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  1. I've not used dual blades but I did take an energy aura stalker to 50. That was an electric melee primary. Look forward to your posts.
  2. Thank you @Ignatz the Insane for keeping us posted. More hard data and proof that the crusaders out there that lament that the "little guy" can't possibly afford to make a character from scratch and play it to have fun just don't know what they are talking about. My other request if you are willing would be to maybe do it red side next time? Cause you know... red side is best side 😈
  3. I always support more things for players to do in game. My two comments on OP's idea here would be to make sure that anything added doesn't cause massive slow down in the zones. My other comment would be to attempt to limit the areas that are impacted by the event so that players that wish to avoid the event can do so without worrying about being defeated by some random AoE or other such mob power.
  4. Awesome idea there @Yomo Kimyata. One quick thought: Doesn't the level not matter? Meaning someone could post a say level 21 (to use the example above) on the AH and your bid would fill at whatever level you put up? Or am I missing something here?
  5. Definitely something I need to remember when leveling the next alt is going to be utilizing hero packs more. I've basically ignored them so far but really they seem to be a much better way to turn 100 mil (for 10) into useful stuff especially while leveling up because of the chance for the XP boost temp. Good info.
  6. @Diantane if you follow the low budget fire farmer guide that was linked above you'll have zero issues with influence and be able to afford a fully tricked out fire farmer by the end. I did it from scratch in about a week. No seed inf. No boosting. Just fire farm. There are some very specific things you need to do with the build in order to achieve full 4/8 status. You cannot get there with SOs. You cannot get there with generic IOs. You can get there with IO set bonuses, certain pool power picks, and incarnates. The rad melee / fire armor brute is one of the best active farmers. If
  7. My point about the budget fire build was that my build is a bit different from the guide. If memory serves by the end of the guide the author's build can handle 4x8.
  8. Windows 10? I run Win7 and I think HC has crashed less than half a dozen times on me. Win10 I've anecdotally heard from SG mates that sometimes it crashes though I suspect it is more a driver issue there. Just wondering.
  9. I also built a self funded low budget farmer as described by that low budget fire farm guide mentioned by @Grouchybeast. Works well. The only issue my final build has that the post doesn't is that I didn't fully max out my fire defense so I cannot AFK farm 4/8 which is fine for me. I just pop a purple once in a while and I'm fine. My reason for this is I do run the character outside of AE once in a while so my build is also viable outside of a fire farm. It can't run as the MBT but I can certainly handle the alpha and incoming attacks long enough for a team to take out everything in a spa
  10. Everything you could ever want to know: The main point is already made by @Neiska . You've got to use IO sets and get your defenses and resistance capped for fire to survive at anything above 0x4. It can be done.
  11. No worries. I find that having a multitude of different perspectives to pull from makes it easier to find information. Never know what someone else will remember that I've forgotten or never really paid any attention to that can be useful.
  12. Good start. Please do keep us updated on your progress and your steps as you go. Always some little nugget there that I wasn't aware which is amusing given the amount of time I've spent with this game.
  13. The idea here was to give the OP some suggestions and encouragement not necessarily map out the optimal path for making inf. There are plenty of guides and quite a few good threads about doing it "organically". (See posts by @Ukase and @Yomo Kimyata amongst others). I think we've come to a consensus in quite a few threads that there are multiple paths to victory here and the optimal strategy is to employ any and all of them depending on your preferences in game.
  14. Plenty of useful information here that I hope OP can take and make use of. My only comment is don't be discouraged. The first toon is always the poorest in terms of inf. Don't stress over it. As stated this game is very forgiving. You can go entirely from 1 - 50 and never enhance anything. You won't be running 4/8 and you'll miss a LOT when you get into your 30s but it still can be done. Think of enh as just a boost that gets you through the next set of levels. Most of us originally only slotted them every 5 break levels and even then it wasn't everything only the really important ones
  15. But @Ukase I'm lazy. Why oh why would I want to open up 1 pack to sell 10 things when I could just sell the 1 pack? ... 😜 Seriously though when you put it that way yeah it makes far better sense to open the darn things and sell the pieces. But that interface is such a pain not to mention then having to comb through the emails to pick out what I want versus what I can sell. I'll take my 13-14.5 mil profit and call it a day. And of course I may contradict myself and actually open a few this year as I've got a couple of builds that I could improve with a WO or two. I'll just call
  16. Same thing I did previous years. I'll buy what I can at 10 mil and sell them at 24.5 mil later. This year took a little longer to finally clear out everything I had but I'm patient so it didn't bother me. Was also nice to log into an alt and check the AH only to see that the packs had sold and I was flush with some inf. I didn't open any of them.
  17. Ah yes the pain of going for those crafting badges. I only did it on 1 character can't imagine doing it for multiples. All those sleep and confuse IOs I ... umm... had a guy throw those away for me. 👍
  18. Garage Sale? I think the AH bucket system explains a lot of this oddness. Not certain cause I've never actually paid close enough attention but I don't think the history display shows prices broken out by level. If that is the case, I'd suspect some of what is observed is just the display showing the last sales which were for a lower level IO which as mentioned would cost considerably less to craft. Outside of that, it probably has something to do with the same logic as to why players sell things on the AH for less than what a vendor will pay for them. People are weird. ðŸĪŠ
  19. I would like to nominate the following: Title: The KPop Wars Arc ID: #42837 Author: @JoKurrent
  20. You aren't missing anything there @Bananiac all those could be reasons for what you are seeing. Also, someone could be buying up ones to convert. They could be buying them up but mistakenly set the bid amount from another set of bids they were doing. Could just be the AH display bug. As for manipulation I think we've come to the discussion consensus a few times in this forum that it really isn't possible on HC to corner the market on anything because of the way the AH works now.
  21. Curiouser and curiouser. I have dabbled a few times into boosters but always return to converters. Just seems as you said "six of one, half dozen of another". <shrug>
  22. Did you follow the link above or try to copy/paste it? I clicked on the link in the original message just now and it brought me to the LEGION CoH sign in request form for discord.
  23. The Kardashians called... they'd like their marketing strategy returned thank you. Oh and their fee as well.
  24. Welcome home. It is a bit much to take in especially if you left early in the game's life cycle. There were a lot of changes made in the latter years to the game. There are a few changes and additions made to the HC servers since coming back 2 years ago. You'll find that the vast majority of the changes are simple things that make it faster and easier for you to get a character up and running. Don't hesitate to ask in game when something doesn't make sense or when you don't remember exactly how to do something. There is a specific "Help" channel for those things and generally it is monit
  25. I think this sums it up. I remember the exodus from CoH when WoW came online. The big draw then from what I gathered was the PvP something that CoH didn't have at that time. Even when it was added later few came back. I'm not saying this was the entire reason, but I think the players from WoW are looking for things that CoH doesn't provide.
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