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  1. Meteor replaced sound cannon . . . hmmmmm . . . .
  2. That's not true. They have answered, but you don't like their responses. You don't have to like them, but you can't honestly pretend that they haven't been given. At this point, if I were them, I would give you the answer my father gave me when I kept asking why -- "Porque si", which is "Because I said so" in English . . . although it's literally "Because yes" . . . Spanish is weird.
  3. Will there be a patch to update the Siren's Call map rotation?
  4. Personally, I like the Mercy Island red. The others are too orange-y.
  5. Regarding the jetpack, yes it's intentional that you cannot use that jetpack, however, you can buy a cheap PvP jetpack, super jump, and/or TP from any PvP vendor for cheap. Yes, the vendors are on the map with the usual $ symbol, usually very close to the entrance.
  6. I get the feeling Blackbird71 doesn't like this change.
  7. I like the purple and gold. I would prefer a redder red and a bluer blue. But maybe it won't work with that background. Love that it displays the locked zones.
  8. Previous ones count. If you have all the badges, you're probably missing one of the "souvenirs" given at the completion of arcs.
  9. But Jimmy, I was quoting you. That makes it your fault.
  10. But Jimmy, now you have me double posting. I look like a forum hog!
  11. Change your bind or macro from "say Come here $target!$$powexec teleport friend" to "say Come here $target!$$powexec teleport target"
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