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  1. No. It is only if attuning the IO makes it "Superior" will a set be 'broken'.
  2. I have to agree. Once you have so many catalysts it actually seems to me like a waste to not use them.
  3. The second statement is very good advice; the first is subjective. You can always sell crafted non-attuned IOs and try to buy back the same IO at the same price, and you may only be out the 'vig'. The vig should be less than the roughly 2.5M inf you might make by selling a catalyst. However: that (approximately current) selling price for catalysts is actually depressed compared to other things that can be made from merits(*) so it isn't irrational to use an accumulated pile of catalysts to convert crafted IOs that are normally farm more than the sales price of the same IO as attuned. (*)There are many different opinions on what to do with accumulated merits. If you affiliate with one of the schools of thought that you should just convert merits into Enhancement Converters, it shouldn't be hard to convince you that the (current) market for Catalysts seriously undervalues them, and not just because of the auto-attuning.
  4. I'm referring to the crafted IOs which belong to Enhancement Sets, such as Bonesnap (for Melee attacks)
  5. Here is a slightly different take on the (commonly given) advice above: I have quite a few characters that don't run into serious Endurance problems, and so the Panacea proc is more than enough for them, even allow them to run with Sprint on at all times. This is dependent on attack chains and toggles, but if the character has other set bonuses and +End accolades extra Recovery may not be necessary. I will grant that I almost always have 2 slots in Stamina for the Performance Shifter +End proc and another Endurance IO. (I like the movement bonus from 2-pieces of Performance Shifter, but with so many 'rescue' missions I'm seriously considering avoiding all +Movement bonuses). Similarly for +Regeneration, for characters with sufficient Defense (or lots of HP) I find I don't always need more Regeneration. On characters with a healing power, I include the Preventative Medicine +Absorb proc there. I agree with the wisdom that PM ought to be slotted either 1-slot (the proc) or 6-slot (for recharge bonus), but depending on the actual power (and build) a second slot to get more Heal and/or Recharge may be worthwhile. Since this post has been heavy on the healing, here is my general approach to healing at level 50 (and beyond). At endgame I try to have some mechanism by which I can either heal a significant chunk of my health bar, or I have some mechanism such that health can regenerate at such a rate that I don't worry about taking damage. My current favorite approach to the former has been to use the Presence pool to 6-slot Unrelenting (with Preventative Medicine). This isn't a pure heal, but on Defense based builds (which also have the Reactive Defenses Scaling Damage Resistance proc) this works really well. With enough +Recharge it's ready every 3 minutes or so.
  6. You only want 'max level' enhancements for 'generic' IOs, and once you hit 50: (some) Purple and PVP(*1) IOs. For almost everything else(*2) you should consider having the catalysed version of a set IO. If you are going to exemplar, generally you want catalysed versions of IO sets. Note that Purple sets 'automatically' exemplar. 'Generic' IOs and PVP IOs will 'auto' exemplar up to the level of the IO. IIRC These should work as low as lvl 7. The 'set' IOs really ought to be catalysed, but they will have lower limits (below which they will not work) and often an upper limit (beyond which the bonuses will not grow). (*1) I always catalyze PVP IOs when leveling up, because I spend a lot of time with a character before it gets to level 50. This lets me slot it ASAP. If I want 'more' from a PVP set at level 50, I will just unslot the catalysed version (for use by another alt) and get a fresh lvl 50 version (to boost). (*2) For non-PVP pure 'proc' IOs, the minimum level is adequate.
  7. I find it difficult to give up on 6-slotted Thunderstrike even with the means to opt for far pricier pieces, especially if the attack isn't cut out for procs. I'm always surprised and grateful how cheap that set is.
  8. I will second Blessing of the Zephyr as a set. The (Superior) Winter sets usually offer hefty Defense for 5 and 6 slotting. Mocking Beratement is a good choice when seeking Defense improvements (and should be cheap). I admit that I am disappointed that the Tanker archetype IOs don't yeild more Defense than they do.
  9. One point about macros (that I initially overlooked) is that a macro button which calls a click power won't show that the click power has not recharged.
  10. I haven't farmed a Mayhem Mission but it doesn't take that much effort to collect 25 Hero pelts to be able to use the Port Oakes contact to redo missions. I think the named Hero's from Tip missions also count, as it feels like my most recent Villain got the badge without much extra effort.
  11. The Kelly(?) Uqua arc Redside is a deceptive arc with some very disturbing implications.
  12. IIRC the 'stores' are (generally) located below the lowest 'floors' of zone maps. It would make sense that lobbies and such follow that design. I haven't tried this since Live, but it used to be possible to TP Foe Mobs into certain stores because the range wasn't so great. I don't know if anyone has looked into the map assets. I think the Skyway City 'hole' was fixed on Live (falling, falling, falling) but I wonder if the Red Zones ever got touched up. From memory: Port Oakes buildings used to extend deep below the ground (wasting graphical resources). I know there is still a minor non-intersecting element on the North Shore of CapAu.
  13. MM: Triage Beacon is skippable, but I respec into it at 50 for 0x8 content. It is for the pets, not for players. I get a lot of mileage out of Caltrops and Acid Mortar. The Mortar (and FFG) grabs aggro. Caltrops keeps MOB in the area I want. The power I hate is Web Grenade. It isn't worth slotting. I hate having to take it at lvl 1. It doesn't stick the 'crazy runners'. I like Seeker Drones, but it is hard to see what they do. I always skip the Trip Mine.
  14. My MM certainly could have skipped an Epic Pool but the extra shield and ranged attack from Mace Mastery was a better fit for making him slightly more 'Tankery' My Controller opted for all five powers from the Soul Mastery set. She'd be pretty dull at higher levels without those powers. My Tank certainly appreciate the Ranged attack from the Epic pool, but he didn't really need much else.
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