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  1. Where is this a thing? That's a thread I started but I see no Jimmys or knives.
  2. Since I couldn't decide, I went with both and I'm dual boxing them on redside -- Automatic Flea (Corr) and Semiautomatic Flea (def).
  3. In this particular case, I think the Corrupter does WAAAAAY more damage.
  4. Don't forget the power of Glue Arrow to slow them combined with the KD of Oil Slick Arrow. Add to that that I have slotted Superior Frozen Blast set with a 3.5 PPM, mag 3, 10 second immob into ignite and things are going nowhere fast.
  5. Mids says it does . . . let's check C.O.D. . . . (checks website) . . . also yes. https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=pets.corruptor_flamethrower.flame_thrower&at=minion_pets
  6. That was a bonus question! Answer or skip it as you please. But what about the main question: Defender or Corrupter for the AR-TA combo? So far it seems like Corrupter damage is getting the edge in voting.
  7. Ballistic is a great name! So good that I already have it on my DP blaster . . . So far the ones I've come up with is Synergistic for irony or Parabolic.
  8. I thought about blaster, especially since they now get Oil Slick Arrow too. But it's also about playing the new and improved Trick Arrow set with the new and improved AR.
  9. I keep looking at both of them and going back and forth liking one more than the other, then reversing. What would you choose . . . and why? Bonus question!!! What adjective ending in 'ic' would you use to describe a flea that uses arrows and rifles?
  10. JJD, I love ya but I can't help but read your posts in grumpy old man voice. GET OFF MY LAWN!
  11. Mercenaries shoot rifles better than any other MM. I was going to say "shoot firearms" but then I remembered Thugs.
  12. But Jimmy, why you gotta threaten us with a knife. You here to slice and dice?
  13. A new, never before experienced oddity! So I just finished running a mission in Portal Corp. and had to go to one of the other buildings to get to next mission. I stop for a moment to sell and notice that Singy is not behind me. I go back to find him stuck by the downstairs elevator door shuffling back and forth excitedly, kinda like Paragon protectors do, only it seemed quicker. Sometimes Singy breaks free of whatever hang up he has just seeing me but that didn't work this time. I tried teleporting right next to him to see if I could nudge him away from the wall, bu
  14. You could also use Uber's bind for Fly, for example, to 'f' and the reverse Hover, to 'SHIFT+F'. Does that count as one key?
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