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Need a group

Arch Ice

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Hey, i'm looking to join a group. I used to play HARD core back in the day, stropped soon after auction houses became a thing, so i am not to up to date on a lot of newer stuff.


I tried to play when homecoming first came out, but PC was garbage. Inow have a gaming PC, and i am playing daily, but with PuGs.


Im a hardcore healer, but can make toons for whatever.

I would like a group that does voice chat, but at the moment, i would take anyone. 



i would be active but not looking for a crazy hardcore/competitive group.

a cool group that just likes playing. NOT speeding through the game. i hate how easy it is to lvl and travel. remember 2 different trams? i just found out about long distance tp, wtf. cheat codes for mmo. 


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Because you asked 🙂


We've slowed a bit as of late as in not quite as many of us log in daily.  But there are always people in the global channel we use and a few that do use the voice chat we've set up in discord.  Give it a look.  Even if you don't want to join the SG you are still welcome in our chat channel for when you are looking for teammates.

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