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Stone/rad feels good

Killing Legacy

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They seem to pair well with each other quite nicely.  Stone is an end hog primary, rad has extra end recovery.  Stone has sluggish recharge, rad has recharge reduction toggle.  Rad has very little defense (unless you count beta decay tohit debuff) stone has soft and hard control to help offset it.  Stone has garbage aoe damage, rad has two damage pbaoes.


they just seem to help each other out.  I’ve been running one at 50, fully ioed and incarnate t3/t4 and it’s a monster.  The reason I chose stone melee is two fold.  One, only tanks and brutes have access to it.  Two, it fit the theme I was going for (a sort of swamp/septic tank/slime/sewer monster science experiment).  

I suppose super strength would have worked too, but…. Idk.  Just not a huge fan of ss, visually.  Stone melee just feels heavier to me. Ss has the superior aoe, but meh.  I slotted tremor with all procs.  Rule of thumb, if your sets aoe sucks, slot it with procs.

Besides, how could one not like stone melee?  Do you like to smash?  Then you like stone melee.

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I actually rolled a Rad/Stone tank not too long ago and yeah, it's a ton of fun! Rad makes up for Stone's end-hogging and AoE's, and Stone is super friggin' badass. It's nice and weighty with constant knockdown to keep everything on their butts. Definitely recommend this combo!

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