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  1. Incentive? It used to be than an SG based a group effort and it took a lot of effort to get a nice one. Back on live, I ran a coalition of three SG's (because one couldn't hold enough characters). We had our own global channel. We had scheduled events and I ran a TF every Saturday with open sign-up on the forums. I've recreated our base and we currently have 5 players. So, it's a start.
  2. I only ever had two characters with perma Hasten. 1) My mind dom since every scrap of recharge let him stack that much more hold on AV's. 2) My earth/rad troller because Accelerate Metabolism made it easy.
  3. If you do stay on Everlasting, I would suggesting joining the global channel: Everlasting TFs If you move to another server, I would ask in the forum section for that server to find out the main channel(s) for teaming other than 'Looking For Group' which is in your chat tab by default.
  4. Yeah, you and the rest of us. This was one of those things where the player base said, "Really? What were you thinking?"
  5. Well, DougGraves' response "Because if you wait until a lot of people have died it is too late. " is correct. But there's also another response - because our current administration is incompetent and useless. If we had gotten testing set up fast (like South Korea) did, we could have handled this without wrecking the economy (like South Korea did). SK has tested a greater percentage of their population than any other country. With the knowledge that gave them, they could selectively close businesses where an outbreak originated, quickly clear people who might have been exposed, etc. They could use precise methods instead of "OMG SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE STATE!!!"
  6. My fire/fire brute had Air Superiority back on live. It let me juggle a couple of the tougher opponents and reduce their damage output while my aura burned down the minions. He took it at level 20 and I only recently remade him so he hasn't gotten there yet.
  7. Yeah, I know it's not fun. I was Warehouse Manager at a distribution center selling specialty steel strip. I loaded and unloaded most of the trucks. The drivers didn't like our facility. The building and parking lot were laid out when everyone used 48' trailers. When 53' footers came along, it make backing up to our dock a bit challenging. It was all about driver skill. I watched one guy with a 53' foot trailer and full sleeper cab line it up perfectly on the first try. It literally took him about 45 seconds to back up to the dock. And I watched guys spend 40 minutes at it. Anyway, answering the OP, I am lucky enough to have retired early so I get to do whatever I want all day. 🙂
  8. Bit of a silly statement. They're not trying to control you. They just have rules about what you can and can not do on the servers they run. Break the rules severely enough and they prevent you from playing on their servers. You don't get to choose whether or not they enforce their rules on their server. Full stop.
  9. Either misunderstood or simply ignored what I actually said. In my first post in this thread, I said, " Regarding Sands of Mu, I can't support buffing it. I think it's already a fantastic power. "
  10. For reals, or American Truck Simulator?
  11. So that would be 100% of the time? 😉
  12. Okay, seems to follow the same scheduled as task forces - halving each time. Maybe I'll start taking the emp merits. I just got the second Cytoskeleton Exposure my invuln tank needed.
  13. Obviously you misunderstood me. I never build any character around Sands of Mu and most don't use it. On characters that have few attacks (either because of build decisions or they're exemped to very low level), it can be useful. And I don't add global accuracy or to hit in order to use Sands of Mu. I use Sands of Mu on characters that have boosted acc or to hit already.
  14. I have another question. So far, I've been taking the merit reward once and the HO once from the two raids. (I have many Emp merits.) On the second run, the reward merits are still an option. What is the diminishing return rate on the reward merits? Is it cut in half?
  15. I think they also nerfed Trapdoor with his "bifurcate and start to regen" effect. My stone/stone tank soloed him just fine (did not need Granite, nor did I use Hasten). I brought along help mainly for the minotaur since he's a big bag of hit points. I agree that, once upon a time, Trapdoor was REALLY hard. He was challenging even to my scrapper back on live. Nowadays, not so much.
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