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  1. I don't think that's going to happen.
  2. Well, that's a good change then. That proc should Definitely only be effecting pets, not players.
  3. My argument would be that self defense itself is not a role. Active mitigation like CC is, because it protects the whole team. But most Blasters don't do enough active mitigation for it to really be an AT role. Therefore Blasters, like Scrappers, are pure dps, but Doms are a hybrid of some kind. And YES (good lord) I understand that ALL ATs can be hybridized to some extent, but that's not really the point. If you don't restrict the discussion to Primary/Secondary it becomes pointless.
  4. What does this even mean? Is there a hard limit on how many threads the forums can have?
  5. I found it to be an interesting discussion. And I find your rude dismissals of it distasteful. If you’re not interested in the discussion, why are you commenting?
  6. Frankly, Sentinels need to be buffed so they do more damage (in most cases).
  7. Frankly, most of the sets added during the secret are OP and should be nerfed. I doubt they Will be, but they should be.
  8. If someone says "we could use some support" then "my Scrapper has Aid Other" is not an appropriate response. Yes, ATs are flexible. This game doesn't have or need the rigid class roles of other games. But that doesn't mean there's NO difference in what the ATs are capable of.
  9. I'm confused. You quoted the text from the game and it says exactly what nzer said, build power Effect the pets, so what are you arguing about?
  10. No one said anything like that, so I don’t know what your issue is. Taking power pool support abilities, as useful as they are, does not make you a “support” toon.
  11. I don't think there's much disagreement. Aside from particular sets or powers that need help, the Melee ATs are fairly well balanced.
  12. You don't like it != it's a mistake
  13. so, since they have basically no effect on the game, are completely ignorable by those who want to, and those who like them (like myself) can choose to use that selection when desired, what is the mistake? Like, for it to be a mistake something would have to be Better if it wasn't there. But since it has no effect on anything, that isn't the case. So what's the mistake?
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