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  1. If you have a build that is specifically looking for a Winter IO set, and you have the Inf, buying Winter packs and playing converter roulette isn't a bad way to get a significant fraction of any given set. I don't often use Winter sets in my builds, but it has been more cost effective than placing near-BIN bids for entire sets. You do have to have a level of comfort with buying multiple packs, converting, and relisting extras to get the "full savings" of course. The same strategy applies to the ATO from the other packs, but my experience with Winter packs has been that they will (on average) yield more IOs. Also note that the IOs from packs will not be catalyzed, although packs occasionally contain catalysts.
  2. I think I saw my VEAT clone from Posi 1 summon spiders... very surprising.
  3. "Percy Winkley has benn added to your contacts"
  4. Confuse the Generators (or the Engineers, before they spawn the Generator) for extra bubbles! Me trying to decide which Engineer is going to spawn the Generator and should be my primary target:
  5. I recently ran these arcs with a "Duo" character with not just alternate powers but with alternate costumes/body forms. It was a hoot fighting one build with the powers of the other build!
  6. In the broad category of (perhaps) unintended consequences: Health (Fitness): The inherent boost (without slotting) to Regeneration is nice, but as far as I can tell it does help many character builds hit the point of diminishing returns quickly. Could this use a revisit? YMMV. I'm less concerned with Recovery from Unslotted Stamina, because many of us remember how bad Endurance burn was back-in-the-day. Some specific thoughts, with no real proposals: Conditioning (Soldiers of Arachnos): Seems underwhelming. I never really noticed it helping at low levels. At high levels I run a lot of toggles, which I suppose isn't different than many other characters... except that I feel like my VEATs have slightly more Endurance issues than other ATs, so I suppose those issues might be even worse without Conditioning? See my above comments on the Regeneration bonus from Health. Domination (Dominators): I'm in the camp that that this works great, as long as you build to Perma-Dom. I don't want to rehash any of those threads (or invite rehashing), but having read those many many threads, I never saw any of the several detailed proposals that I thought were an improvement over what we have now. No need to change. Kheldians (Particularly Peacebringers): Very underwhelming, especially since Cysts have been eliminated/restricted in Homecoming. Fury (Brutes): I have nothing to say about the performance, except that I 100% oppose porting a Fury-like mechanic to anything else (especially Domination). Scourge (Corruptors): With so many alpha-strikes in the game, it feels (to me) like this is in the category of 'may not be doing much' but I can't say for myself. Defiance (Blasters): I'd put this in the category of 'working absolutely fine'. This is a pretty good design as it provides a counterweight to a typical blaster weakness, and it stays useful in all content levels without ever becoming too weak or too powerful. Assassination/Critical Strikes: Too good to ever take away from us! Ninja/Beast Run: I understand why these will detoggle other powers, but I'm not crazy about this effect.
  7. There should be more power available at night because no one else is using the sun.
  8. I can offer a little encouragement for folks frustrated by the Brickstown event. Every so often when I find it 'stuck' (because the Freaks have wandered off) it is possible to find the (even level) Freaks just outside the 'event area'. I usually draw them back into the area to defeat them; I'm not sure what would happen if they are defeated out of the area. I think the record number I was able to (eventually) track down this way was 3 missing Freaks. It does take some searching to track them down... I've found the fliers hovering between the towers to the south and 'jumpers' hopping around near the warehouses to the south and the prison yards to the north.
  9. Can I ask why the focus on going so deep in "Luck of the Gambler" sets? My own preference is to avoid the diminishing returns on Defense powers and shift those slots elsewhere. Just as a suggestion (as in the original build) Psychic Wail really ought to have 6 slots, as it is very proc-friendly. I know it's a heavy hitter by itself, but extra %damage procs turn it into a bigger nuke, in addition to adding non-psychic damage types to a PBAoE. I personally like the 6-set bonus from Reactive Defenses, but I usually cap LoTG at 2 pieces (Global Recharge,Defense) ... occasionally 3 if I want a little extra something (End or Recharge). Mask Presence is also a good candidate for shedding slots, as the defensive bonus is reduced once engaged. (Full disclosure: this is usually where I 6-slot the Reactive Defenees, but my builds are often franken-slotting other powers) Foresight is an Auto power that grants +Def to all positional defenses. There is no reason to not invest at least 1 extra slot for Defense here (beyond what the LotG Global is providing); an unboosted lvl 50 Defense piece can get you almost 2% more positional defenses, with ED just kicking in. You can stretch a little more positional defenses by boosting Defense IOs to 50+5, although I do like the extra HP from having two pieces of LotG. I would also encourage you to consider this slotting for Mind Link: 1x Adjusted Targeting (Recharge), 2xLotG (Global Recharge, Defense/Recharge). I think any extra slotting (for x/Recharge) beyond this doesn't really help the recharge time of Mind Link. If you don't need to slot a LotG Global there, use Shield Wall pieces instead of LotG, which can be boosted to 50+5. A few words about power choices: I don't invest in the Fighting pool for Fortunata. Tough may be the most synergistic, but it's resistance (S/L only) isn't really that much (even considering potential set bonuses and Enhancements) and Fortunata have other powers that can slot the most useful Resistance Globals/Uniques. Other candidate non-attack powers that give excellent 6-slot bonuses are either Aim or TT:Leadership using 6-pieces of the Gaussian's set. I prefer to have Aim 6-slotted this way. One a high-recharge character, Aim will be ready about every 20 seconds. The %Build Up will be at 90%, so for the first 5 seconds after Aim, you will also have the Build Up... and Aim lasts another 5 seconds... and then it is ready 10 seconds later. The 6th piece adds 2.5% positional defenses, which are perfect for a Fortunata (because generally the positional defenses will be much better than typed defenses). If you don't care about the set bonuses (or can't fit them) 2-slotting Aim with the %BuildUp and a lvl 50+5 recharge IO in Aim is almost as good. TLDR: My own biases make me think too many slots are invested in (the wrong) Defense powers.
