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  1. Just repeating what I wrote above: If you are committed to being a MM with Henchmen, the targeted AoE attacks are probably best suited for %debuff (e.g. Annihilation) or some sort of control (e.g. Knockdown, Ragnarok is probably the default option if the Overwhelming Force piece is already given to a henchmen). This should speed up defeat times and help keep the henchmen alive longer.
  2. Every once in a while the issue of "multiple choice in the secondary" comes up... search fu should include "skipping T1". There are a few standard replies: TPTB won't let this happen, because some Stalkers will skip Hide. This is the 'classic' argument from Live, YMMV on if you think this is a serious issue or not. The Code makes this a nightmare. IIRC, the Homecoming Dev Team (and others with the code) have looked at this and it is somewhere on the spectrum of 'not being worth the effort' and 'this could break a LOT of things'. My personal opinion is this: If they were so incl
  3. Thugs / Thermal /Heat -> Mag-Ma Barker
  4. I agree, Redside DFB are quite rare, and I understand the desire to get the boosters for lower-level play, but... Redside has (IMO) significantly better low-level arcs (ehem, skip Dr. Graves' tutorial) than Blueside and they can be very rewarding for solo players and small teams... plus you earn merits quicker. The one suggestion I would make is to pickup P2W travel powers to make maneuvering around Mercy easier. BTW, my avatar is also Willem Dafoe. Judge me.
  5. Can we look at the Mastermind /Traps Web Grenade next? (Or has this already been given the Entangling Arrow treatment?)
  6. I'm going to keep beating this drum: I want Purple (Very Rare) and/or PVP sets for Fear and Taunt powers. I realize that there could be some balance issues in PVP but here is my thinking: There are enough different versions of Fear and Taunt powers (and at low enough levels) that could stand to have sets which scale across all content. There are enough single-target versions of Fear and Taunt powers that could use some improvement. Both Fear and Taunt have pretty slim pickings when it comes to slotting choices. (I like Mocking Beratement, but puh-lease) (perception bias
  7. The only one of the "damage taken" badges that occupies any mental real estate for me is the 1M "Iron Man", and that is because of the disparity in effort between Born in Battle (redside) versus Portal Jockey (blueside). Between softcap Defenses and relatively low HP for many ATs, it is much more practical to run the AV missions in Peregrine Island than it is to collect one million points of damage.
  8. Can you provide more specificity about which primary and (more importantly to me) when in the build you are trying to take the attacks? Based on the text above, this doesn't sound like a no-henchmen Mastermind. I have a couple of different MMs, and I don't bother taking primary attacks until late in the builds. I concentrate on the AoE attacks to generate/maintain "threat". My Robots/Traps MM can run his blue bar down... but it actually requires significant effort. I think that particular toon has each of his attacks 6-slotted; the attacks include Endurance reduction and/or give se
  9. Time for the PSA, there is a difference between "pets" and "henchmen": Masterminds summon "henchmen" using their primary which can be given orders (including absorb damage given to the MM) and stick around until defeated, everything else is a "pet" (or a "pseudopet").
  10. I propose that fun be measured by the consumption of Awaken/Bounce Back/Restoration.
  11. I hope it wasn't my snark that contributed to the pressure. I admit that I sometimes feel the temptation to begin a reply with some sort of epistemological argument, but my experience has been that this never goes well if epistemology is invoked but the content of the reply is an argument that could have been made without such an opening appeal. My snark was entirely directed at the opening "words need to be defined per their specific meaning" followed by what was certainly a gross misuse of a word that represents a specific number.
  12. Fear has got it far worse than single-target ranged attacks. A %Contagious Fear piece would be nice, as it would bring some extra utility to the single-target Fear powers.
  13. ♪ ♪ ...and I want you to show me...♪ ♪ (apologies to Foreigner)
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