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  1. It did not count any part of the 20. As for the second question, it did not occur to me to check that. I can do that easily enough. I run part 1 at least half a dozen times per week.
  2. Yep. Look around and most people you see aren't even in SG's.
  3. And now I have data on this from doing the Abandoned Sewer Trial last night. As I expected, based on the size of the discrepancy between the terminal and my actual merits: the terminal counted the 29 base merits and did NOT count the 29 bonus merits for it being the weekly.
  4. I can speak to the soloing aspect. You can absolutely take other pools and be effective soloing. As for farming, I dunno. I farm so little I can't really address 'best practices' and 'best builds'.
  5. (shrug) I have exactly one character with Black Scorpion as patron and one with Ghost Widow. I also have: - one blaster with Munitions Mastery - one scrapper with Body Mastery - one controller with Stone Mastery - one defender with Power Mastery - one corrupter with Dark Mastery And I have a tank planning to take Arctic Mastery. My other tanks (three), my other corr and my other defender took no Ancillary/Patron pools. Variety is good and I am indulging in it.
  6. Well, it *IS* a mission arc, but I think it's not counting because instead of an automatic reward, it brings up a reward choice window - exactly like a Hami raid which also did NOT count on the info terminal.
  7. It has not been my personal experience that prices have gone up. To be fair, I NORMALLY place bids and expect to wait a day or two for them to fill. Maybe the price for impatient people has gone up. I can't say. Basic economic principles apply in games just as they do in real life. The conditions and parameters are different, but the principles still apply. Price caps are never sound policy. Price caps simply lead to shortages.
  8. Did I say weeks? I obviously meant hours. I just did several flashback arcs and the merits for each counted. (Apparently, now that they no longer track server-wide stats, the kiosks update immediately.) In the process, I earned the Aftershock badge for completing all arcs in Faultline. That awarded 20 merits which did NOT count. I expected that, since the kiosk says those are mission stats. I then did a Signature Story Arc for 20 merits and none of that counted. I did not expect that, since the SSA are clearly 'missions'. I'll have to do a WST TF and see what that does. Edit: Additional data - just did a Hamidon raid and it did NOT count. Possible pattern here - the Hami raid and the Signature Story Arc both have a reward choice window and neither was counted by the kiosks.
  9. Derp. I'm stupid. I also did respec trials. That's where I would have gotten the respecs. Still not sure about the tailor coupons.
  10. OMG, I was doing Penny Yin's arc in Faultline and I had to hunt down one of the Lost named Muxley. When I found him, he said: [NPC] Muxley: Rackin' frackin' rausey-rakin'! Classic cartoon curses. I think his name comes from Muttley, Dick Dastardly's sidekick (who didn't talk; he just snickered).
  11. I don't think so. I don't have a version of that shot with characters names, but here are two with MsCats and names. She is Mud.Bug and Scrappy Brat.
  12. If that had been the reason for disabling the double influence, yes, it would have been stupid. But, since it wasn't, your comment is meaningless.
  13. On my tanks. I'll monitor either resists or defenses (or both on invuln and willpower). On a character I routinely use for stealthing missions, I'll monitor PvE Stealth Radius. For the Underground iTrial, I'll monitor Confuse Protection. On Ironblade, I monitor Melee Defense because I enjoy seeing how much I can stack from Parry. That's about it. Many characters don't monitor anything.
  14. I'm pretty sure you get a free respec and free tailor coupon every 10 levels. Although my main character has 9 of each and I've only done the cape mission so I'm not sure where I got the extra three.
  15. Based on my numbers, that doesn't seem possible. I do VAST numbers of TFs vs very few missions or flashbacks. My badge progress says I have done just 15 flashbacks. Back on live, I had a spreadsheet page tracking merits on Ironblade (earned 11,112 total, FYI). I may start doing that again to see exactly what the kiosk is tracking. Edit: I just set up the spreadsheet with separate columns for mission, TF, TF bonus, SSA, SSA bonus, flashback. In a few weeks, I should be able to draw some conclusions.
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