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Thanks all


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XAccording to 'detailed info' my first Avatar appeared on the 28th of September, very nearly two months ago. I was recuperating from a bout of 'rona triggered pneumonia when I came across Homecoming almost by accident from a fb group. 

So after downloading everything I recreated my first ever toon, a Storm /Electric defender.... 




I'd forgotten how much fun this game is. 



I've continued to have an absolute blast here since then and the past couple of days have brought up, level 50, alpha unlock, tier 3 alpha crafted as well as justice and interface opened and filled. 


All thanks to a Manticore tf and a series of afternoon incarnate trials. 



It is so good to be back. 


Thanks to everybody that helped Thyristor to fly again! 😂 




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Welcome home baby!

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@Aurora Girl - Excelsior - BSOD
 Aurora Girl  (Blaster)- Energy/Atomic, Queen of Faceplants and former Mayor of Pinnacle Server  Straye  (Brute)- Savage/SR, Survivor of +4 ITF Nictus Crystals and Bobcat's Bane  Aurora Snow  (Corruptor) - Ice/Cold, AV Humiliator  Terraflux  (Controller) - Earth/Rad, Bass Exploder  Spynerette  (Arachnos Soldier) - Night Widow, Super Spy of Sneakiness and Stabbing  Snowberrie  (Tank) - Ice/Spines, Disco Ball and Lady of Winter

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