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  1. Members of the SG I'm in do this quite often. We'll broadcast that we are doing such and such TF but if we don't get a full team we just run anyway. Sometimes it makes the final boss fight take a bit longer than it should but it never decreases our fun. I've been a part of TFs with 2, 3, or 4 members. Especially fun when doing sub 45 content this way. It turns off all the incarnate stuff automatically and allows us to run at our base power levels. We've also had a suggestion to do a SO only build for the original TFs just to up the challenge even more. Granted not everyone wants to turn TFs into a slog but it is fun to some of us to prove we can still do the content minus the power creep.
  2. I would think since these events are part of the game code and don't require anything special other than the date on the servers that they will occur just as they did on live. Let's hope, they were a nice change of pace during the seasons.
  3. The base portal works just like the ones in the actual Ouro zone. So you can start any mission from there also. One thing to also keep in mind beyond what is mentioned above is that Ouro mission rules for rogues and vigilantes are treated different. A rogue cannot team with heroes and a vigilante cannot team with villains.
  4. 1. Every mission probably not. Even solo you'll out level early contacts pretty quick. Anything you miss just use flashback for. 2. Some like to complete contacts but most I've talked with in game just go back and do ones they out leveled via flashback. 3. Paragon Wiki has a list of all available ouro arcs. The only requirement is getting to I believe 14 so you can get the badge for the portal. 4. Yes. No NPC needed. Just get someone to drop a portal for you when you are appropriate level and you can get the badge yourself. Ouro itself keeps track of what arcs you've done. So no need for an outside system.
  5. I've never tried to boost anything other than a 50. Not sure if it is allowed or not.
  6. The reason at 50 to not use attuned IOs is if you want to boost them past 50. Using the boosts you can make IOs that are 51-54. Also I believe it is ATO that cannot be attuned. I personally use attuned IOs because I often exemplar down and want to stay effective and not lose my set bonuses. My first 50 I wasn't able to slot attuned as I leveled because I didn't have the inf. Now that I do, all my current lowbies are slotted with the appropriate attuned versions as they level. And since I don't suffer from altitis I can easily fund those lowbies with just a few level 50 runs. This also means that I sell all salvage and recipes I get across all my characters. My 50 is slotted. So my only costs are those low toons. So for probably 95% of the time attuned is the way to go but there are valid reason not to.
  7. You can think of attuned IOs as leveling with you. For example: if the IO has a min level of 7 and a max of 30 then it will allow you to slot it at level 7 and it will increase in effectiveness until level 30. Same thing happens if you exemplar down. You will keep any set bonuses at the lower level so long as the power is available to you. What I've been doing on alts is using attuned sets when convenient because you don't have to upgrade them. Then when I cross into the next tier, I just unslot them and sell the older ones. It can be expensive if you want the best but since we basically print money any time we want it isn't a concern. As for your direct question it depends on the IO and what schedule it is on in order to determine the exact %.
  8. Yep fully understood that too. I will be using both actually. I plan multiple pop up menus depending on what things I need to have as actions that don't need to be a keybind but are just handy shortcuts for other things. The target macros were just an example because it would be nice to have a button that brings up the pop up targeting for say Malta and then when the next mission is Carnival I just click that pop up. Have all those in a window title targeting. I also like to have shortcuts for all sorts of common tasks we do all the time that are buried in other menus in the game.
  9. I thought this was on live but couldn't for the life of me remember how. I figured maybe it was just something I confused from another game. Glad I wasn't wrong. This is very cool and awesomely handy. Thanks for laying this out for us. I plan on doing this in game tonight for all my targeting macros.
  10. My first thought is: why should I care? My second thought is: Good. If we stay under the radar maybe we won't poke the beast. My third though is: Great. That means that there is less chance of high server load and log in queues.
