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  1. Good job getting this implemented before Safe Mode goes bye-bye. As you're aware, there is a 'non trivial' amount of concern about that.
  2. Tanks were always my favorite AT. Back on live, I took every tank primary to 50 at least once and invuln three times (energy melee, dark melee and staff).
  3. Not in my opinion. I took both an invuln/staff tank and a SR/street tank to 50.
  4. And this is the reason (before we had invention IO's) I had 6 slots in Taunt on my Hami tank. A random griefer wasn't likely to spend extra slots on Taunt whereas it made perfect sense for a Hami-specific build. Having said that, some of my tanks have 6 slots in Taunt right now for awesome set bonuses.
  5. Except they're not, and never were, our 'superiors'. We didn't work for them. We were engaging in a business transaction with them. And, if they expect their customers WORLDWIDE to adhere to the traditions of THEIR culture, well, then they're just incompetent idiots. Executives at multinational companies tend not to be completely oblivious.
  6. The only 'oddity' to me is that some of the chapters are pretty easy for most AT's, then you hit a chapter that will grind you into the dirt unless you're on a tough character.
  7. My mind boggles. Back on live, I took every archetype to level 50 simply because they existed. I don't see alts as being inconsistent with getting to 50. I think it gets boring playing the same character day after day. Also, sometimes a particular AT would be more helpful to a team. I typically had 5-6 active characters at a given time. When one of them hit 50, I'd start thinking about what AT/powersets to play next. The key here to have a limited number of alts, but making sure they cover a wide variety of play styles.
  8. Yes. According to ParagonWiki the final part (#5) was on the beta server at the time of shutdown. It is available on Homecoming. The first arc has 7 parts and the second arc has 5.
  9. And note that the reward system is a bit complex. You can earn the quadruple merit reward once per character per week. However, every character gets one 'free' run of each chapter that doesn't count against the timer. So you could log in your favorite character, run all 12 chapters consecutively, and get the 4x reward all 12 times. Then, if you run any chapter on that character, that starts the timer and you can't get the quadruple reward *on that character* for another week.
  10. In routine situations, where everyone is in accord, finalizing and documenting an agreement can take weeks. In this situation, they are trying to develop a new type of non-profit organization. It will be done either when: 1) It's done. 2) It all falls apart.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7ZDgmYAlZ4
  12. I'll second this. When I assemble a team for a TF I'm perfectly happy if every member is a corrupter/defender/controller. You can never have too much buff/debuff. For an extreme example, when getting the Really Hard Way badge in the Magisterium trial, the most effective team seems to be 3/4 or more of just corrupters. Also, *ANY* AT will make the leader happy if they have some Leadership buffs. A defender with all three is awesome. But I would say the real answer to your question is "A character specifically built for teaming." Ironblade is a scrapper who has Recall Friend, Assault and Tactics.
  13. (shrug) Clearly, you misread my post or don't remember the content of your post that I quoted. " It always amuses me how people who are deeply involved in the I.T field, as I assume any Island Run developer must be, always blithely assume that replacing an old PC is a trivial exercise for users who aren't. " No one with a clue assumes this. Just as no one would assume that buying a new car after a crash is a trivial exercise. It's just necessary. If you want to run new software, at some point you will need a new computer. Whether it's a trivial task or a herculean task is irrelevant.
  14. I don't think anyone in I.T. makes those assumptions. The simple fact is that games (and pretty much all software) change over time and become more complex and gain new features. So you end up needing a newer computer at some point. That's just a fact of life and it's unrealistic to think that this game is going to be an exception. And this is not 'breaking' a program. It's improving it. If someone's computer isn't powerful enough to run the improved version of the software, see my first point.
  15. Well, my main thought is that there are a lot of AT's that can do this. I did everything on a BS/regen scrapper. Back in the day, I read the game manual (yes, there was a PDF manual) while the game downloaded. Broadsword sounded like it hit pretty hard and regeneration sounded like it would keep a newb alive while I learned the game. That first character became my main, to the extent that I played (and still play) him about as much as all my other characters combined. If your goal is to be efficient (i.e. fast) in most content, I'd go with scrapper, brute or stalker. Other AT's may be faster or tougher, but I think those three strike the best balance of DPS and survivability for soloing. I've taken every AT to 50 and my favorites for soloing are scrapper for 'efficiency' and tank for being relaxed about it.
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