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Savage Melee criticals on Scrappers seem to be under-damage


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All numbers through City of Data:


Savage Strike


Normal effect:  two ticks of 23.7734 damage (the two swipes of the claws), plus three ticks of 8.5709 damage, 75% chance per tick, cancel when a tick misses (bleed damage)


Critical effect: 23.7734 additional damage


Commentary:  The critical damage should be at least twice as high (the combined damage of the two claw strikes), by vast precedent.  The Stalker version of the powerset, for example, does a critical for the combined value of both claw strikes.  I think that the crit should also double the bleed damage (perhaps simply as another DoT, now that we have that technology), but it looks like traditionally we have only had crits sum up DoTs when they're the primary effect of the power, not the secondary?


Rending Flurry


Normal effect: 73.948 with a 4% boost per level of blood fury, plus three ticks of 5.6931 bleed damage, 75% chance per tick, cancel when a tick missses.


Critical effect: 73.948 additional damage


Commentary:  Somewhat more arguably, the critical effect should get the same bonus based on blood fury as the main effect.  I know that there are other attacks that don't follow this precedent, such as Crushing Uppercut, but CU does off-the-scale large ST damage, it's not a mild bonus on a fairly ordinary AoE attack.

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Thanks for starting this thread.


(Edit: OMFG this editor.  Why did it spoiler tag my entire post instead of just what was within the spoiler tags?)


Replying to this here instead of in the other thread:


12 hours ago, aethereal said:

As I looked into it to post a bug, I discovered that I was somewhat wrong before.  DoTs that are the "main" effect of a power (like, say, Hemorrhage in Savage Melee) do get summed up and applied all at once when they crit.  DoTs that are the secondary effect of a power (like the bleed damage in non-Hemorrhage Sav Melee or the burn damage in most Fiery Melee powers) do not get doubled on crit, and so they are better on Brutes than they are on Scrappers/Stalkers.


 That makes sense.  I took a peek at City of Data, and it mirrors what I was seeing while watching dmg output in the chat window.  I could pull screen snips and post a combat log if they are helpful, but I think that would just be confirming something we already know.


I did notice that "Bleed" damage (the secondary DoT, for brevity sake) is coded as "Cancel on Miss" - which likely complicates including that damage in a critical hit.


I do still think that Rending Flurry (Normal) and Rending Flurry (Large) aren't calculating critical hits properly - even if we take as a given that Bleed damage isn't included the numbers don't look right in real time.




Copy of my list from the other thread ... (skipping the spoiler tag, because last time it broke the post, lol)



14 hours ago, InvaderStych said:

SS critical hits are only for 1 of the two damage ticks (unlike similar 2-tick powers from Katana, Broadsword, Claws, etc).


MS critical hits match the damage of the initial hit, but do not include the "bleed" DoTs.


VS seems to be working properly.


RF critical hits are routinely lower than the base damage of the attack, thus definitely do not include bleed DoT damage.


I would have to dig deeper than just observing dmg output in real time to figure out if the distance based damage boost is included in critical hits from Leap.


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