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Cage Series Finale [Arc ID: 44239]


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Rather than write a pair of disparate arcs, I chose to close out the cage series with a single, vigilante story. Think it fits the whole feel better.

Tested with a pretty tough blaster. The last boss took me awhile to bring down, but that may have to do with dmg type and its resistances. 


Is is just me or are bosses really running around more? My end boss dragged all the adds in the last room right into the fray...Sorta liked that, actually.:-)

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I have done a TON of AE work, both long form and single arc. Just search the AE mish list for my sig @cranebump. For more information on my stories, head to the AE forum sub-heading and look for “Crane’s World.” Support your AE authors! We ARE the new content.

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