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Fire/TA or Archery/TA

Doc Ranger

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I have been playing a Fire/TA Corr for awhile and with the debuffs and damage it's a fun toon to play. OSA is just ridiculous and fire is good damage overall. 


I was thinking of porting TA over to Blaster for even more damage. But I was wondering if Fire is a good pairing? I don't see any Fire/TA builds here so I was wondering if it's poop or if Archery is just better with TA?


Any advice is appreciated.

A bunch of toons. Global DocRanger

All on Excelsior. 

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I would say fire is an overall superior blast set on any AT as far damage is concerned, and top tier on blasters. It has the native goods to light your oil slick as well.


Archery is more popular to combo with TA simply for the sake of theme. Exploding arrow is a nice consistent spot for FFback proc as well. Other than that, it has an inferior damage type, and no way to light osa without procs. You can always light it with net arrow or procs of course. It does fine work of course if you like the theme. I rather like it myself, and it has a fluid feel. Note that blaster osa is a pale shadow of the support power. Strong enough damage but very small radius. Still quite useful!


TA can be played quite well at range, so there is perhaps something to be said for a ranged nuke. Not a big deal though, as TA powers do work just as well in melee range, and jousting is a thing.



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