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  1. I understand your points and do not disagree with you. However, now we are talking about two different goals. I'm all for raising the rewards when the players take on more challenge. Personally I think merits should scale with mob level so a TF/mission arc run at +4 gets more merits then one run at 0. Same goes for those options when creating the TF/flashback to buff enemies or debuff players. Those should have increased rewards since the players took on greater risk. However I'm not chasing rewards, I'm chasing longer fights. You see longer fights as a waste of time which is certainly valid. And I do love a good steamroll run once in a while. But to have some option to have more engagement during each spawn is my desire here. Any thing that I'd like to see implement must be optional so that teams can make the choices themselves.
  2. I doubt there is much if anything that could ever be done about the AI. Add more mob buffs/debuffs sure. Again "harder" is subjective. And I'm not sure why you are against HP increase since really any buffs/debuffs/resists etc are just under the hood mechanics ways of increasing/decreasing the HP available to the mob. As I said, I'm not sure what the final solution would look like but I think something needs to be adjusted so that fights with groups aren't over 3 seconds after they start. I don't mind say every 4th group or more that the team can manage enough buff or debuff to wipe an entire spawn. What's frustrating is when it is every single group on the map and sometimes even 2 or 3 groups when pulled together by different sources of agro negating the agro caps. And I'm not knocking teams that can do that cause I think it is a viable strategy to the game. I'd just like there to be better ways to fine tune the battles so everyone feels as they are contributing no matter the team make up.
  3. I don't dispute any points there other than to say making fights last longer is the ultimate goal. I think "difficult" is probably the wrong word to use because it is highly subjective. It might be as simple as an across the board increase of mob HP and/or resists or some combination there in.
  4. Yeah Fulcrum Shift is another one that I find annoying on my Kin as well. I think this really turns into more of a discussion about difficulty rebalance that this game is in serious need of. I'm not sure what the ultimate answer would be though I'm certain it isn't to nerf the players. I just think maybe we need the option to go to +5 or +6 or maybe 1.5 spawn size to 12. Something to make it so if there are reasons to use more than brawl at times.
  5. This is why when I play melee that can handle the spawns mostly solo I also tend to either leapfrog to the next group while the rest of the team finishes off the current group or I drift to other groups on the map and then move on when the rest of the team comes to back me up. I know it annoys some players when others "solo" but it really isn't about soloing content it is about being able to use more than 2 powers before everything is dead. It is especially frustrating on my dark scrapper where I have some nice buffs but need the mobs to live through the animation. 🤪
  6. Any grouping that can split to do the content is faster. We've done a run we called The Squad in that the team of 8 split into 2 teams of 4 and tackled different groups in the maps. Was one of our fastest runs while still killing most mobs and at 4/8. So I think any group that could split up as much as possible would certainly be faster than all 8 sticking together. Course some of that also has to do with which map is drawn in the second mission.
  7. In my experience the reduction in fury generation is negated by the group as a whole. Maybe on the very edge cases it makes a difference but it wasn't noticeable to me as groups seemed to go down just as fast as any other time.
  8. Running ITFs all the time I've found that once everyone is 50 +1 the deciding factor is what kind of debuffs the team has available. The LEGION has run themed ITFs of just about every flavor of ATs and power sets (all brutes, all stalkers, all debuffs, all blasters, all control, all dark, all shield, all tanks, SQUAD, etc) and we've never come up with a combination that could not finish the TF at 4/8. The deciding factor on speed is always debuffs. If a Cyclops goes down in 30 secs even with their MoG we've got a rocking run. And we usually don't really "speed" run as in we kill through. So to OP I'd say an all brute would probably be slightly slower than the blaster/corruptor run however it depends if those brutes are a decent mix of power sets or are all spines/fire. If there are a mix of power sets that have secondary debuff effects then it would be about the same or slightly faster if the brutes split up and can handle spawns in groups of 2-4 instead of all 8.
  9. I know probably beyond scope with the current state of development but personally I'd like to see hazard zones all get the incarnate treatment. Not removing the current levels or missions, however, adding incarnate contacts and incarnate level mobs would be a nice addition. Granted I wouldn't want incarnate level mobs roaming the streets in say Perez Park but on the other hand it certainly would make the zones "hazardous" again. Dark Astoria is OK but I would like more places and missions to do once I've got that character nice and T4. Also, if they ever actually expand the incarnate powers these hazards zones could be a method for unlock.
  10. I suppose from a lore perspective we could just say the exemplar character is doing a flashback radio mission just the same as a flashback mission from Ouro.
  11. I wonder how difficult it would be to generate radio missions that auto exemplar the toon to the max level for that zone. Task forces already do this. Ouro already does this. I would think that the radio missions could be made to do the same. Upscale would then not be necessary and you would still earn XP just as you do when you exempt down to run an ouro arc or TF. That way someone like the OP can run their entire career in their favorite zone fighting the same mobs over and over as they see fit without any major need for level 50 skulls.
  12. I agree with most of the ideas so far and will just toss in my thoughts: When I first saw Kinetic Melee my immediate thought was "Juggarnaut" and if that was the gimmick for this set I'd be happy. I thought my attacks would get faster as I continue to attack. Upon playing the set I really liked the animations in that they are unique in the game and give a nice zen feel as you calmly take your opponent apart. Damage at least on Brute is ok. Nothing spectacular but not terrible. Decent middle set. Siphon Power is not what I expected. I wanted the buff that Tsoo get. Instead I got a major disappointment. Even if not the power the Tsoo use maybe borrow from the kinetic defender set and that siphon power.
  13. I've done this sort of thing now on a couple of characters and it can be a refreshing distraction for a short time but I tend to get bored with it around level 25 or so. What I started to do the last character was to allow my main to provide level appropriate IOs but no sets. Also, no XP boost however I will use AE at times to power level up to say the next power or IO break. That seems to be working better for me. Also, instead of staying strictly blue or red I've gone purple and just pick and choose missions. For instance I like running mayhems more then I do safeguards. Certain level range contacts I like on blue side and others I prefer the redside contacts. This has kept me engaged in the character more. We'll see if I make it all the way to 50 this way but I've certainly made it further than previous characters.
  14. I think this would satisfy my desire to have the ability to run the TFs at any level. Instead of scaling up the current TF, give us expansions to those TFs that use either upgraded versions of the mobs or show the evolution from one group to another. I'd still like the min level req removed as well though. Always frustrating when planning to run a quick Manti but those that are on from the SG don't have a toon high enough they want to work on. Sure they can exempt something else, but the point is to be able to play the toon they want rather than a toon that is in range.
  15. iBot

    Time Challenges

    Yeah Ouro uses the timed challenges for badges. A few TFs have Master Of badges for doing it with no deaths and no temp powers. I don't think the timer does anything for the TFs other than give the team motivation to finish quickly though rarely does anyone pay any attention to it. Would be nice if part of the TF revamp being discussed they add rewards for actually completing within the selected time.
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