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Gearsmasher Badge


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Over time I have been adding entries for different badges to help new players. I didn't find an entry for this badge.


Current best ways to get this badge:

Posi 1 and Posi 2. Do both and you're sure to get it.

Synapse. Wall to wall Clockwork. Easy to get badge, boring TF.

Echo: Faultline, not regular Faultline. If you need a few or just don't want to run the other TFs. There are plenty of Clockwork bosses.

Credit to @Bionic_Flea


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South side of Perez Park from the docks to the forest, too. Being a hazard zone you can often find bosses in pairs.

Refight the Trojan War and stop Arachnos in the time-traveling "Dr. Aeon and the Wrath of Achilles," 5 missions full of heroic allies and smash/lethal EBs, AE#31899!

Torchbearer Greek & Roman theme SG and coalition -- "Polias" -- always looking for new members!

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