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Day/night cycle control for bases, is it possible?


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With October and its eternal night upon us, it got me to wondering. Is it possible to program in a setting for supergroup bases that halts the progression of the day/night cycle in the whole base, so it could be set to "active (default)," "day only," or "night only?" I am aware that there are a few sky options that already lack this cycle, but:


-The only "day only" skies are the Lighted Path and Cimerora skies, which are not normal-looking (even Cimerora has a gold/sepia tone instead of blue),

-The "Space" sky is a good normal-looking night-only sky, but it would be good to have more variety available, such as night skies with visible clouds,

-Some of the existing always-night skies still use the day/night cycle timer to spawn meteor showers or not and having a day/night control would then allow you to set those to always-on or always-off,

-Even with the non-cycling sky options, certain placeable objects still follow a cycle of lights-on/lights-off and I, for one, would like to be able to halt that if my sky isn't changing


I'm aware that the code for the base editor is a horrible snarl and this may not be possible to program in, but if it were, that'd be freakin sweet.

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