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  1. ... really? If anything, I'm the "don't tell other people how to play with *their* toys" community. Bold assumption.
  2. What's playing the game "properly?" That's a slippery high horse to be standing/sloping. 🧐 Folks looking to join AE missions or recruiting others for those missions are, in fact, looking for a group. My suggestion is for you to move that channel (and any others you might consider "improper") to their own tab(s); this may well help your personal enjoyment of the game as well as prevent the micromanaging of anyone else's.
  3. @Uun I think we should clarify...you *can* use those procs in those powers; they just cause aggro on an otherwise non-aggroing power. I do like your mutually exclusive proc idea, because I'm always down for more choice and flexibility. I was more focusing on the non-damaging proc affects either way.
  4. I would love this idea, so I would have known ages ago to SKIP FROST BREATH BECAUSE IT SUCKS WORSE THAN THE BRITISH OFFICE. Just saying.
  5. So, here I was, with barbecue sauce in my Mids, when a good dude ponderized the following: "If I put Dark Watcher's Despair: Chance for Recharge Slow into Devices/Smoke Grenade, that's dumb, right?" *looks at City of Data* "Yup; the proc power is tagged to notify mobs always, even if the power it's slotted into is tagged to notify mobs never." ...what if? Debuffs (and mezzes, by design) by and large *do* aggro/notify mobs, with the large exceptions of several -tohit powers (Smoke Grenade, Flash Arrow) and most sleeps. What if that wer
  6. Just now realizing the *good* animation exists outside of Widows, too! Ninja Training's tier 1 Immobilizing Dart. Proliferate the good dart animation, for the love of all things darty!
  7. Can 100% confirm this on my Dark/Energy. I literally cannot generate enough damage on enough mobs to generate any aggro at all even when duoing, let alone a full team; when soloing, I still don't die (even at +3/4) but every fight feels like the trash can shootout from the Naked Gun.
  8. Pylons =\= ITF...besides, @Bill Z Bubba you knooooooow you want that sweet sweet double Tactics 😏
  9. @Bill Z Bubba you know I'm always down for a duo with you, especially with Superior Claws. 😏
  10. Also, and I might be wrong here, but a lot of the AoE controls are starting off at a much lower base accuracy than other powers from pretty much any set, that someone unfamiliar with control sets might not know about. I know for a fact Cinders (🔥) is a base 60% acc for +0, compared to 75% for like, Flares. As @Hew said: acc/recharge/Mez, in that order. Should see a world of difference.
  11. 1) Theme of character 2) Butts . . . . . 394) Utility
  12. Is it bad that now I want Castillo's new favorite lieutenant to be Captain Cornholio? Lucius Cornholio.
  13. How are you slotting anything in afterburner? Do you mean Evasive Maneuvers?
  14. @Crysis I was *just* about to go there. I recently kitted a DB/Nrg and she is. Wow. So much fun. So stabbity. So. Just. Incredibly amazing.
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