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  1. I've suggested elsewhere a way to do Crits to make it distinct from Scrapper/Stalker/Corrupter that will help with lead off burst damage: High Crit chance on mobs with 90% or higher health. Once enemy health is below 90%, Sentinel Crit chance drops off quickly.
  2. But compared to rebalancing an AT, it was.
  3. You've heard of "low hanging fruit"?
  4. Solo sure. On teams this isn’t true at all.
  5. Sentinel nukes don’t even hit as hard as Lightning Rod or Shield Charge.
  6. I say leave the range and target caps where they are, but increase the damage. Make the inherent better.
  7. While that’s true, it’s clear to me at this point the difference isn’t enough to justify the disparity. On a team with a Kin and a FF the Blaster is safe in Melee.
  8. I think the changes to Blaster secondaries both in i24 and in HC have made them sufficiently tough that Sentinel damage can be justifiably raised.
  9. I don’t think it’s really one of the major problems, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if accessing email during combat was disallowed.
  10. Cimerora is NOT level locked. It is ONLY locked behind the Midnighter badge which can be achieved at level 1 simply by taking the TUNNEL to Night Ward and entering the Midnighter Mansion there.
  11. I agree it would be wonderful to get more Weapon models, especially for those that have so few (Staff especially, but not exclusively). Also: Quivers. There is literally ONE Quiver.
  12. I think in CoH the term "instance" refers to door missions, special trial rooms, and different copies of whole zones like Atlas Park 1, Atlas Park 2, etc.
  13. Keybinds or macros are the easy way. I love the new functionality for my jumpers... I’m not sure on my flyers. The thing I don’t like is the complete lack of drift. It’s immersion breaking. So I might use exclusive binds. I haven’t decided yet.
  14. You should probably check Reunion, that’s where most EU (bummer dude) players are.
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