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Hero -> Vig Morality (lvl 50) Doc Quantum mission trigger fail


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This feels like a bug, although it is recoverable by logging out and logging back in.


This is The End Justifies the Means. It is possible to one-hit-kill Doc Quantum and have him despawn without giving the player the option to 'talk' with him and allow the mission to progress. This is the first time I have encountered an enemy that could be taken out in a single hit and didn't "stick around" to give his dialogue. There is something else that is triggered upon this defeat, the spawn of Longbow with him no longer become legitimate targets.


If this mission gets examined, I'd also like to put in a request that the behavior of Ghost Widow also be re-examined. I don't mind that you don't need (or benefit) from her being in the mission, but it seems weird to be able to keep triggering the same dialog with her. If she isn't going to help the player as an NPC, my preference would be that after Doc Quantum is defeated and his glowie is clicked that the player could go back and fight her as well.

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