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  1. I feel like this is a contradiction. If it's true that no matter what they'll still trail blasters then the original statement is not wrong.
  2. It should work as a macro if you simply change the word bind to the word macro and instead of including the key you want include the name you want on the macro.
  3. I wasn't suggesting adjusting Savage at all. Fire beats Savage in most short fights. It's only against EBs and AVs that Savage really does better than fire, and even then resistances are going to be an issue.
  4. This has always been the case for me too in Homecoming.
  5. Try using Combat Jumping along with Hover for improved flight control.
  6. Every poll on these boards made by players instead of devs is irrelevant.
  7. On mobs with health 50% and above the Sentinel gets criticals, below 50% the Opportunity debuffs kick in.
  8. Maybe I’m thinking of stalkers. Their hp was improved at some point.
  9. Kind of like missing on two attacks within a few seconds and wondering if there's something wrong with your accuracy.
  10. It WAS looked into. Back in i24, when they buffed sniper attacks and nukes for all ranged attackers, they gave ALL blasters a self heal or shield of some sort. I don't recall for sure but I think there may have also been improvements to HP (someone else can confirm or deny this).
  11. And Sentinel ENERGY blast comes from your hands! WTH??!?!?
  12. what are you talking about??? Sentinel FIRE blast does come from your hands! Sentinel RIFLE uses a Rifle!
  13. I think you should play a Sentinel. Sounds like they're more your speed.
  14. Make every activation of Opportunity include both Offensive and Defensive buffs. Make Opportunity a Team buff, centered on the Sentinel, that affects up to 30 allies, but will not be cast on targets that already have a Sentinel's Opportunity buff on them, so multiple Sentinels could cover an entire League. THAT would vastly increase their team utility. I doubt I'd have a complaint about their personal damage if it worked like that. But I don't think of them as hybrid damage/support characters, I think of them as primary damage dealers, so that might not be the way to go.
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