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  1. Just my opinion: Build Up is worth 6-slotting with Gaussian's own its own merits. The extra offense is something I personally value higher for a Blaster as opposed to an extra 0.6% positional Defense. I suppose the extra boost to a travel power isn't nothing, but the extra slots in Kick certainly are nothing-adjacent.
  2. Ayup. This is a 'player' whose got pre-conceived notions (not unreasonable) and takes enough offense when the world dare upset those preconceived notions to post on almost every AT (not reasonable) is not worth getting upset about. The player has demonstrated that they are really good at having hurt feelz.
  3. I'm slowly leveling up a DP/Cold Corruptor; I have Soul Drain penciled in as the level 35 pick to serve as the Build Up surrogate power. I haven't quite decided on slotting, I plan to 6-slot it and initial plans will be for all 6 to be the Gaussian's set (a favorite of mine for set bonuses which also leads to good cycle times) although I will probably experiment with %damage too.
  4. Costumes are a low priority for me. When I think about costume pieces, my mind wanders to: There are certain pieces *I* want, for specific character ideas (ehem, turbans) but the lack of the costume doesn't mean I can't still make the character. HC has already provided options I wouldn't have asked for, but are still kewl (asymmetries) Other players (and artists, and devs) will think of things I wouldn't even consider... and will do their best to make sure that they work.
  5. That is simply rude, unless there was a specific desire for a particularly difficult badge effort. Even so, I would expect that to have been announced. About half of the Imperious TF I join have characters way below level 50 playing for XP, it isn't as if a lack of set bonuses is going to break the TF.
  6. The closest things I've ever seen to in-game critiques/comments regarding a player's build have been: "Whoa, that's a lot of set bonuses" "Whoa, that's a lot of temporary buffs" "This particular Incarnate choice is optimal for this Incarnate TF" The only recurring play advice (specific to AT) I can recall seeing in-game: "We are on Positron 1, you may need to actually Taunt enemies if you want to tank" (on ~1% of TF runs, only with a very specific sort of player/AT depending on team) "Dear MM, you may want to keep some fraction of your henchmen on Bodyguard mo
  7. I won't bother posting my Thugs/Thermal/Heat (character concept) build, but I will say this: I don't really enjoy playing it. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem (for me) is. The pools chosen are Fighting (Kick/Tough/Weave) / Leadership (Maneuvers/Tactics) / Sorcery (Spirit Ward/Mystic Flight/RoP) / Speed (Hasten) What I think disappointed me is that the character held off on any offense until Heat Mastery (Bonfire / Fire Ball / Char). I certainly don't have an expectation of the MM doing much offensively, but playing the game (relatively old school missions and TF for XP) felt
  8. I enjoy the Soldier VEATs; I don't think of them as melee characters. I've used all three available builds on my Soldier VEAT, and the melee based one is the one I enjoy playing the least. It survives very well, but its clear times are pitiful. I found this build to be the most embarrassing to play on teams, as it could survive large rooms with max aggro on SF/TF turned way up, but it couldn't hold any sort of aggro (even with the Presence pool) and couldn't defeat enemies fast enough to make a difference. In solo play, I simply found this to be boring... I keep meaning to respin this build to
  9. I put odds at 10-to-1 against the notion that this wager was formed without a full consideration of what it means to "bet".
  10. tidge

    Below Vendor?

    I also list common salvage for 1 inf. The difference from the vendor for common salvage is peanuts... and there are bigger peanuts to be had by simply street sweeping at level 50. If I have to think about the cost difference, I'd just put it in terms of "the extra inf is simply the character spending inf to work towards a specific set of badges." The only drops I reliably (i.e. 100% vendor) are SO/DO/nO enhancements and level 50 common recipes. Everything else is somewhere on a spectrum of "I might be able to do something else with this." That doesn't automatically mean that I'm ho
  11. I'll have you know that it is part of Olympia McQuiverbottom's personal backstory that she only travels via [Walk] and she expects her teammates to do the same.
  12. Welcome back! There is going to be a period of getting (re)acquainted with the modern lingo. Be patient; don't be afraid to ask questions (The General tab is good for this). IMO the biggest difference in play on Homecoming (and this was somewhat true at the end of Live) is that we have significantly more ways to quickly move between zones (and get directly to missions). This will come as a shock, especially to folks that remember not even getting a travel power until level 14. Don't be too embarrassed about this... again, asking questions in General, or asking TF teams
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