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  1. In case anyone is experiencing the same issue or would in the future, the solution (suggested by GM Lithy) is quite straightforward: set your graphics back to default, then redo your settings, that should unstuck the option. Make sure to have a reminder of how you had them before, including the Automatic UI Scale, which will reset.
  2. Since some days ago I can not change the Shader Quality option in Advanced Graphic Settings, was working as usual, now stuck in one of the choices and no matter how many clicks, threats or pleas I give it, it remains so. Hoping I have just somehow made something dumb that left it set, so if anyone knows about it, experienced something similar and/or found a solution I would appreciate if you could share it.
  3. Oh god you were the lobster!, thank you so much!, I can see some of the winners here, including First Prize.
  4. Please do!, I feel awful about letting this slip out when so many amazing costumes were on the square that day. Edit: If anyone else got some pics please share!
  5. They were!, and there was a dedicated prize of 300 millions for the best bio, it was a tough call, there were so many amazing bios and the judges panel were at each other throats, it was not an entirely full agreement in the end but majority won fairly. Edit: We thought about a first,second and third place prizes for bios, but it was a bit over the budget we had, the prize pool came out of our personal funds and we decided to push it a bit further in the end so everyone got at least a little cash for their efforts, plus we duplicated the third prize because of a tie, we ended up going up to
  6. We were so excited about the contest and so focused on applying the new system properly we totally forgot about pics... for the next edition we are already booking photographers!
  7. Indeed time was an issue, fortunately most contestants were cool about it, being a new system it took us a while to put it in actual practice, but yes the idea is just as you suggested, each of us gave a score to each costume and that was then calculated for a total score that allowed contestants to go to the next stage or get one of the many specific prizes, for the second edition we will have it more polished, may as well take down one stage without compromising the fairness of the judgement process, thanks for the input!
  8. Thanks to all those who joined the First Excelsior Runway Fashion Galore!, we had tons of fun, you were all great, hopefully we could made it so most everyone got a prize of sorts,feel free to let us know your input to make it better next time!
  9. This is it!!!!! meet us today at 4 PM CDT/5 PM EDT in Khallisty Wharf! Registration for contestants will be ongoing from half an hour prior to five minutes into the start, do not miss it, if you are not on the list you will not be able to participate.
  10. Show that swagger! \(▽ ̄ \ ( ̄▽ ̄) /  ̄▽)/
  11. Thanks for adding the costume contest drdread !
  12. It will be on site just before the contest start, those willing to participate will be asked to come forward to be registered. That way we also hope to encourage the shy ones to dare ^_^
  13. WE ARE BACK ON THE RACE!, bigger and better!, pass the voice and join us!
  14. We want to thanks everyone for all the support and interest, and announce that because the official Homecoming costume contest will be conducted on all shards on the same date, hour and place we had set, we will postpone for now our event, worry not however, we will announce the new date soon, and will make several improvements, and even rise the prize pools! Take the extra time to work harder on your amazing costumes and prepare your performances, see you soon!!!
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