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So when I run the Freakish Lab of Dr. Vaz as a rogue I don't seem to spawn any Immature Paragon Protectors.
I've ran the story arc twice through Ouro and haven't spawned any.
Are they on the crey mission where you defeat Hopkins and click those glowies in the final room?
Do I have to be at -1 and x8 or can I do -1 and 1?

Thanks for any help!

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Weird.  The wiki says it's a villain mission and you said you're a rogue.  I soloed it as a rogue, set to team size of six, and got about 45 of them.


My only guess would be that there is some specific condition that triggers them and you somehow bypassed it?  I haven't run this recently, so hopefully someone who has run it lately will check in with further observations.

I used to hail from Infinity.  Mainly on Everlasting, now.

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