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  1. Yeah, from the description that doesn't really seem like a great solution. I guess I'll have to try it and see how it plays out.
  2. I haven't done any Hami raids since Homecoming came around, but I did every role (except raid leader) in the various raid formats on live. Currently, my only 50 is a scrapper. Since I want to get back into raids, what would be most useful for me to level up? Hopefully it's either empathy defender or tank, since I'd like to level those guys anyway. 🙂
  3. This is definitely an issue. If it was a zone with no missions or task force, the cap might be fine. But the RWZ is what it is so the cap needs to be higher.
  4. So by "right this second", you mean the bug that has been in place since *MAY*. And yes, 400 merits in an hour is completely broken. The correct comparison is not AE farming. The correct comparison is the stated time/reward rate where an average player/team will pull in about 1 merit per 3 minutes (or 3-1/2).
  5. So far, every character I have made has been one of my previous characters. I've been picking out the most fun and/or useful ones and systematically recreating them.
  6. Which is why the change was absolutely required. It was either reinstate the zone cap or nerf the hell out of the reward. The target reward metric, if I recall correctly, is 1 merit per 3-1/2 minutes of effort - based on average performance. So a super-team can blaze through an ITF in 10 minutes while an average team takes.... whatever, an hour? This is why the Dr Q task force rewards like 120 merits. On average, it's a tedious slog.
  7. I have an opinion. This is a guy who has dedicated YEARS of his life to this game without compensation and has now been asked to "step away". This concerns me.
  8. Yes, it's just you. 😛 I had every character build recorded in Excel, including slotting and IO sets. When the shutdown was announced, Titan Network created a tool to export character data to an XML file. I used it on every character 'just in case'. Well, now that the game is back, they created a tool that lets you extract the costume data from the XML files and save it in CoH costume file format.
  9. Week starting October 28th for that one.
  10. I do have a question. What server will this be on?
  11. I agree the threads are easier but I used up almost all of my threads getting all three level shifts ASAP. I wanted to get my Alpha slot to T4 for the recharge boost and I was only 2 shards short. And Rocketeur explained why you're not getting Vanguard merits. Until you do the arc and get that badge, I think the odds of a Rikti dropping a merit is similar to the odds of dropping an enhancement, i.e. very low. After you get the badge, it's much higher odds and it's 2 for a lieutenant and 3 for a boss. During a mothership raid, every Rikti is guaranteed to drop 1 or more Vanguard merits (based on their rank).
  12. There's time. When the game was live, I took every AT to level 50, every controller primary to 50, every tank primary to 50. Nowadays, I have one 50 so far.
  13. There are 15 archetypes to choose from. You must play all of them eventually. 🙂
  14. Also, if you're just short a couple of incarnate shards, you can buy G'rai Matter incarnate component for 150 V-merits. It's needed for some powers or can be converted to 1 incarnate shard. I've already got the Vanguard Heavy, the increased storage, and a couple thousands V-merits left over. But I was two shards short for a component to get one of my slots to tier 4.
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