  10. Here is another Fortunata build that is more of a Hybrid of Melee and Range, using similar Power Pool choices, except that this build is using Hasten (IIRC, it is perma with two 50+5 IOs). This build is slightly more team friendly (with Provoke, TT:Leadership) but I'm not sure that teams care that much if they are getting Mind Link! It has less control, and doesn't use the %Terrorize ATO proc. This build is chasing (via set bonuses) Global Recharge and Positional Defenses, with a healthy dose of Endurance effects (MaxEnd, Endurance Discounts, Recovery). Another player's priorities could shift slots, obviously. Mind Link is available "perma" but you have to juggle Hasten and Mind Link. Specific to one element of @anoiktos thinking, this build has Spin VERY LATE. In my defense, I knew that it was going to have the full Obliteration set, so I didn't want it before level 28. (It could be swapped with Mask Presence at 28, but I wanted that extra Stealth ASAP for Weekly TF/SF runs.) If taken earlier, I think using the Winter Set (6xSuperior Avalanche) or Frankenslotting it with the Fury of the Gladiator %-Res can be valid choices for Spin. If I want to come up with one slot, I think I can can sacrifice the extra Melee defense from the 6th piece of Obliteration. Candidates to use this extra slot are Psychic Scream (for the ATO %Terrorize proc) or changing Fly to the Blessing of the Zephyr set for extra ranged defense. Text: Data:
  11. I'll post two of my Fortunata builds. Note that I tend to build for IO set bonuses. It is possible to get different performance by (more) franken-slotting. All IOs are attuned, with the regular, non-set IOs boosted to 50+5. It is possible that for powers with a single slot that I may have Hami-Os in them; like @Gulbasaur I do a lot of tweaking. This one is one-half of a DUO-build, this half concentrates on being non-stabby; the other half of the pair has the stabby attacks. The focus is on AoE, with a healthy dose of control. I play this character A LOT, at all levels. It can be a little slow against certain Boss+ targets, which is why I have a few options for -Res at higher levels. Text: Data:
  12. Ah, the beautiful slotting trap that is Mask Presence! I usually burn 6-slots of Reactive Defenses here (Endurance Discount, Global Recharge and Scaling Damage Resistance) but I am in agreement that its effects on Defense are not as impressive while you are discovered.
  13. There are many ways to enjoy Fortunata builds; the only immediate issue I have with your particular build is taking Hasten at level 4 (and 3 slotting it; 2 50+5 should suffice). My experience with the Fortunata is there are essentially two reasons for a Fortunata to take Hasten: Hasten can provide the last push to make Mind Link 'perma' It can cut some time (~5 sec?) of the Recharge time of Psychic Wail (for various slotting choices and global recharge values) I personally don't worry so much about (1), and it appears that (2) is what you are after. I'd delay the selection of Hasten until much later in the build. Without criticizing your build/slotting choices: I have a different build than Gulbasaur's, and can offer you a couple of suggestions if you are chasing more damage: 1) Take Aim, and minimally slot it with a Gaussian's %Build Up and a Recharge IO. (using 6-slots in Gaussian's is good for Fortunata as they typically have execellent positional defenses and the 6th piece gives an extra 2.5% to each). I'm pretty sure that because of the long inherent recharge time that the Gaussian's is an on-demand (90% chance) to be triggered. I can't recall if taking Aim means that you have to pass on Follow-Up or not. 2) It isn't for everyone, but high-recharge builds can regularly use Unrelenting (3rd choice from the Presence pool) to also boost Damage. on Defense-based builds, I also like having Unrelenting as an HP recovery mechanism, YMMV. When I want Unrelenting, I usually go Provoke -> Intimidate -> Unrelenting. Intimidate is a bit of a stinker, but Provoke and Unrelenting are both worthy of 6-slots (Mocking Beratement, Preventive Medicine) and Invoke Panic is also a good PBAoE control if you really want to go deep in that pool. I generally prefer Provoke (more targets but requires a hit check) over Confront (auto hit a single target in PvE). Unless you are routinely trying to taunt GMs/AVs Provoke is probably a better choice.
  14. Can AE missions include the target/practice drones? I'd like to be able to do some testing using AoE powers and it would be convenient to set up known configurations of a specified number of multiple targets.
  15. Hmm... let's see if I can fill in some missing parts....
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