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Provost Marchand's arc crazy bug: TWO Silver Mantises!


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Tonight my friend and I did something we've done many times before, ran a couple of levelling toons through the first arc from Provost Marchand in Brickstown.


Both he and I took the missions, with me leading on my 38 Fire/Stone Brute and him set on Collaborative Missions Enabled on his 30 Water/Nature Corruptor. No problems for the first few missions.


Then we got to the fight against Silver Mantis and things went absolutely crazy.


There were, I think, TWO Silver Mantises, TWO Riptides, and TWO Alec Parsons. Furthermore, at least one of the Riptide's conned Red and attacked us and was able to be attacked by us. One of the Alec Parson's was also able to be attacked by us, although I don't think he summoned any robots or attacked at all, if I recall correctly. However, BOTH of the Silver Mantises absolutely attacked us. Quite a ride, definitely one of the most interesting bugs I've ever seen.






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