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Selling Enhancements/Recipes to Karsis


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Minor issue:


After unlocking the Cavern of Transcendence Trial, I clicked on Karsis and went to his store. I tried to sell some junk enhancements and recipes to no avail. Even though the interface appears to allow you to, I was unable to actually sell the item. Buying inspirations works fine. I don't normally sell/buy at contacts, and usually just reload inspirations from my base autodoc and sell garbage there.


I'm going to try a few other contacts to see if its more widespread, or just Karsis.


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So upon additional testing, Karsis' store only becomes available if the player is actively on a Cavern of Transcendence Trial. However you are unable to sell enhancements/recipes. You can buy inspirations. Upon completion of the trial, the store is no longer accessible. Kinda odd.

I tried several other contacts and their stores work as usual if they have them.

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