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  1. It was all stuff after the "AND" that I screwed up on this step (I didn't create the customwindows folder)...It's working fine now...You earned your +1 Inf. Glad you got it working! it is a really neat feature.
  2. Two key things to check so it works properly: 1- You need to have a "data" folder in the CoH install folder (some have it already, some don't) AND inside that folder, another folder named "customwindows" which is what everyone already did. 2- You need to create some usable macros the good old way (by typing the command string,they are added as skill buttons) then drag them and use them (it is possible you have to actually use them for the game to register the window I wonder?) I went for costume changes with emotes and fly poses. That is all I did for it to always stick on (only thing is goes back to the upper left every restart) if it keeps not working for you all I will erase the whole thing then make it again to check each step, it may be worth to note that I have saved files for all the menu options and windows configurations as to be able and load them for each char if needed,perhaps that helps too?,have not loaded any since I made the macros window however,let me know how it goes. Edit: if bad comes to worse I can upload my file and we will see if putting it in your folder you get the window, if works it will most likely carry my crappy so far 10 basic macros but you can delete them and work on from it. Click images to enlarge. Where it appears every time I log in a char: Where I put it:
  3. My, I got bewildered going through this thread, you all make me feel like the countryside cousin :o will go ahead and share my two cents nevertheless, if you don't mind please go to the following post: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,4660.0.html Costume variations are at the bottom,the reason I set them apart is because the looks of the character are connected to his story, do let me know your opinion!
  4. Greetings everyone, absolutely delighted here to read everyone's bios, they go from epic to hilarious, allow me to dare and share my own, to avoid cluttering this thread and because of the peculiarities of my character, I took the liberty to make a separate post, which includes pics, please be so kind to check it at: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,4660.0.html
  5. Name: Amadis, Albion. Hero sobriquet: Spectral Star Appearance: Tall humanoid of strong athletic build, superior Atlantean anatomy. His form shifts depending on the nature of the star energies coursing through him, thus specific quirks and features alternate, the arcane reflux modifies garments as well. Powers: A master of forgotten sorcery knowledge and the illusory arts, by means of ancestry and prior enlightenment holds domain over the different spectrums of stellar energies, which allows him, among other feats, to direct them inwards enhancing and restoring any non hostile being, or project them outwards to hinder and weaken those of ill intent. Origins: Cold and the darkness, the hatred of it, that is all he could recall of his early years. A child forsaken into this world without kith or kin, only a name bestowed upon him: Amadis. The child days were just the endless procession from one set of hands to the other. It was in those hands where cold dwell, it was in their eyes that darkness nested, this terrified him more than the wild yearn of his entrails, which he could not put a name to in his innocent ignorance; for he had a gift of power: uncanny knowledge whispered in the wake of his thoughts, a ravaging pulse not his own crawling deep inside. Now and then, a fortuitous chain of circumstances allowed an escape and thus he ran, and hid; while wandering the streets on his own a comforting presence, barely a perception, guided and protected him. Intuitively rising his arms towards the glittering gems of the night sky, the stripling sought to catch their pure light, to bask in the gentle warmth of the moon. Yet, failing to do so, the fires of his heart doused into a flickering ember, chased, ignored, rejected, captured again by beasts in the guise of men; ailing, feeble, hopeless. A tale of woe meant to be changed, as in the witching hour when a ritual of sacrifice was performed and the Oranbegan spine held by Baron Zoria pierced his chest, the Dream Doctor's arcane justice blasted away the Circle of Thorns. Engulfed in the ensuing chaos, a cultist seized the offering being annihilated as a consequence, alongside the accursed splint, by the surge of mystic power that flared breaking antediluvian seals. The gates of the mind opened, Amadis became, once again, Albion. Atlantis, millennia ago. The once sublime civilization had fallen to ignominy, in the isle sins rushed rampant as the last stand of the virtuous faced defeat. Among smoking ruins an imposing man kneels burdened by regret, he is one of the Magi who leaded the rebellion against the Council of Light; in his arms lays his wife, the last High Priestess, avatar of the being known as Selene. Her psyche severed from the