of def i add..




I 90% of the time team. thanks to an active SG that always leveling new toon. only time i solo is when im on at a weird time cause i cant sleep(like now) 


i can make any combo work for looks. just may end up spending a few hours making my toon.




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i ended up building 2 therm toons im happy with. after talking to some people ingame in my SG and in the TF i was runing. therm seems way more preferred over sonic.(with some TF expectations)  


now its down to one of these 2. 


so its down to


thermal/sonic. towns of - res.


or therm/dark add "def" to team


ill admit i dont know what key powers are for ether 2ndary so i took a shot at what would help a team. tryed to aim for S/L def  out side of my nukes dont realy plan on going into melee and there no resion i should be getting shot at if im not being a moron.

1thermsonicskizo.mxd 1thermdarkskizo.mxd

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I think you will like /sonic blast better. With a primary that has more control, like dark miasma or radiation emission, dark blast secondary effects synergize well. The -res will make spawns melt faster so you will need less accuracy and defense check. Additionally, you can top off your teams health with a quick heal aoe for anything that is unresisted by the shields.

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