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  1. I like the changes, though I completely understand wanting the old way. You can have them work basically the old way by making a keybind that switches between them such as /bind f "powexectoggleon hover$$powexectoggleon fly".
  2. We can scratch the When if that makes it too complicated. I'm just surprised there haven't been any announcements in quite a while.
  3. I haven't seen an update announcement in a long while, unless I missed one. Any word on what's coming and when?
  4. I don't know exactly why, but I think there was some difficulty in making the animations shorter without changing them in the ways that are bothering you. The ultimate decision was that being Way Faster than before was worth the slight animation change. I completely agree with that decision. Teleport is way more fun now than before.
  5. Teleport and Recall Friend are the only ones that were made shorter, I believe. That's why it's no longer the same.
  6. The teleport pool had it's animations shortened so that it's faster.
  7. I would love this but face facts: it's not possible without corporate financial support. Also, I would not want this without the ability to skip cutscenes.
  8. More cutscenes. Voice acting. More immersive storylines. A different approach to animation times and rooting. More instance specific combat mechanics that require player response.
  9. Yeah, it's not consistent.
  10. It's clear why, because of the values. If the others could be enhanced they would all be down around 10% like EQ.
  11. Quicksand is a Control power with a debuff side effect. Similar to how Rain of Fire has a Slow but can't be slotted for Slow. If it was slottable they would have to reduce the base value.
  12. As was said, if they are not attuned then the level of the enhancements might make a difference. There ARE enemies that do more than 8 points of knockback, but that's mostly only bosses.
  13. Weird. I have seen him move around a bit after turning blue, but I've always been able to click him ultimately.
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