  11. Here's what I've been doing. I don't claim it is the best, but it made sense to me. First 50 character I just slotted whatever dropped. Sold whatever salvage and recipes dropped that I didn't intend to use. Only slotted IOs when it made sense to craft them as in I already had the salvage and recipe. Left some slots empty. At 50 started slotting whatever sets I wanted. By this time I had around 45 million. Not enough to fully go all 50s but enough to get functional just buying off the AH. I'll continue to slot as I make more inf and continue on with incarnate content. Going forward for alts I plan on slotting attuned sets when I can afford them. This to me makes the most sense once you have the inf to do it. Those level with you, give those nice set bonuses, and never need to be replace. The only caveat there is at some point I may replace them (well remove them via merit reward or respec) and put in boosted ones instead. The attuned sets also have the added benefit of keeping their bonuses when I exemplar down which I do constantly. So eventually on my main I will most likely have one build that is attuned enh and one build that is all boosted. That way I am good when doing 50+ stuff and when running that Posi 1. So to answer the original question, I think it is better to just slot as you go and sell everything else. Do NOT under any circumstances buy TO, DO, or SO. When the devs originally added IOs it made all the other purchased enh pointless.
  12. Having just gotten my first 50 since returning I would be interested in running these regularly. Well any of the iTrials for that matter. My suggestion would be to try to coordinate with those running Hami and MSR. It seems as though a lot of higher level characters run those too so conflicting with one or the other could cause lower turnout then otherwise would happen. If we can all get enough of us familiar with how to succeed at these, them I'm sure we can start running multiple groups of them at various times to try to cover most of the players that would like to participate. All this stuff was added after I left live so its all brand spanking new to me :).
  13. Best advice I can give: As you play, slot whatever enhancement drop that are useful to you. Don't forget that you can combine same type enhancements together to get a + or ++ for that type. This means you can stretch the usefulness of a slotted enhancement for up to 2 more levels past its replacement date. Do NOT buy any enhancements either at the stores or on the AH. It is a waste of inf. Unless you are constantly wanting to fight mobs at +4 it just isn't needed. You'll find plenty of drops that help you fill out your slots as you play. It won't be optimal but you can worry about optimal on your next 100 toons. Once you've got a good bit of inf from selling drops you don't need, then you can start to fill in weak spots by crafting IOs at the university. I use the university because you can access the auction house from there unlike when in a base. Don't go crazy buying stuff. Just focus on +ACC and +DAM with some +RECH or +HOLD as your powers need. Recipes and salvage drop enough that you can usually craft a few useful ones and then buy a few salvage pieces to fill in. Do not replace any IO. Keep those level 10, 15, 20, etc... Just craft the highest you can at whatever time you choose. Most players craft at 12, 17, 22, and 32. Then keep those all the way to 50. If you do manage to get drops for set items you can use them if you think they are really good for your character. Normally you'll get more bang for your buck just by crafting them and selling them on the AH. A few in demand recipes or salvage and you'll be flush with inf. And yes, there are optimal pathways for slotting. It is more complex and requires a decent bankroll of inf to accomplish. Which is why a lot of players just do that on alts once they've got a few toons that rake in the inf.
  14. iBot


    My 2 cents for what it is worth: First you have to define balance. In my opinion, balance simply means that given a primary power set, a secondary power set, and an AT can you complete the task given? It should not matter that each PS and AT combination perform the same actions to complete said task. Balance means that for a given task there are some that excel at it and others that are poor at it. I think too many developers and especially players get hung up on "They can do it why can't I?" Being able to approach the content differently to play to the strengths of a build and avoid its weaknesses is the essence of balance to me. The fact that a particular set of powers allows you to skip to the end while another set is better off fighting to the end is just good design in my book.
  15. While it is true that the entire game can be played and enjoyed with any of the billions of combinations of power sets it can be argued that a group exists the maximizes all possible buffs / debuffs. I don't know if it can be done with only 4 players. Therefore I propose the following (and a single toon could be in more than one category): 1. Any AT with -ToHit powers 2. Any AT with +ToHit powers 3. Any AT with -Regen powers 4. Any AT with +Regen powers 5. Any AT primary DPS 6. Any AT primary CC (either hard CC or taunt) 7. Mix of all damage types (Smash, Lethal, Eng, Fire, etc...) I would think that make up would be able to trivialize any content in missions 1 - 50 and all TF/SF.
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