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  1. We aren't in Alpha testing. Changes this extreme are not going to happen in Homecoming.
  2. The problems you mention won’t be helped by changing hurricane.
  3. Actually I don't really like that last idea very much. Maybe ToHit with the toxic rounds?
  4. For Dual Pistols: Slightly increase damage of added DoT when using fire rounds Add Range increase when using toxic rounds, same as when using ice rounds
  5. I really recommend looking for simple solutions that actually change very little. Put offensive and defensive buffs together into one Opportunity buff Let it be activated by either t1 attack Make the offensive portion increase with buffs and enhancements Change Aim to Build Up Increase base damage to at least 1.0
  6. Every Blaster? All archetypes should get that as their required level 1 secondary.
  7. I think they should replace Confront for all sets with original Energy Transfer and Lightning Rod put together.
  8. or "it is inarguable that Paragon City prospered"
  9. Just seems like an overwhelmingly popular choice, and I was wondering why.
  10. Do the Longbow Lore pets have similar issues?
  11. So now not only does this "IO" effect only 1 power in 1 powerset, it also doesn't come in a set at all, it's just off on it's own. Literally the only enhancement of its kind in the entire game.
  12. No, you’re just factually wrong. They are not IOs and are not subject to the same rules as IOs. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Invention_Origin_Enhancements
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