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  1. Interesting. I don't stop playing an alt until they hit 50. Ever. I had ONE character that I decided had a wrong powerset so I re-rolled at 20, then took him to 50. I took every AT to 50 back on live. I also took every tank armor set to 50 at least once. I had a total of 37 level 50's and five characters on their way. At the moment, I have 18 characters with 12 of them being level 50.
  2. Well, that's annoying. I had a PDF version of the Issue 25 changes from before the Homecoming wiki was set up and that's not on the list. And the Issue 25 summary here on the forums doesn't have it and it also links to the same document I already had. Grrrr......
  3. So, I went through the chore of getting 400 reputation in PvP in order to get the Disruptor badge and the Longbow Warden 2 Gladiator badge. I got the Disruptor badge along the way, since it seems it now awards for 50 PvP kills. I noticed I had gotten a badge, but it couldn't be the one I was after because it came with the Longbow Defender Gladiator badge. Well, I got to 400 reputation and nothing happened. So I used Google and found a random discussion where one person said the Disruptor requirement had been reduced AND the accompanying gladiator badge was RENAMED. Was this documented anywhere? Because afterward, I went and read EVERY set of patch notes, plus the Issue 25 patch notes and the old ones on ParagonWiki. I could not find this documented anywhere. So, either I missed it or it got overlooked. If the latter, that really sucks because of how long it takes to get this one. Tagging @The Curator so that, if this didn't get documented, it gets done now so no one else has to put up with the tedium I just went through.
  4. Why do we have announcements on every channel for a MONTHLY event when we don't do that for DAILY events? I think you have answered your own question.
  5. No. And you don't need a guide. As someone pointed out, a lot of people will say to shoot for 45% defense. Unless I'm building a character that starts with significant defense, I don't pay any attention to defense at all. Some people feel you need Hasten on every character. I have it on TWO (and I have 12 level 50's). What you really, REALLY don't need is someone else telling you how to build your characters. Build them however you want. If you find problems with it, you can respec, start over, whatever. If you use someone else's build (or their guidance), you're building for the way THEY play. Learn on your own how the characters and powersets FEEL and you'll know what YOU should build for. Having said that, it's fair to say that some powersets come with caveats. For example, a Dark Armor character is probably going to run A LOT of toggles. You'll need to consider how to mitigate that (i.e. extra Recovery). A Dominator is much better if you can achieve perma-Domination - it's their key power. So it's a good idea to read some general commentary about the powers you're considering, but you really don't want someone else's blueprint.
  6. Well, a base salvage rack has a capacity of 100 items. You get 3 converters per reward merit. My main hit the merit cap of 10,000 a while ago so I use him to buy all the purples/ATOs my other characters need. Someone pointed out to me that it's more cost-effective to get converters, sell them and buy the enhancements. To me, that just adds more steps to the process and it's clear that I'm never going to run out of merits.
  7. When you're doing team content where Clarion is actually needed, it's a safe bet that other people will also be using it. Therefore, go into the combat monitor and set it to display a relevant status protection. The only thing I do where it's really important is the Underground iTrial so I monitor protection against Confusion so I can see when it's needed.
  8. Back in the early days when the game was 'live' and I was poor, I built my empathy defender with IO sets across a range of levels. That way I would have at least some set bonuses down as far as level 20. When I recreated him on Homecoming, I put in PvP sets and purples. I would say your first step is to use as many purple, PvP and ATO sets as make sense in the build. These have the dual advantage of keeping their set bonuses no matter how low you exemp AND having better-than-average set bonuses. I'm guessing the reason some of your bonuses disappear when you think you should have them is because you are exemping below the minimum level of that set. If you have level 50 IO's and attune them, they will remain effective and give their bonuses when you exemp UNTIL you get below the minimum level. If the set only exists in the 30-50 range and you exemp to 25, you lose the bonuses. They will still enhance your powers (scaled down appropriately) but the bonuses go poof.
  9. This is completely wrong, as the next post I have quoted indicates. The fee keeps the market more liquid by preventing sellers from trying to extract the maximum possible value from each sale. The fee existed from day one of the AH for this very reason and the reason is still applicable today.
  10. You don't specifically mention if you have the Patroller badge on the new alt. It's certainly possible to reach that level without Patroller as I was on one of my tanks the other day who did not have the badge yet at level 27. (Just logged in to check - level 27 and only 90% progress on Patroller.) Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. My characters have always gotten the Rapid Response Member badge at the same time the second Day Job badge (Patroller or Monitor Duty) is awarded.
  11. On the other hand, no justification is NEEDED. They can do whatever they want as long as they're not breaking any rules.
  12. Pretty sure you only need to be level 47 for the HO - i.e. the level at which you can slot a Hamidon enhancement.
  13. Only as easy as you want it to be. This is actually a FEATURE - a good thing. A new player who has no idea what they're doing could get stomped and lose interest in the game. It SHOULD start off easy. Experienced players already know how they can make it more difficult if they want.
  14. What I think is that you are mistaken about U.S. intellectual property laws. You say you created a character with the name and 'vaguely' similar costume of an existing character. That crosses the line. That makes it a copy, rather than a tribute. A vaguely similar costume with a name like Mastodon or Tusker might have been okay (really depends on how similar the costume is). You could create someone named Mammoth who is huge and wearing a business suit or pretty much anything that DOESN'T resemble the costume of the existing character. Just like you could create a character named Thor based on the original Norse version, giving him red hair and dressed in furs rather than a fancy costume with a red cape. P.S. Having said all that, that is what the law says. The staff of the Homecoming server have the right to be more restrictive if they choose. But they can't be less restrictive.
  15. Well, the Posi TF GIVES you a jet pack. And if you know that's going to be your only jet pack, one hour of flight can last you to level 50.
  16. Yeah, pretty much. I took an invuln/staff tank to 50 back in the day and this wasn't something I kept adjusting.
  17. This is precisely why I never stored money in the auction house. Back when the game was live, I maintained a spreadsheet so I could see which characters were not already at the inf cap and had room to hold more. Also, I created a one-man SG with storage full of purples and PvP recipes. Those systems were known quantities. Even when it's working right, the market is still wonky.
  18. I'm wondering who thought it was impossible or impractical. First, there was no aggro cap, then it was a specific number. OBVIOUSLY that number appears somewhere in the code. That's how computers work.
  19. I can't agree here. I think that calling any AT useless is such an extreme position that we can consider it WRONG and not merely a matter of opinion. One could argue about which AT is the best at something. One could argue about whether any AT is actually needed. But to say that any AT is literally useless, i.e. adding zero value, is right out.
  20. And don't forget the set bonuses that increase your total END.
  21. Well, technically, you probably do have it but with zero charges so it's like it's not there. As Voltor noted, first you have to get the RRM accolade, THEN you can start accumulating charges on it.
  22. And maybe even kvetching. 🙂 Well, yeah, but there's a badge for blowing 50 million inf at the tailor - Fashion Victim.
  23. You might want to scroll way down on the forums front page, to the 'Reconnect' section, and post in a thread for whatever your main server was back in the day. That may give a better chance of finding old friends.
  24. Ah yes, the good old days. I remember taking Hover and Recall to get myself and my team across the Hollows - because there was no other travel option at that level.
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