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  1. Yes, that would be a shame if someone were to witness that.
  2. I really hate it when they only drop hints and clues We want more facts, enough with the ruse. It feels like you are the Riddler and we are Bruce Wayne The speculation of what is to come is driving us insane.
  3. Sounds like a new accolade badge that requires 17 things to complete. That is something I would go for. It sounds like quite the feat. Or perhaps a new task force with that many foes? It is only a guess as no one really knows.
  4. So you totally ignored the part about it being a lesser version? The untouchable part is only in self rez powers so you can turn your toggles back on so you don't hit then drop to the floor again like when you try to use a wakie in the middle of a fight. That could and should be removed if it fires off and prevents your death. If there is a damage component, stun or KB those should be reduced as well. From a balance perspective it would need to be enough that those with RotP are not encouraged to slot full damage and recharge and intentionally drop their health for a nuke (like blasters used to). It would also not give you as much health meaning you could drop again if you are not careful. It would not be god mode like you seem to think. And please do not assume you know my motives. I would not take a self rez even if this were put in. I don't get dropped to 0 enough for it to matter and my power picks are generally pretty tight. If I did have a self rez I am normally the last one standing anyway so I would not use it to keep fighting but rather to pop back up after it is safe. I am not against the change however because it would not affect my play at all and would allow others more options on how they build their characters. As long as it is always off in PvP zones and can be turned off in Arenas I see no issues. And please don't mention debt protection. No one who has played for any great length of time makes serious choices based on if they will get debt or not (outside of intentionally killing themselves for badges.)
  5. I jump on random pugs all the time. Since the game has come back I have literally never had anyone tell me how to use my powers or when (outside of 1 DFB where a melee got mad because I dared to use AoE imob before everything was grouped up so he had to move a little). I often forget to taunt on tanks just because I normally play scrappers and brutes who don't even take taunt. 0 complaints. I have my tier 9 on some characters that I use as mules and never use them. I have had times when the team wipes and its use could have kept the fight going instead of having to start over. 0 complaints. The closest I have seen is some people offer suggestions like slotting KB-KD into bonfire to turn it into a damage and mitigation tool instead of a minor damage area denial tool. The person said they like the power the way it was and they were left alone after that. I believe your fears are unfounded or based off of how people behaved before the game shut down.
  6. As explained earlier in the thread it could be a toggle or stance. If you have it on and you get taken to 0 HP, instead of dying, you get dropped to 1 and instead of the full rez effect, you have a lesser version cast on you. If you have it off it does nothing. Turn it on when you are dead and you get the full effect. In other words, no change to you. Those that like the option would take it. Those that don't would just play like they normally play.
  7. So even though it would not affect you in any way, you are against the proposed change because everyone else should have to play the same way you do? Am I following that correctly? Also who can rez and retoggle in 2-3 seconds? Most of my characters have 6 or more toggles. Tough, Weave, 2 or more leadership, Combat Jumping and that is before any toggles from the AT.
  8. A. So I guess pet classes are out since Diablo has those. Same with Weapon classes, any use of bows, any costume pieces that look similar. ect. Get real, it is a suggestion based on a small feature they found in that game and has nothing to do with Diablo itslef. B. See my point above. It could be both. C. I can't find the thread now but there was a post that showed which powers were skipped the most in various power sets. Self Rez and teir 9s with big crashes were skipped most often in melee armor sets. So yes it is fact not just opinion.
  9. I don't see the harm if it is turned into a toggle. You turn it on and if something would bring you to 0 instead it brings you to 1 hp instead, you don't detoggle and you keep fighting with a smaller version of whatever would normally trigger if you actually died. Leave the toggle off and it works exactly the same way it does now. Now would I expect the devs we have currently to make it happen? No, not without a lot of demand from the player base and I really do not see that happening.
  10. I carry around a bunch of unslotters and use them on fireball depending on what I am doing. Most of the time I have Superior Frozen blast in there but keep the -resist proc instead of the Imob proc. This gets me at the AoE soft cap for regular stuff. When I want to be crazy and do stuff like solo GMs I swap it out for Positrons Blast for a bit more recharge and cover that gap with amplifiers. I don't really have a fluid attack chain. Basically I have my attacks in order of DPA on my 1, 2, 3 keys and use whatever lowest number is up. So I have Blaze, Mind Probe, Dominate. However I normally start with Dominate just because of the BU proc in there. It is a thing of beauty to see Aim + BU proc, Dominate + BU proc then Blaze. I fill the gaps with Fireball for the -resist proc. Flares of course whenever opportunity is up for even more -resist. If you are up against an AV they tend to run a lot so, when that happens, I throw in Blazing blast at times to help fill up the opportunity bar faster (ATO proc) since at range I lose one of my harder hitting attacks. Side note, for the true damage numbers, be sure to click off Shinobi-Iri. Mids has it down as giving +20% damage when it is on. It does give that bonus, but only to your first attack and does not apply when you are out of stealth attacking. While Fire/Rad is great for damage, it tends to lack defense and cannot get the insane recharge you can get with Ninja. So instead of going up against GMs and AVs with stacks of lucks, I have stacks of reds instead. I like the stealth and self heal aspect of Ninja but you could probably do similar with SR and get even more recharge and better DDR numbers. ...Does math...yes you could certainly do that as well although I am not an expert on SR for Sents but if you went crazy you could get well over 200% recharge. 216% actually with the same bonuses as Ninja since quickness will throw another 20% on there...then amplifiers would .....great now I have a new project. Anyone an expert on SR for Sents?
  11. Stealth is a great pool to dive into for sets without defense of their own who want to add some mules for LotG recharge. Also good for those that who want to skip by mobs easier to get to objectives. But if you only have 1 pool left and need more defense then leadership would be a much better option.
  12. Fire/Ninja Sent. Not many Sents out there to begin with and have yet to see another with that combo. I am certain they exist, they just never seem to end up on the same teams as I do. My TW/Ninja Scrapper is another one I have not seen. Plays like a stalker with a giant sword. The wind up is like AS out of combat then quickly dispatch everything else and move on to the next group. I imagine there are plenty out there but the long animation time on many TW powers is enough of a turn off that they don't get played as much.
  13. No. Peanut butter, honey and bacon. Just make sure the bacon is crisp and mostly free of grease.
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