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What are some good build goals for WP?


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I'm pretty shit at making builds and only really go for two things Perma hasten and soft capped positional defense. I got a Savage/WP to 50 a couple of days ago and have been trying to make a build for him but keep running into issues. I cannot get him soft capped at all. Now I am lost for what to shot for in a build. Can you guys give me some ideas of what build goals to go for in WP or builds in general?

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WP has some serious regen available so defensive softcap is not as important.  Aslo there are no powers in the set that benifit from high recharge (unless you plan on being dead a lot) so perma hasten is not needed unless it is required for a fluid attack chain. I like to build mine with high HP and high regen along with defenses in the 30s range so it is 1 luck away from the cases when you need to hit that cap.

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