flesh by atrocious incantations, she fades, he pleads and begs, now freed from his own delusion, it was not for the greater good says Albion, it was ignorance, the greed that breeds in the void of mankind's soul; one tear drops, one last caress, one loving blessing bestowed, then gone she is in a glistening shroud. The Magus rises, consumed in despair, gathering onto him the laws of intellect and matter, the starlight fires of his essence ignite as he utters a terrible command, a curse, to leave all powerless against the rightful cataclysm to come, to bind his own fate and that of the conspirators in punishment for ages to come, one incarnation after another... Dream Doctor found himself with a conundrum under his care, the physiology of the lad had changed into that of an enlightened Atlantean, the force of stars flowed in his veins and he held dominance over thoughts and feelings; the occult was not foreign to him, while his mind was shattered. Unwilling to deliver the victim into confinement and the care of those unaware of his nature, the formation of the Midnight Squad brought both relief to the hero and a true prospect for recovery. As decenniums went by, Amadis/Albion became attuned with his endowments, no lesser among these the echoed presence of the one whose blessing, ultimately, broke his curse. Being from a golden era of humanity when the laws of creation where claimed, titanic legends walked among us and the nightmarish primordial horrors lurked just out of the corner of your eyes, he fit smoothly in a city of super powered crime fighters and evil doers. To honor his savior, teachers, and, perhaps still, as penance, the mystic took upon the mantle of a hero of justice, donning an alter ego facade in his crusade against nefarious cabals; Names carry power after all, ancient ones more so, being one who claims dominance over the wills of others, he knows only a colossal fool or an unconquerable force would risk to expose their quintessence, and given enough time and knowledge anyone can be conquered. Repose at ease dwellers of Paragon City, for as the tendrils of heinous shades beyond the veil slither to profane your hearts and minds, the Spectral Star rises unwavering, and they shall face deliverance! Mastered Aspects: So far!. [glow=#FFFFFF,4,300]White Star Σελήνη.[/glow] [glow=#00BFFF,4,300]Blue Star Φωσφόρος καί Ἓσπερος.[/glow] [glow=#FFD700,4,300]Yellow Star Ἠέλιος.[/glow] [glow=#BF3EFF,4,300]Void Star Νύξ.[/glow]
  6. Many thanks justicebeliever!, honored to be able and give back a little bit of all the tips I have been given on these forums.
  7. For all of those who have been trying and obtain the macros window, issue here is that Healix did a sort of reverse engineering approach (that is how awesome Healix is ;D ), for the rest of us mortals this is the way to do it: First: If you don't have it already, create a "data" folder in your CoH installation folder, inside of it create a "customwindows" folder, the reason you do this is because the macros window will only persist if your installation folder contains a /data/customwindows path. Second: Go inside the game and type the command "/customwindow name" This will create a custom macro window titled with whatever you input instead of "name", which will appear in the upper left area of the screen, sometimes can be covered by the "target" window Now that you used this command, the "custom.window" file will be created by the game itself, trying to create one ourselves as per the original post 9 out of 10 times result in failure because windows way of creating files. The macros that you add to this window, either through using its own edit option or by dragging those that appear in your skill bars,are from then on available across all characters (I recommend doing the macros the old way then dragging them onto it, sometimes the edit tool of the window itself gets weird). Also note that once the macros are in the macros window, you can edit the name of the buttons with a much larger amount of characters than you were able when it was merely a button (I went from fly1/2/3/4 in the buttons to two words in each for example, good for proper identifying). Hope this has been helpful and if you feel still a bit confused let me know and I can add pics of the process, many thanks to Healix for the original post which lead me to try it and ultimately research how to make it happen for me. \o/
  8. Oh boy, do I know the struggle, your lady is one of us chosen ones; now, though it is a very primitive way of going at it, I keep this list always at hand and roam the maps harassing every npc on it, and of course as those wiser and more experienced than me have stated above, turn of earning xp to keep always on the edge of contact max level, and start earning xp again when the contacts themselves tell you the next security level is required. So far I have managed to hoard a bunch of contacts, be warned that some do not talk to me or give me missions no matter how much I try. https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Contacts_By_Level
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