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  1. Sorry if this was mentioned before; I did not read through the thread. I voted for other. My idea would be to apply the equivalent of falling damage, even if you have to calculate horizontal distance as height. I'm not sure of the internal workings or coding of the game, but I do know that there is a formula in there for falling damage -- the greater the distance, the greater the damage. It might make for some interesting changes, as I think Force Bolt from force field has one of if not the most KB but is very low damage. So slotting for damage would give you much less than slotting for KB. But these quirks make life interesting!
  2. Singularity finally masters reverse repel so now all things are drawn to it, just like a real singularity! . . . wait . . . why does that Singularity look like Katamari Damacy? RUN!!!
  3. Question: When does the recharge start for Team Teleport? When you click it, when the last person uses it, or when the ship disappears?
  4. Only if her pre-fight animation has her shooting a wall with a broken heart graffiti.
  5. The OP makes a lot of sense. MMs get hosed in a lot of raid and league content and this would lighten that burden a bit.
  6. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/search/?q="but Jimmy"&quick=1
  7. It means we're old, Uber. We're old.
  8. You know what that means, don't you?
  9. But Jimmy, why can't he design and analyze economic systems then teach others how to as well?
  10. I remember Lil Pips' Hero Builder. I think that was the original.
  11. This seal saw Joe the Hermit and decided that being hermetically sealed was a very bad thing.
  12. Soooo . . . after much gnashing of teeth, now that we've lived with the new travel powers for a bit how are you feeling about them. For me, while it did take some getting used to and a little badge hunting on new characters, I find the new system to be better and faster. But, to be fair and in the spirit of full disclosure, I was not one that used /enterfrombasepasscode too much before.
  13. Why purge if you have almost unlimited character space?
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