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Static Shield and rooting.


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I was playing my Electric Armor sentinel for the first time since all the rooting changes and I noticed that activating Static Shield, the mez protection toggle, caused me to be rooted. Since it has no enemy affecting component, this doesn't seem correct to me. Looking more into it, Static Shield roots on all ATs with Electric Armor. Also, among all other mez protection toggles on all other armor sets, the only other one that I was able to find that also roots is Entropy Shield from Energy Aura for Sentinels and Stalkers, even though Entropy Shield also doesn't have an enemy affecting component. Oddly, the equivalent for Scrappers and Brutes, Entropic Aura, which does have a foe -recharge effect, actually does not root.


All of this seems inconsistent with the stated goals behind rooting in toggles.

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