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  1. Can we reverse the highlight circle? With the power highlighted it normally means "Click me now" but in this case it would be more of a benefit if rage was not highlighted unless there was currently no rage going.
  2. Worst single target melee attack in that specific set mind you. It is tied for lowest DPA and has a side effect of sleep which is nullified by Lightning Field and also knockback of a high enough mag to potentially knock them out of Lightning Field. If I only had room for 2 single target melee attacks I would drop Havoc Punch. That does not mean it is bad of course. It is still better than most of melee attacks available to blasters, just slightly less good compared to the other 2 that happen to also be in the same secondary. It is far from useless and I would try to make room for all 3.
  3. No, it is the worst single target melee attack in the set. It still has decent DPA so I would take them all (I enjoy blapping) but if I had to pick one of them to toss it would be the one that had the longest animation time that could potentially knock mobs out of my damage aura.
  4. Or you could just not put it on auto fire and pay attention.
  5. If that was the intent you may want to undo some changes. Epic pools are nerfed for Tanks and Brutes. At least MU is, I have not tested all the others. The numbers on Test are the same for both Elec Fences Live Brute 33.37, Tank 35.59. Test 32.25. Ball Lightning Live Brute 42.54, Tank 45.37. Test 37.37 Mu Lightning Live Brute 55.05, Tank 58.72. Test 36.70.
  6. Radius increase and target cap increase- Keep It is a massive boost to be able to hit more targets with AoE attacks to assist with getting and keeping aggro. Base damage increase to replace bruising - Keep Gauntlet and aggro level changes- Keep Damage cap increase - Either drop or decrease to 500. With the damage increase and increased target cap combined with the damage cap increase, tankers end up clearing large spawns faster than brutes as they are more likely to hit more mobs.
  7. Endurance and damage crashes yes, those always hit. The defense debuff was avoidable if you double stacked. Currently no crashes are avoidable as the bug causing the ability to avoid the defense crashed was fixed. If this goes live, all crashes are avoidable and if you have decent global recharge you can slot end reduction to reduce the up front cost.
  8. On my Rad/Fire Brute I normally clear the ComiCon map in around 4 min. Sometimes less, sometimes more but that is pretty normal. If the stars align and everything wanders into the same area and I don't have to clean up spawns I can get down to around 3:30. With these changes, I made an identical Fire/Rad tank (apart from the ATOs) and averages around 3:30 even with cleaning up mob spawns and sub optimal placement of the helper. I just did 5 runs but all were right around that time with one being 3:45 where everyone was spread out and no lore pet and one being at 3:13 when I had only 1 extra spawn to clean up.
  9. Agreed. I have both and Spines is generally faster on cheaper builds but once you get to the high end with a seamless chain of AoE attacks, Rad/ is a bit faster (at least for me) and easier without having to line up cones. Spines is much easier to level through farming though as they get an AOE at low levels and Rad has to wait until at least 32 before they get theirs.
  10. No. If you buy an attuned one from the AH you will not be able to slot it until 50 And yes. Lower level attuned level up with you but cap at the max level available for the IO.
  11. That is true for 1 slow attack. The fire nuke is much better and overall fire does more damage because of the faster attacks. But if you are only looking at base damage without added dots and do not care about cast time, ice does have the hardest hitting single target attack. Fire on the other hand has the hardest hitting nuke with blizzard being all dot damage so it depends on what you value more. If you want 1 single target heavy hitter then go ice. If you want a spawn flattening nuke with also very hard hitting single attacks then go fire.
  12. I would say fire. Ice has a slightly harder hitting attack but it is slow.
  13. [10:07] [NPC] Infiltrator: Be ready! We're expecting visitors. [10:07] [NPC] Vigilant: Really? [10:07] [NPC] Vigilant: I should have brought a bundt cake.
  14. Outside of nukes, Ice has the highest damage ranged single target attack but its cast time is quite long. Blaze is almost the same damage, but much of it is DoT however it does have a much faster cast time and with the recent snipe changes Blazing Bolt can also be worked into your single target chain. Atomic and Energy have the highest single target Melee attack with Atomic getting the edge due to faster cast time. With crazy amounts of recharge you could get an attack chain of Blaze, Blazing Bolt and Positronic Fist with Negatron Slam as filler for any gaps. That is what I use and can at times snag aggro from tanks and brutes if they do not have taunt on long fights.
  15. Been playing mine solo from lvl 1. Since the 20s have been set for +0x3. Got mezed a couple times before I had enough recharge for perma and had no issues using a breakfree. Just had to retoggle Against All Odds and I was good to go. It just requires that you pay attention until it is perma which is not for everyone.
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