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Badge not showing correct hint text (probably MoDASF)


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I was in Cimerora on my main badger, idly killing Minotaurs/Cyclopses for the new badges while waiting for friends to get online. I opened the Closest to Completion menu, and saw this.


That's two badges saying I needed to "Defeat 100 minotaurs in Cimerora to earn this badge.", with different progress. The second one shows '1 (25.00%) of 4 complete!". Which basically means it's Master of the Dr. Aeon Strike Force, since that's the only badge of the new ones which is out of four. 


Zoning didn't change it. Nor did relogging. That badge is just showing Minotaurs as the hint criteria.


For the record, if it is MoDASF, I have only Power Overwhelming towards that.

Pinnacle refugee. Powers and math guy.

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