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  1. It was 10 weeks ago and coming around again 3 weeks from now. I compiled all the WST info into an Excel spreadsheet that automatically checks the date to tell me what's the current one. (Go ahead. Yell 'Nerd!")
  2. I have a dual pistols / devices. He's tech origin, vet level 12 and fully incarnate. The two sets seemed made for each other and I was excited about planting mines. The mines did not disappoint. 🙂
  3. Tell us again how you're not going to quote any sources or provide any evidence. We missed it the first three times. Ever hear the saying, "Assertions made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."? At this point, you should probably just go quietly. None of you are looking good in this argument.
  4. I would point out that a good team is even better with the Leadership toggles. And I disagree on the second point. I think a lot of teams that would benefit suffer from being underpowered or too low level for something. I see no reason to think that a team that could benefit is more likely to be scattered than any other team. Especially with all the complaint threads we've been seeing about high-powered characters joining a team and then soloing content.
  5. The vendor in Pocket D will talk (and sell) to you while you're on a task force or trial. I have someone soloing Synapse currently and just logged in to confirm this.
  6. Your entire argument is invalid in this particular context. If we "assume everyone is a casual", then they aren't going to be summoning the optional monster for a badge. This isn't bad game design at all, because the potential "slog" is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. And if someone is determined to summon, and defeat, the monster for the badge - why, they must be one of those non-casual players and they should know about the envenomed daggers.
  7. Look on the bright side. If you don't already have all the badges for influence earned, damage taken and damage dealt - you're simultaneously working on those.
  8. Yeah, sometimes you can find an Alpha power that's a no-brainer. Ironblade is broadsword/regen. His Alpha is Spiritual, which gives +healing and +recharge. The recharge helps BS, since it's the slowest recharge set. And both effects boost several of the regen powers. All his self heals are over 125% buff on both heal and recharge and that's NOT counting set bonuses for either (he has a bunch of +HP and over 50% global recharge).
  9. And anyone can buy Envenomed Daggers from the vendor. One person spamming those makes a real difference on low level content when people don't have their 'good powers' yet.
  10. Not really. I did this recently and spread it out over a couple weeks. It gets tedious since the stories are all so similar.
  11. They're dirt cheap. I bought them all on one character so I could see them up close.
  12. Ironblade

    Womp Womp

    Weird. The wiki says it's a villain mission and you said you're a rogue. I soloed it as a rogue, set to team size of six, and got about 45 of them. My only guess would be that there is some specific condition that triggers them and you somehow bypassed it? I haven't run this recently, so hopefully someone who has run it lately will check in with further observations.
  13. Yeah, but he's just a huge bag of hit points that hits like a wet noodle. And there's no time limit on this guy.
  14. 1. When did you started playing CoX? Was it before or after the game shut down? Tell me a little about how you met the game. I started playing in May 2005. This was about 11-1/2 months after the game started. My brother discovered the game and he and his wife started playing and told me about it. 2. Have you played the game before the shut down in 2012? If the answer is yes, tell me about how you feel about the game’s “Death”. What was that experience like? At the time the shutdown was announced, this was the only MMO I had ever played. For a good portion of the game,
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