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  1. Let's not go there. Except for Regen. Nerf Regen.
  2. All my characters use, via keybinds: target 'nearest alive enemy' TAB to 'next alive enemy' (default) <- I'll use this after 'nearest' to set up cone attacks, or to get to a 'more important' target target nearest alive "quantum" (and I will add other specific keywords to it as I think of it, for specific content) The only variants I use (for non-attacks) are: for some specific buffs/heals, I have a keybind to target nearest ally (I run up to them before application) for some placed AoE 'patch' effects, I use a macro to drop the patch 5 units directly in fro
  3. If the game and the sets were re-examined from scratch, having such a power earlier in the sets might be useful... but for the most part I think the current progression of Armor (and Defensive) sets is pretty solid. I have a couple of characters where I *personally* felt I was not getting a specific type of Defense until late in the progression, but this vague feeling wasn't affecting my enjoyment of the game... and with set bonuses from IOs I can use Ouroboros to go back to those earlier levels and increase difficulties. TL;DR: I see re-arranging the Armor (and Defense) sets to in
  4. Rather than going for new Mastermind Primaries (because I think there needs to be a serious re-balancing of the existing primaries first), I still like this idea that can lead to a new 'pet' control AT (as opposed to henchmen): Praetorian Epic Archetypes (PEATs): Model them like the VEATs, where you take a force respec at lvl 24, and one of the two paths allows you to be a hybridized (Praetorian) Devouring Earth... where you can summon/reuse some of the DE assets (Rubbles, Shards, Fungi) The other PEAT path could give you the Orbs, or Seers or what not.
  5. I like the thinking here. If the T9 are find use in PVP, I guess that's good for them... but I neither play PVP nor take the T9s, so I'm ignorant of them. I would certainly reconsider them if they helped my team, but with the caveats: Do we really need more powers to make teams MOAR powerful? T9s come late in the game for the content where extra team buffs would make a difference.
  6. The SoA can be built very tough, but they don't make particularly good tanks IMO. That isn't to say that playing by themselves they can't get a lot of aggro and need to be tough, its just that they have many good tools for improving team performance as well as debuffing enemies (and providing some 'softer' controls). My take is that for team play, focus on the team buffs (from the SoA tracks) and enemy AoE debuffs (from the SoA attacks) will pay larger dividends than just trying to cap your own resistances. Don't fall in love with your pets... they are not like henchmen, and they a
  7. My Widow also has enemies scattering in 2π (even more if the mobs can fly!), but I would not want a Taunt aura. Personally, I'm not sure such a thing would actually keep enemies from scattering anyway. If a better Taunt is requested, then make Confront be a targeted AoE instead of the single-target Taunt. My Widows all dip into the Presence pool (to get Unrelenting) and Provoke is a trivial choice for me, as even with the ToHit check, 99% of the time I am trying to take aggro I want aggro from more than one enemy. The other 1% of the time something has gone SERIOUSLY wrong and I'd prefer the a
  8. Thank you for exposing this. I have a -/Poison Controller and a -/Traps Mastermind, and I haven't been impressed with the contribution of the Poison Trap Hold to Controller build as much as I am with the Mastermind build.
  9. This is a key point! Crabberminds get (recharge intensive) Pets (including a Patron pet) and NOT Henchmen. This results in a few key differences to be aware of (and not sob about, dear new recruits): They can't be ordered like henchmen There is no bodyguard mode Some Incarnates you might expect to work for the pets don't work like you might expect them to work They are on a timer, unlike pets from other AT (e.g. Singularity, Fire Imps) For the powers that spawn multiples, if you resummon 'replacements' before any surviving 'originals' expire, they will all expire
  10. You should be fine. I haven't played my Grav/Kin is a long time. From memory, I skipped Lift and Dimensional Shift in the primary. From the secondary I skipped Repel and (somewhat foolishly, IMO) Increase Density... which is why I advise against making the same mistake I did! It's the sort of power that can make a big difference (especially if taken ASAP, and you play on a lot of teams). I definitely had Inertial Reduction... but part of my enjoyment of CoX is travel through the zones. YMMV. I think I used it to slot additional travel power sets. I have nothing against Maneuvers an
  11. /seconded. I was on a recent Frostfire mission (we started at +3) and I was remembering how PAINFUL (and GLORIOUS) that mission could be with a team of 8 that included a Kheldian.
  12. I have a Grav/Kin, but my only immediate thought is in a different direction... no matter what secondary you take, I would reconsider taking Leadership toggles if taking those powers means that you would be sacrificing powers from the primary or secondary. anybody can dip into the Leadership pool, the Controller powers are far less widespread.
  13. Meh. Why bother putting it (a modified Perez Park) in a (rather centrally located) existing zone at all? There is quite a lot of different things going on in that zone anyway, so why screw that one up (as opposed to say... Boomtown? Or a modern/transplanted Cimerora? I think it is fair to say that the "Hazard Zone" concept really didn't pan out the way that the original Devs intended... but of all the original Hazard zones, Perez Park is the one with the most nostalgia... at least for me. Of the originals it is also probably the quickest/easiest to traverse, modulo a door mission i
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