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  1. It isn't as if there are that many Hybrid choices *anyway*. My MM just go with Core Embodiment Support and wade into the mobs!
  2. /agree The lonely non-farmer playing as "team=1" may not be seeing many purple drops, but I don't think the Purple/PvP drop rate is extra-ordinary. I have a couple of non-farmer (Tank, MM) lvl 50s who will revisit the first Dark Astoria arc at 0x8 (which I suppose is a sort of farming) and will get a Purple/PvP drop approximately every other run. I can take these same toons into a comic-con farm and average 1 Purple/PvP per run. RNGesus has blessed one run with 3, but I've also had runs with 0. This doesn't seem to high OR too low to me. I default to 'neutral greedy' about my Purple/PvP drops, but many of them are not ones that I'd normally seek out so they find their way to the market to help out other players who want to kit them. ...And as a player that will occasionally seek out Purple/PvPs, I appreciate that others are doing the same.
  3. What is the point of storing recipes if you don't like crafting? This would be some Horder mentality that is not worth encouraging. Every player can store recipes in the auction house or email. Every player can access email anywhere in the game.
  4. Dyslexia is a Creole mister.
  5. I haven taken Unstoppable, but only as an IO Resist Damage mule. The power never stays in the tray.
  6. Get this man another Tier, because it appears that he may have neglected to fully kit out his alternate build slots! I'm a slow leveler who is lazy about looking at IO set bonuses. It's sometime after lvl 20 that I start thinking about things other than KB protection, +End, travel Stealth. By the mid 30s I will have several sets. By the time I get a character to 50 it's a toss-up how deep I go into the build, but I love having the option.
  7. I used to worry about the storage of recipes (I used the auction house, and email) but after six months of Homecoming play I find I don't really need it. The market place basically takes care of everything you need, and converters allow players to (eventually) get to any pieces that are not on the market. Initially, I thought I'd want certain IO sets for certain builds. However, it turns out that buying (attuned) is much better for almost every build, excepting the lvl 50 pieces that you want to boost. Initially, I also considered 'donating' certain recipes to alts to be able to make items to sell on the market. However, sending INF between toons is trivial. Initially, I considered transferring 'standard' IO recipes to make it cheaper to get crafting badges. INF is so easy to make that it is more trouble than it is worth to avoid just buying the IO recipes at the workbench. Initially, I thought 'hording' low level recipes was going to save crafting INF (compared to lvl 50 recipes, where the crafting prices take a jump) but practically at level 50 I find I get enough INF from just selling standard IO recipes that it doesn't matter. I'm sympathetic to the original request, but I have found that lack of recipe storage (other than the Auction House or email) is only an issue if a player has a small number of toons and completely lacks the INF to leverage the market.
  8. I was hoping the formal request was going to be for more descriptive thread titles.
  9. I'm not crazy about that secondary lineup. I already wrote my negative thoughts about Web Grenade so here are my thoughts on Caltrops and Triage Beacon. I *really* like Caltrops. It is an AoE slow that can also grab aggro. It can take procs. Its a character effect that doesn't show up on enemies until very high levels and then the players see how annoying it is! Caltrops offers a measure of Control that I find useful. Triage Beacon: This is a power that (as a mostly solo player) that I respec into only after my full suite of pets can tackle larger groups of enemies. My experience at lower levels is that I'm keeping the team too mobile to benefit from the Beacon. Once the team is facing x8 groups, that's when I see the benefit of a Triage Beacon. At higher levels is when players start accumulating Global Recharge bonuses to drop it more often. I've accumulated the first healing badge using just the Medicine pool before using a respec to switch into Triage Beacon. I suppose some players (tankerminds) may want it ASAP for an Absorb proc, but it is a power I wouldn't want to take at lvl 2. Quite honestly, most of my MMs skip the first attack in the primary as well, so having two starting lame choices in the Traps secondary seems extra insulting.
  10. Did the non-tipped character start a career as gold-side? I recall that there are a limited number of things gold characters cannot do.
  11. My lvl 50s have only gotten tips in Peregrine Island and the RWZ. Is it possible you have been ToTing in PVP zone where you cannot be in costume? I've done some ToT in Siren's Call, but I didn't find a working door in Bloody Bay. edit: Have you ever done a tip mission? Are you pure villain/hero?
  12. Lady Grey taught me everything I ever needed to know about starting from the end of a mission and working backwards.
  13. I was under the impression that the market fills bids by matching the highest bid against the lowest price that is below the highest bid. If so, it is possible that you placed your sell price higher than other players. If multiple players have placed the same sell price I don't know if the bids are matched by FIFO, LIFO, or WTFO.
  14. I'll admit to not liking the idea: I grok the nuke concept, but I don't play my MM as blaster; I'm just trying to keep the damage train rolling. I like the concept of getting another/more offensive 'pet' from the set.
  15. Here is a conflicting anecdote: last night I logged in to a lvl 50 and immediately ran a new instance of an Ouro mission (Heather Townsend, DA1) to get a couple of incarnate components. It was somewhat early in the arc that a catalyst dropped. However, after the flashback, I then went to another mission I had previously queued (in Cimerora) and got an early Catalyst drop in that mission as well. I didn't have much more time to play, so that is the extent of this anecdote.
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