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  1. Send it via e-mail. That way they are sure to know where it came from, but it may be some time before they realize they have it. It's a secret bonus surprise!
  2. Smurphy? Another possible explanation is fat fingers -- they meant to bid 26,000 but clicked too fast. Or was bidding 2,600,000 for something else, then changed items and hit enter without realizing that the last bid was still there. I've certainly done both of those.
  3. But Widower, the forum PvP was getting better than the in-game PvP!
  4. Soooo . . . I tried this last night on my new Rad/Dark Melee and came back to this forum to compare times . . . I was terrible. Over 8 minutes. I thought I would drag the last mob with me to fuel Soul Drain, which worked except a widow and spider stayed at range double blinding me through the last two yellows I had. Anyway, I forgot to log off and came back this morning to several hundred Trapdoor bifurcations! His regen is over 9000! Here's just a few of them:
  5. There are better things to do with all your money other than giving it away to undeserving peons!
  6. Ah . . . the good ol' days, eh?
  7. Damage is king. But, I think anyone that is using damage procs is probably also using LoTG, Panacea, Preventive Medicine, Miracle, Performance Shifter, Numina, Shield Wall, Gladiators Armor, Steadfast Protection, and Reactive Defenses. Oh, and the travel stealths and -KBS too. But I don't hear anyone arguing for those to be nerfed. Gaussian and Force Feedback are also used a lot, and some have called for these to be nerfed. The next group of Procs that get a lot of use are the KB-KD or just KD, Overwhelming Force, Sudden Acceleration, and Avalanche. I'd add Lockdown
  8. The key to proper editing and critiquing is paying attention to who is saying what and why they are saying it. I think you need to try again, Excraft, you have confused two different people and their motivations. As to the OP - I'm sorry this happened to you and agree that you should report it with the same chat logs to the powers that be. While I also agree that ordinarily reviews are not and should not be subject to discipline, an exception can be made if it can be shown the review was not a difference of opinion but was a personal act of revenge.
  9. A) Inaccurate. Tank base HP at 50 is more than twice that of an MM. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Hit_Points B) And that's without any accolades or set bonuses.
  10. While your idea seems easier to implement, I was hoping for complete and utter fruit salad -- being able to pick and choose any power from any set. I want to see how my Tanker with Genetic Contamination, Invincibility, Beta Decay, Rise to the Challenge, Against All Odds, Wet Ice, Burn, and Fiery Embrace would do.
  11. The aPROCalypse, you say?
  12. So, I've made it to 50 and still on SOs only. I discovered that the "UPGRADE" button only works up to 50 so I have to buy any extra ones or get them as drops. A few ITFs and BAFs netted me quite a few 52s and 53s. I made it to 50 running a few +4 Kill most ITFs with others. Even as a tank Cims were punishing and I died numerous times. On the BAF, however, with the larger teams and so many sources of buffs I felt sufficiently tanky and only died once when I got distracted and didn't heal in time. I have opened up and slotted all but Hybrid and am currently +2 in inca
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