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Desdemona's demons are lazy!


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I had a tip mission (Just How Evil Are You? 40-50 Redside, Rogue option) where I found Desdemona as a recruitable ally.  She did her normal stuff, called a few demons, but I noticed her demons kind of just sit around doing nothing while i'm fighitng.  She's still fighting but her demons just seem to be in the way.  I'm guessing they're flagged to not be hostile to other entities on the map since she's usually an enemy.  Or something, I don't know, all I know is that they're useless when they're on my side.


EDIT: Typical nature of complaints, after coming here to post this now they're helping out.  She did resummon them between fights while I typed this out so it's possible their flags weren't set properly when I first rescued her?


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