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  1. Well, the Posi TF GIVES you a jet pack. And if you know that's going to be your only jet pack, one hour of flight can last you to level 50.
  2. Yeah, pretty much. I took an invuln/staff tank to 50 back in the day and this wasn't something I kept adjusting.
  3. This is precisely why I never stored money in the auction house. Back when the game was live, I maintained a spreadsheet so I could see which characters were not already at the inf cap and had room to hold more. Also, I created a one-man SG with storage full of purples and PvP recipes. Those systems were known quantities. Even when it's working right, the market is still wonky.
  4. I'm wondering who thought it was impossible or impractical. First, there was no aggro cap, then it was a specific number. OBVIOUSLY that number appears somewhere in the code. That's how computers work.
  5. I can't agree here. I think that calling any AT useless is such an extreme position that we can consider it WRONG and not merely a matter of opinion. One could argue about which AT is the best at something. One could argue about whether any AT is actually needed. But to say that any AT is literally useless, i.e. adding zero value, is right out.
  6. And don't forget the set bonuses that increase your total END.
  7. Well, technically, you probably do have it but with zero charges so it's like it's not there. As Voltor noted, first you have to get the RRM accolade, THEN you can start accumulating charges on it.
  8. And maybe even kvetching. 🙂 Well, yeah, but there's a badge for blowing 50 million inf at the tailor - Fashion Victim.
  9. You might want to scroll way down on the forums front page, to the 'Reconnect' section, and post in a thread for whatever your main server was back in the day. That may give a better chance of finding old friends.
  10. Ah yes, the good old days. I remember taking Hover and Recall to get myself and my team across the Hollows - because there was no other travel option at that level.
  11. I'll be blunt. Some people are clueless and full of opinions. It sounds like you ran into the CoH equivalent of a political 'pundit'. Realistically, though, it sounds like you ran into someone who either doesn't like tanks or doesn't know how to play them well. Tanks absolutely bring value to a team. And I will make a flat-out factual statement that, for SOME end-game content, having a tank is better than having some other AT substitute for one. There is almost no situation where you REQUIRE a tank. There are many situations where you are better off having one.
  12. Basically, there are no "DO levels" any more. You can buy SO's from the Hero Corps vendors in Atlas Park starting at level 5.
  13. You don't even need to build your own. Every shard has multiple 'transport bases' and you can look up their codes here on the forums in each shard section.
  14. And they're not even role-playing being an asshole. 🙂 I wonder if Captain Mediocre is taken. I just logged in and checked. It's taken.
  15. Yeah, but that greeting, "Greetings, mortals." That's role-playing an asshole. It's like someone with a 200 IQ arriving at a party and saying, "Greetings, stupid ones." Or a multi-millionaire showing up and saying, "Howdy, poor people!"
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