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New Arcs to Try: The "Kelly Kane" Series

Frozen Burn

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Hi.  I have 3 arcs for people to try out.  There will be 5 in the series when all is said and done, but the first 3 are ready for sharing.  They are:


  • Kelly Kane - Part 1:  The Making of a Hero (Arc ID: 41555)
  • Kelly Kane - Part 2:  Crossing Lines (Arc ID:  41334)
  • Kelly Kane - Part 3:  Necessary Evils (Arc ID:  41346)


It's an origin story for one of my favorite characters where you (the player) gets to help shape who she is and becomes. And obviously, you'll want to do them in order.  🙂  


They are best when teamed and with decent-to-large mob sizes, but they can also be solo'd by most - if you can solo PVE content (<50 as well as 50+), you should be able to solo these.  Again, you get more out them with larger spawn sizes if you can handle them (whether teamed or not).  


There are customs critters, but they are not overpowered - I think I did a good job of keeping them evenly powered so they are solo-friendly and also challenging enough for a team to keep you from getting bored.  Standard Villain Groups are also used.  


Thanks in advance for trying them out - I hope you enjoy!

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