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  1. Number 1 for sure. I myself have used it to escape a master MSTF. Recluse got loose and I was hit to a sliver of health and probably would have died had I not ported out.
  2. Exit button still leaves your character around and it can be defeated after you have closed the game. Teleport moves you away from the area but you can still be followed and killed. Placate is temporary and not something everyone has access too. Passcode to base lets you leave without being defeated and without having to be a certain AT or have a certain power.
  3. HelenCarnate

    Pet Names

    Nooooooooooo, now that stupid song is in my head.
  4. To other things yes but not damage resistance. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Archvillain Archvillains are also noteworthy for having strong debuff resistance that scales by level. As of Issue 9, this resistance applies to -RunSpeed, -Recharge, -Endurance, -ToHit, -Defense, -Perception, -Regeneration, and -Recovery.
  5. The reduction is due to the mob being level 54 and has nothing to do with the AV status. Against mobs that are +3 your debuffs are only 65% effective. So instead of Achilles heel doing 20% like normal it is 65% of that or 13%. Notice also that there is a 25% base resist to lethal damage. He was hit with a debuff for 55.25% but the damage resistance was only reduced by 41.44%. That is because they resisted 25% of that debuff (55.25x0.75=41.4375 rounded to 41.44).
  6. Did you take the time to see the top set Defenders use for their primary and consider why that is? Why did you only look at defenders? Controllers of course have Kin at the top thanks to +damage going a long way for a class that can summon pets but the next 3 are all mainly debuffing sets. Corruptors tend to lean to more self buffs so of course Kin and Time top the lists but the next 4 are all known for their debuffs and they outnumber the top 2.
  7. That was just mean to do this right after Page 6 teases.
  8. And out of those they do the lowest base damage while having low HP, lower modifiers and cannot crit. All seem like fair trade offs. As others have pointed out they would bring little to the team if buff/debuff classes could do more damage before accounting for the extra utility they bring.
  9. Had to zoom in there a bit. Well you better get it out soon because .....
  10. Kinda right. Elusivisity or whatever its called reduces accuracy like defense reduces to hit and only applies in pvp.
  11. Bingo so roughly 14.85% chance that sometime during that 16 try attempt, you will have at least 1 success. Woops, fixed my earlier error. Should be about 7.73% with 8 tries.
  12. It is not off by a terrible amount. Basically figure out the odds of you failing and invert that. So missing 3 times in a row at a 1% chance to hit means 99x99x99/100x100x100 which is 970,299/1,000,000. This means that the other 29,701/1,000,000 times you are successful at some point out of those 3 rolls. So instead of 3% you are looking at 2.97%. That doesn't seem like much but as you keep going the gap spreads a little bit more to be around 7.73% with 8 chances.
  13. So this is with a snipe in there. Downside is to fit in Tactics for the extra +to hit for the extra fast snipe damage there is no travel power. This thing is endurance heavy so until you get Ageless you will have to lean on your Kyoyo a bit. I also like this option because you can get Shadow Meld which helps when you get hit with defense debuffs. One thing to note on Ninja, you auto crit from hide. This means you can use your Shinobi-Iri plus stealth IO in sprint to plop yourself in the middle of (most) groups, hit Build momentum (which often procs chance for build up) then open with an auto crit of Whirling Smash for around 650 damage. If the +recharge proc kicks in and/or you are on the early side of popping ageless you can get 2 more Whirling Smashes before momentum wears off. The pure melee version has room for a travel power but no Shadow Meld or Tactics. On both builds Maneuvers is just a mule. If you want more defense you could take the full set of Obliteration instead of just the 5 slots for a bit more melee defense. Feel free to play around with it as you will. Agility is another option for even faster recharge and better endurance but it is already at perma hasten without it and I rarely have endurance issues as long as I am paying attention to my blue bar.
  14. At work but I have something I can throw your way when I get home. You want a ranged attack in there as well or pure melee? As far as advice goes I would say pay attention to momentum and if possible, wait until you don't have momentum going before using your heal, recovery tool or mez protection clickie.
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