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  1. Agree with most of your post except for the word "require". If they want to promote, incentivize, or reward having a taunt/DPS/control/buff-debuff set up that's fine. You could fill those roles with lots of different team make-ups as there is sufficient overlap in roles, depending on builds. But requiring any AT or powerset would be a huge mistake in my opinion. I also disagree that being able to complete "hard mode" content with 8 blasters automatically makes it not hard. That entirely depends on the content and the blasters. If 8 random, badly SO-only slotted new players are
  2. I'm hoping for the new Rubber Armor and Stretch Melee!
  3. For common salvage, I will frequent list for anywhere from 1 - 100, simply because I want them to sell fast, secondarily to get the badges as GM Impervium mentioned.
  4. Welcome home, Icy Mike. My general advice to everyone is to play the way you want to play and find people that like that same style. If you can't find those teams, make them!
  5. Here's some of what was going on back then, but it seems like your post was before the change to level 49 farming.
  6. Maybe your character was offline so long he/she got auto-demoted from SG leader and that counted as being logged in as the game interacted with the character (and as stated by Impervium).
  7. +0 Council are not the same as +0 Carnies, Malta, Arachnos, Vanguard, etc. Some ATs and powersets perform better or worse against some of those, everyone stomps on Council. I have a feeling the new stuff will be harder than Council at +0.
  8. So kind of the opposite of this! ARISE!! ARISE DEAD THREAD!! Who wins in this classic battle of dog vs. flea?
  9. Thanks for taking the time to put all this together. *looks* Holy Carp! I made top 10!
  10. Oh, you mean when the exception is bigger than the rule? Thanks for explaining that to me.
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