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One-key base entry


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I was bumped on this by @Linea, and having nothing better to do with my morning decided to work it through.


You can enter your base with one key. The trick is using rolling bindfiles and two taps. It even works with the two transporters that require portal placement.


Put ONE of these strings in a file named TPB-1.txt:

EQUALS "bindloadfilesilent tpb-2.txt$$powexecname Monitor Duty Teleporter"

EQUALS "bindloadfilesilent tpb-2.txt$$powexecname Base Transporter"

EQUALS "bindloadfilesilent tpb-2.txt$$powexeclocation 0:10 Rapid Response Portal"

EQUALS "bindloadfilesilent tpb-2.txt$$powexeclocation 0:10 Supergroup Portal"


And paste that same string, with /bind, into your alt's chat window:

/bind EQUALS "bindloadfilesilent tpb-2.txt$$powexeclocation 0:10 Rapid Response Portal"

(or whichever)


Now put this string in a file named TBP-2.txt:

EQUALS "bindloadfilesilent tpb-1.txt$$enterbasefrompasscode YOURBASEPASSCODEHERE"


And away you go. One tap fires the teleporter (or generates an error message if the rolling files are out of sync), the second pops you into your base. Easy peasy Statesmaneezy.


Of course, you can use another key besides the Equals key; I'd make it one hard to hit, maybe even put a shift key on it (SHIFT-EQUALS, etc.)


Thanks to Linea for the basic notion and the bump!

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